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What Kind Of Experiences Have You Had Dealing With An Anxiety Disorder At Work

How to get a job at 21 with social anxiety, no experience, and full-time college schedule?

The cards are stacked against me. I don't know if I'm autistic or what, but regardless of the reason, I can't make it through an interview without completely ******* it up. I've had a total of 15 or so, and I actually did much worse in my last one than I did in my first. And, if the fact that I'm that anxious isn't bad enough, I'm also a type 1 diabetic, and therefore need to stay on my father's health insurance plan; the only way I can do that that I'm aware of is by attending college full-time.
So, that concludes my background story, but, my question is actually a double question. First, I want to know if there is any way someone like me can easily get a job—for instance, are there any employment agencies that cater to the socially inept? Secondly, can I stay on my father's health insurance plan if I leave college to go to Job Corps?

St Johns Wort for anxiety disorders?

I have generalize anxiety disorder, complete with panic attacks and all. And St John's Wort didn't really work for me. But then again, no treatments I've tried yet have.

Since so many of the medicines used to treat depression are also used to treat anxiety disorders, it should work. I had used it alongside Zoloft, which is a fairly common treatment.

I had read that it has more of a placebo effect than actual treatment with results.

How do i deal with social anxiety working at a fast food resturant panicking please help?

I am very shy and timid. I need a job though to pay bills, so I'm going to work at a McDonald's near me. I will be a cashier and have to interact with all kinds of people daily. How do I deal? I'm panicking please help.

Has anyone here taken citalopram (celexa) for anxiety disorder?

I got labelled with major depressive disorder and general anxiety disorder. I was prescribed citalopram and took it for about 6 months, but it had no effect whatsoever and I stopped taking it and stopped going to CBT. I went to a different GP and was referred to a different mental health team, and have now being diagnosed with psychosis and undergoing an assessment to see what is at the cause of it.

So for me citalopram didn't work, but I think that's because the CBT and things I were doing at the time were trying to help with depression, which wasn't the right diagnosis.

It can take anywhere between 4 - 8 weeks to start having an affect, and in the first few weeks can actually make you feel worse. That's normal and you just need to work through that (let your GP know and see what they say) and wait to see if it improves your anxiety and mood. Are you doing some sort of talking therapy along side it, such as CBT? As that can increase the chances of an improvement in your anxiety and mood too.

Good luck :)