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What Kind Of Prep Do Game Devs Go Through

Is there a way to share mobile games from one mobile to other?

Files Go by Google provides a very good data transfer speed.Or if you prefer a common alternative, choose ShareIt.Choose the appSelect the APK file of the app(game)Go to Internal Storage > Android > obb > Select the game file (.obb) according to the company that made that game.Send and Receive.Installing on the recieved phoneDelete/Uninstall the game if you already have it on your phone.Now open the .apk file, and install and open the app and wait till it loads.Close the appPlace the .obb file in the folder created in the Internal Storage > Android > obb > Folder name depends on game company, place the file in there.Open the game and enjoy ✌️

What Do I Have to Do to Become a Video Game Designer?

Right now I'm in High School and when I graduate, I want to go straight to college to become a video game designer. But what I want to know is, what do I have to DO? What are the job requirements? What classes do I have to take? Which schools are the best? Will I have to travel a lot? What kind of companies should I try to work for? Is video game designing in high job demand? Will it be in three years?

I know you have to be good at drawing; and I do enough of that as it is. But what about computer programming? What kind of fields do I need to become familiar with? How do you even make a 3-D figure? What programs do I need to do so? Thank you so much!

Satirical Essay on Violence in Video Games...Waddaya think?

HAHAHAHAHAHA thats great.