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What Kind Of Equipment Do I Need To Run My Own Mobile Business

Starting a Mobile Tire Business?

The guy who did my tyres had a long wheel base transit.I guess he didnt have a 60 gallon compressor since you can yet away with a smaller electric one run from your vehicle power supply

What equipment would I need to start a Mobile car detailing business?

Hey! I saw your question when I was posting about my mobile auto detailing business that I have had for a while now. Here is what you need.
- hose
- nozzle
- spray wax and nufinish polish
- canned air
- dry vacuum
- car soap
- car air fresheners
- leather conditioner
- armor all
- glass cleaner
- paper towels
- clay bar sets
- toothpaste (Explanation later)
- resolve carpet traffic cleaner
- terry cloths
- towels
- rags
- razor
- wd40
- engine detailer
- all purpose cleaner
- detailing brushes/tooth brushes either work
- rim cleaner
- tire shiner
- and whatever else you feel is necessary for your local area.
I may of left out some small things but that is the basis.

Just remember that starting out it is all about being resourceful with what you have. With cheap chemicals and supplies and using things that do jsut as good as job as anything else. For example, for foggy headlights use toothpaste and a toothbrush after cleaning it well. Rub it very well and wash it off and it should just as good as a regular more expensive defogging kit.
And for another example. WD 40 on plastic shines it so well. Use that on all outside black plastic and vinyl for a very nice shine. Be resourceful and be cheap and work hard. Good luck!

How do I start up my own VoIP company? What equipment do I need and how do I set it up?

Hi,It is very easy to start your VoIP business. You just need a clear understanding of the VoIP technology and VoIP industry. Also guidance from an experienced person will also go a long way in helping you.First you need to decide on which VoIP sector you want to start your business with. Let me give you a brief introduction of all the VoIP businesses.Reseller VoIP is the easiest VoIP business to start with and requires minimal investment. This is a risk free business and gives generous profits with time. All the things needed for this business will be provided by your VoIP Service Provider.Hosted VoIP Service is the next with the option of starting your VoIP business under your own brand name. For a hosted VoIP Service you need a softswitch and mobile dialer. This VoIP Service requires a bit more investment than the Reseller VoIP but has a lot more to offer.Wholesale VoIP comes the last. This VoIP business deals with bulk transaction of VoIP Routes. Wholesale VoIP is usually opted by people who have prior experience in the VoIP industry. For this you need a reliable VoIP Service Provider to provide you with good quality Routes and gives you good rates for your Routes.INAANI, is a Singapore based VoIP Service Provider, who offers both retail and wholesale VoIP services at the best rates. After being in the industry for over 10 years, INAANI has proved itself as one of the most reliable and trusted VoIP Providers.You can check more of INAANI’s VoIP Services here.To read more on VoIP technology and gain information on VoIP industry and VoIP business, check here.

How do I start my own chat line business?

Phonechat line content is one of the most important aspect of operating a phone chat line. Paying callers call your line looking for good content (real women). Other important chat hotline factors are chat pricing, billing options, etc. If it is important that your chat line has lots of local callers, then you normally would have to do a lot of advertising for that. Also the number of men tends to out number the women talking on the hot line so it is even more challenging to acquire the adult women to be live online. If you had to run your own dating chat line system and billing, it is not an easy task.

If you want to promote a system already filled with local chatters as well as offer adult chat services with billing services, try They seem to offer a turnkey chat line system filled with local women chatters and a toll free telephone chat line number can be configured for you to start promoting your own live chatline phone business.

How do I start a custom mobile case cover business?

What do you want in a cover that you can't get in the market? Make one, 3D print another and make three more - one in real leather, one in carbon-fibre (hope it's not too expensive) and the last one in an unbreakable material. Attach a price to each case and sell them. Post it on social media, throw the one with the unbreakable material against a wall and post the video on YouTube. Rinse and repeat. Figure out the details later. Just start the business and enjoy the journey that comes with it. Just go for it!

I want to start a printing mug and t-shirt business. What kind of equipment do it need?

You didn't give details about which type of t-shirt printing machine you want , so I am going to explain all three types of machine that you can buy.DTG (direct to garment): DTG is the new technology in the t-shirt printing business. Basically dtg printers are like a normal paper printing machine. You place a t-shirt and printer will print it. That's it. But their are some cons of using dtg machine. I will try to explain both pros and cons.PROS you can print whatever design you like. The print quality will be too good. It is fast.ConsThis types of Printers are costly. They normally start with a price tag of 8 lacs. (I am not including Chinese machine, coz they are not reliable)The inks are costly. A normal cartidge of 220 ml will cost you around 4500.The machine requires a high maintenance. And you need someone trained to handle this machines.  2. Screen printer: This is the traditional and probably the oldest technique used in t-shirt printing.PROS:One of the cheapest form of printing. Bigger the quantity cheaper the printing price. You can use different types of inks, like glossy or glow in dark ink.Inks are also cheap. CONS:It is preferable for one or two color type of printing. You need a skill full person to handle the machine Can not print complex design. 3.) Sublimation printing: Sublimation printing is used for polyster garment only. So if you want to print on polyester then this type of printing would be suitable for you.Sublimation printers are cheap, their inks are also cheap. Any one can use this type of machine. Sublimation printers cannot be used to print on cotton fabric that is his only disadvantage. For mug printing, sublimation printer are widely use. You just need a heat press machine for mug which will cost you around 8k. Apart from heat press machine you should have a sublimation printer. You can find their suppliers on Indiamart.