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What Kind Of Exercise Do I Need To Bend My Body

How do acrobats bend and twist their bodies like that?

With great difficulty.

Why does one of my knees sound like popping corn when I bend or straighten it?

There are many reasons why the knee can click and pop.  Sometimes the answer to this question can be totally benign or times more serious.  A meniscal tear will click - pop but most likely also catch / lock at a specific point when you are bending and straightening your knee.  Also there is a condition in which a meniscus may be abnormally shaped known as discoid meniscus that causes audible popping. Arthritic issues can cause your body to lay down  excess bone within or near joint surfaces that can cause excess friction.There are a number of more benign causes such as muscle groups around the knee that can become aggravated by inflammation and partial tears along insertion sites.  Common examples are iliotibial band friction syndrome,  snapping biceps femoris (ham string) over its insertion site of the fibula.

Bend side to side lungs make weird noise?

When I bend side to side like someone who is working out their obliques(side of abs) my lungs make a weird noise. I did these bends without taking a breath, whenever I make a bend my lungs make a coarse breathing sound. Any ideas what this problem could be?

How can a contortionist bend their bodies backwards so tightly without breaking any bones?

there is no realation between bones and contortion but muscles are the point.We have so many muscles that have bullied us. Coming from the other extreme, some people have ignored some important strength building muscles.In order to stretch to our greatest capacity, it is tremendously important to focus on several places in the body at once.Learning this and other routes through our legs and arms, for example, can totally change the way we feel while stretching. We can direct our energy with much more efficiency and make certain that every exercise we do gives us its full benefit.

My body is out of shape with a bent neck, flat ass, and irregular spinal cord. What should I do?

I am wondering what you mean by irregular spinal cord. Have you got it checked by physician?In these days, we usually dont give attention to our routine postural habits due to say our table job lifestyle, cellphone activities etc.Common posture mistakes and fixesFor unshaped body, I would suggest to practice simple Postural correction exercisesHow to Improve Your PostureI came by a book during my school days Buy Increase Your Height (HAM) Book Online at Low Prices in India which included easy exercises to help practicing and staying in correct posture. I am not sure if you get this worldwide but you can surely get similar exercises on youtube etc. It will not occur instantly and will take time/ patience to practice it regularly.Regarding your irregular spinal cord shape, if that is true I would be a little worried and you should consult a physician, physio-therapist. They would be the best people who can understand your condition properly and let you know correct methods.