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What Kind Of Things Should I Buy For Kitten

Things to buy for a Kitten!?!?!?!?

Hopefully buying a kitten this weekend. I have not bought anything yet. Kittens are about 9 weeks old. I am getting one domestic Tabby, Male. What are must things to buy since its a cat and also since its a kitten? Examples are: what kind of litter box? what brand of litter? kitten food? toys? cleaning supplies? little bed? etc........... cant wait!

I just got a brand new kitten. What are some things I need to do to care for her?

First, love, love, love! Kittens that are loved on and touched and held will, 99% of the time grow to be loving, docile adults. If she is not box trained, that's the first thing to do. I would start mine as early as I could. But they were born in my house and yours was not. You don't state her age. Anyway, if she is not trained, you'll need the litter box, "clumping" type litter, a scoop and put it in a place that's kind of away from where people "hang out" in your home. When you see her starting to poop, pick her up, take her to the box, sit her down. Take her front paws and scrape the litter a couple times then go away. When I got a kitten from some one else and had to train them, I would take a little of my own pee and put it in the box. That always worked.I was hard-headed at first, but the grain-free dry food is really the best for cats and dogs. Cats have a high metabolism and eat more than dogs. So, leave a little bowl always filled and they will eat when they want to. If you want to feed her wet food, then just mix a little in with some dry food one time a day. Dry food is the best for their teeth, also their stools are more firm.The only thing I'm not real knowledgeable about is the idea of "inside cats". I was fortunate to live on 18 acres, with a forest and river and my cats and dogs were outside animals. But, I'm sure someone else will respond to help you with that.To me, it's a very good sign that you asked this question in a public forum; it means that you truly care for her. Good Luck :)

I am planning on adopting a kitten. What are the things I should ask the owner before I adopt it? I have never owned a pet. How should I ensure that I am taking proper care of the kitten?

You should ask:1. How old is the kitten? Usually do not adopt if it is under 8 weeks old. It shouldn't leave its mother until then.2. If over 12 weeks, ask if it has has it been vaccinated. If yes, which vaccines?3. Has it been wormed and treated for fleas?4. Does it have any health issues? Usually, you want a healthy kitten but some health issues may be acceptable under certain circumstances.The best way to avoid having to ask all these questions is to adopt from a humane society animal sanctuary. Organizations such as the RSPCA and Cats Protection in the UK and the ASPCA in the US will take care of all these issues and advise you on which pet is best suited to you.

What should I buy for a new kitten?

A scratching post, or more than one…you want them to start on this immediately and not get used to scratching furniture. If budget is tight, cats love the corrugated cardboard scratchers.The Da Bird toy, which you will use to play with it :-) Best cat toy ever!Laser light. Most cats love it chasing it.A cat tree would be nice if you can afford it., surprisingly, has a nice selection at reasonable prices, much cheaper than in pet stores. remember, your kitten is small, and can’t get from platform to platform if they are far apart; look for things with climbing ramps or ladders or a lot of staggered levels and cubby holes.Cats LOVE boxes. Stop by your supermarket on loading day and pick up a few kitten-sized boxes to leave lying around. You can throw toys into them, have Da Bird fly into them, or just let kitty discover them.Cat carrier. I strongly recommend the kind where the top opens. You’ll need this to get him to and from the vet. Although a small one will work for a kitten, you might want to get one for an adult sized cat so you don’t have to replace it later.Two bowls, for food and water.A litter box on each floor. Small kittens can have a hard time with stairs.A nice cosy spot in front of a window somewhere, that he can get up to easily. Cats love to snooze in the sunlight and watch the birds outside.

I have a kitten that some kind of worm has entered her neck, what is it and how do you get rid of it?

she has a sore on her neck, after finaaly catching her it looks as if it is breathing, it opens and closes. My mother-in-law called it a worm (woovel)? I want to know if there is a good way to kill it or remove it?

Where can I buy a Kitten in Maryville TN?

You can use Petfinder, and I have provided a link. But there will be an adoption fee, and it will only be adopted out to an adult. Also, it is not good to surprise anyone with a pet, so she needs to be agreeable for getting a kitten. And that now involves adults.

Any adopted kitten requires a health assessment from a vet, and there are long term costs involved in having a pet that can live easily for 20 years if a kitten. And even if she wants a cat, she may prefer an older cat.

There is no such thing as a "free" kitten or cat.

Which breed of kitten should I buy? I have a budget under ₹10,000. I live in Ludhiana, Punjab, India. Please no advertisements and only provide real reviews. I can get to online sites and real pet stores.

Adopt a kitten who needs a home instead of patronizing a breeder, and put some of the money you saved into buying the necessities — a nice big scratcher, a litterbox, litter, bed, toys, etc. A cat tree is also a good idea.The whole breed thing with cats is a crapshoot anyway since each cat is unique in temperament.

What do I need for a new kitten?

Yay!! Congratulations!! A kitten is so much fun. Remember that cats don't stay kittens for long, it's literally like you blink your eyes and they are big cats. So take LOTS of pictures while your cat is a kitten because you'll want to look at them when they are big. Some things you'll need for a new kitten:

--Litter (if the kitten is under 6 months you should use clay litter which is better for them, when they get a little older you can switch to clumping litter which is much easier to clean, but can be harmful to kittens)
--Litter box (make sure it's low enough that your kitten can easily get in and out, but large enough that he doesn't feel cramped) You may also want to get litter box liners, which are like plastic bags that make it easier to change the litter, but that's a personal preference.
--Litter box scoop
--Cat carrier to bring the cat home in and for any future vet visits or car rides
--Cat bed or a blanket they can lay on your bed (kittens really like the velour blankets, because it reminds them of their mom's belly)
--Water dish & food dish
--Cat food (make sure it is labelled KITTEN food because it's smaller for kitten's small mouth and also has extra nutrients in it. Make sure to ask the person you are getting the kitten from what kind of food they were feeding the kitten as it's better to keep him on the same food. I fed my kittens Hill's Science Diet which is pretty expensive but REALLY made their coat extra soft and I feel like it made them a lot healthier than other cats)
--Scratching post (and start encouraging them to use it as soon as possible so they know where to scratch)
--Kitten toys (they love things with feathers, that make crinkley noises, that dangle, or that they can bat around the house)
--Cat nail trimmers (their nails grow quick!! and you'll want to cut them soon because they don't know they're hurting you with their long nails)

That's all I can think of for now, good luck with your new kitten, they are so much fun!!

I have a newborn kitten and the poop is kind of orange and liquid. Is this normal?

It does not sound normal to me. And since the other kittens in ther litter were still born, it would be best to have a vet check out the last living kitten.

While you are there you can make an appointment for the mom cat to be spayed as soon as the kitten in weaned.