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What Kind Of Cardio Would Be Best For My Rest Days

Can I do abs on a rest day or as part of my cardio and weight training workout?

Yeah, your abdominal muscles are the only muscle group you can work nearly daily. If you experience muscle soreness, I wouldn't because the muscle fibers are already broken down and rebuilding themselves. If you break them down further, you risk less gain from the exercises. However, you have 0 gain if you have no soreness. Also, never take an anti-inflammatory after a workout, it pretty much cancels all the progress you made.

Should I do cardio on my rest days from weights?

First up you don't want to be working out with a pulled hamstring, wait until it has properly healed, then focus on strengthening your glutes in order to prevent any further injury.Yes you should do your cardiovascular training on different days to your strength workouts. This is because cardio & strength training use different energy systems. Focusing on training one energy system each day will leave you with more energy to attack your workouts and help prevent over training.

Should I workout on rest days?

For me, it depends on the workout I am doing. I never have complete rest days where I do nothing. I am always doing SOMETHING, but the amount and intensity is what varies in addition to what kind of exercises I am doing.For example, if I am lifting weights because my primary goal is to build muscle, then on “"off days” I make sure to do light cardio or toning activities like a good core workout.If I am running with the primary goal to develop cardio and burn calories to lose weight, then I make sure to do light body weight or resistance band training. In this case I often use resistance bands as a form of stretching.And Ada final example, if my primary goal is to maintain weight but tone, I make sure to do light lifts with low weight or resistance bands and moderate cardio on those in-between days to make sure my body is well rounded.It all depends on YOU and what you want for yourself, and what your primary goals and activities are.

Taking two days of rest from workouts?

Do weights first, and cardio afterwards. Weights will deplete the glycogen stores in your muscles, forcing your body to target your fat stores for the energy to do cardio.
It also has the side effect of allowing you to have 100% of your energy to do the heavy lifts, as opposed to making yourself tired through cardio and then dropping a weight on your head.

Edit: Recovery times are different for everybody. Mike Mentzer took 4 days rest between workouts, and Arnold worked out twice a day, 6 days a week. And yet they both had incredible bodies... Mentzer moreso than Arnold, even.

Just listen to what your own body is telling you. Everybody is different. Just don't overtrain - allow your muscles to recover properly, because growth happens during recovery. Cycle body parts so you only work a major muscle group once a week or 9 days or so.

How long should my rest days be between workouts?

it really depends what kind of workout you do.
Cardio you can do pretty much everyday.

but for each musclegroup to recover it takes about 48 hours (2days)
so if you work out chest monday, you shouldn't work out chest again till wednessday-thursday
BUT you can workout more than every 2-3 days, because you can workout other muslcegroups.

this is a example of a workout week
day1: chest- triceps
day2: abs- shoulders
day3: rest
day4: legs-biceps-back
day5: chest-abs
day6: rest or an extra training: etc. shoulders - triceps
day7: rest

jsut remember to plan out your week, it will make it a lot more effective

Weight lifting, how many days rest between lifting?

Depends on your routine but in general you want 2-3 days off per 7 days. So spend 4-5 days in the gym and 2-3 resting. You can still do cardio on rest days, just don't lift weights.

And sorry Tracy but you are completely wrong about the muscle shock. Just completely, your body doesn't magically forget what muscle strain is after 1-2 days of rest. You can take about 10 days rest from lifting and NOT lose a single ounce of strength when you come back. After that point you start to lose strength, but you get it back extremely quickly. And there is no such thing as muscle shock or confusion.

Should I drink Muscle Milk on my rest days?

If this is your objective you could desire to consume plenty extra frequently. try eating 5 to 6 small nutrients an afternoon to spice up your metabolism. (confirm it is not junk foodstuff). Shakes can count extensive variety as nutrients. you could drink 2 or 3 shakes an afternoon and have a minimum of three sturdy nutrients. Drink a good number of water. start up a cardio software for no less than half-hour 4 to 5 cases each and every week. you could walk, jog, bicycle, pass rope, etc. additionally sustain with weight preparation is powerful for muscle tone, promotes pores and skin tightening and muscle burns away at fat. you could try slicing out carbs for dinner to boot. reliable luck.

Over exercise/rest days?

yes take al least 2 days off, and do some research before you take all the advice you are given, working out for and hour is not bad, however since you are working out the same part of your body it may cause you harm. Here is why! One, muscle needs time to build in fact you do so when you rest, two since you are trying to burn calories or fat, you can only burn so much in one day, one hour everyday on the same machines will be the same as 30 minutes since your are doing it at a certain interval. in fact the recommended dose of any kind of cardio is 30-45 minutes 3 to 4 times a day. Note( this is for the kid that said you think athletes get away with an hour day) athletes work out one or two parts of their body during a week and they even rest one day out of the week ..

Is it good to swim on rest days after a workout? I mainly do compound exercises and swim on rest days. Is this recommended?

“Rest days” is not part of the swimming vocabulary. We have “rest sets” – parts of the work out the are easier.Same thing should carry over into any training regimen. “Rest day” really means “day when you train something other than your main thing”. Which answers your question.But I would take it one step further. When I competed at a high level, I often swam right after my weight sessions. And it felt great. So if you have a pool at your gym, do your swimming right away, leaving your “rest day” open for something else, like ultimate frisbee, or for a much more intense swim session.

How effective is 3-day cardio and 3-day weight training, and how do you go further about it?

I’d say it’s a good idea as long as you don’t go overboard with cardio. You may also add your cardio to your weight sessions so that you can give your body more rest (meaning that you only have 3 workout sessions per week). After all, you may have a look at my blog where you’ll find the nutrition basics series and soon the exercise basics series (starting tomorrow) for fat loss and physique enhancement. That’s perhaps the information you’re seeking. So in case you’re patient for a while I’d highly recommend having a look at the exercise posts as soon as they’re online. I’d be glad if that helps you achieve what you’re after.