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What Kind Of Shoes Should I Get

What kinds of shoes do you buy?

The kind that’s comfy and is at a reasonable price…meaning within my budget. But now as for the types of shoes themselves, I’m more of a boots person — which I didn't really discover until this past Fall. Of course I want my boots to fit, but I also want them to look cute on me and not be murder on my feet when I walk in them. Plus, they gotta have block/chunky heels too at 3″ or 4″ height….I love wearing heels, but I'm not trying to break my neck on needle-thin heels either. lol!While I'm glad it’s summertime, I still can't wait for Fall & Winter to arrive again so I can start wearing my boots again. And just like with tights & leggings, there's no such thing as having too many pairs of boots! :)

What kind of school shoes should i get.?

Im starting of a new school in a new town as a freshmen.! Great right.? No friends and freshmeat :P Well Its time to start school shopping and im trying to decide what kind of shoes to get. I was thinking Free Runs, Vans, or Converse.Which do you think would be best.? and if there are any other types of shoes that you would like to share that would be nice. (some teen advice would also be nice)

What shoes should I buy?

Adidas Ultra BoostIt fulfills all of your requirements.It retails at $180, and up can find them being resold for between $160 and $220.They look really nice and go with anything (Shorts, jeans, joggers, Zipper pants, sweatpants)They are ridiculously comfy, with a primeknit upper and full boost midsole. (If you don't know what that is, look it up.)They are a high performance running shoe, so you could use them for pretty much any sport involving running (Not basketball)There are many different colorways, including all white, white with a black outsole, dark grey, light grey, black, all black with black midsole (I only mentioned the black, white and grey one.(Edit) I don’t know exactly where these specifically are made, but Adidas makes 60% of its product in Asia, including China, Indonesia, Thailand, and India. Whether that means they are made in a sweatshop or not, I don’t know. And ignorant or not, I don't really worry too much about where my products are made.

What kind of basketball shoes should I get?

KD X has a great grip on your ankles when you play Basketball in the Gym or Outside. Kyrie's are good by the way i wear them both when hooping. But i feel like the KD X are durable! It's because the Kyrie's are low top.

What kind of shoes do I wear to Mcdonalds?

So I've recently applied for a job at Mcdonalds, went in and done the interview, got accepted and went for my orientation yesterday. I got my uniform and I'm right with everything but the shoe problem. What kind of shoes do I wear? I have leather school shoes, but they are absolutely... dead. I cannot use them. Do I have to wear boots? Do the shoes have to not have a tongue and laces? I bought some today but I don't know if the manager will allow them. Here's what they look like.

Oh and also, the shoes in the photo may look a bit green but they're actually matte black.

I've also just placed the laces under the inner soul so I don't look like a freak and don't have to keep tying them up. Is that allowed? :\ So if anyone who has experience in the work industry and what kind of shoes do they support (specifically McDonalds) than that'd be great. Thanks for reading, have a good one,


What kind of ballet and jazz shoes should i get?

Ballet -

Brand: Bloch/Capezio/Katz
Colour: Pink
Sole: Full sole, because they build your arch and make your feet stronger. After about two or three pairs of them, when your feet are strong, you might want to consider getting split sole.
Material: Leather (they last longer and are the most supportive for longest), but Canvas are easier to wash so it's just your preference.

Brand: Award/Bloch/Capezio
Colour: Black (I think they look better and go with the rest of your dance attire better, but it doesn't really matter)
Sole: Full sole, because they build your arch and make your feet stronger. After about two or three pairs of them, when your feet are strong, you might want to consider getting split sole.
Material: Leather, I find canvas shoes are not as supportive.

Also in any doubt, just go to your local dance wear store, ask their advice and get them fitted.

Hope I helped!

What kind of shoes should i wear to cedar point?

Wear the gym shoes. Don't worry about getting them wet. You need something to protect your feet. Something that is not going to fly off your feet. Cedar Point is the Jumbo Jet and the big wheel in the sky.

You don't want to be carrying anything with you like flip flops because they will be a bother. If you wear flip flops you could get sunburn on the tops of your feet, you don't want that either. Just wear the shoes!