What Kind Of Truck Is This See Photo Looking To See The Exact Year And Model If Anyone Knows.

Would the car dealer tell me the exact model of the car with the vin?

The vin # alone will not tell if yours is a Z28 or Iroc for sure. The carline digit lumps sport coupe and Z28 together on your year camaro. You will need cowl tag/trim tag info from metal tag rivited to core support and/or RPO codes from the reg. production order codes sheet stuck to inside side of consol. Here's the vin # info though

Vehicle Identification Number Example: 1G1AP87H4CN100000

First Digit Nation of Origin: 1=USA, 2=Canada
Second Digit Division: G=General Motors
Third Digit: 1=Chevrolet, 7=GM of Canada('83-'88)
Fourth Digit: A=non-passive, B=automatic belts, C=inflatable restraint, F=Coupe
Fifth Digit Model: P=Camaro Coupe or Z28, S=Berlinetta
Six & Seven Digits Body Style: 87=Sport Coupe/Camaro,
Eigth Digit Engine: See Engine Codes Below
Ninth Digit is Check digit
Tenth Digit Year: C=82, D=83, E=84, F=85, G=86
Eleventh Digit Production Plant: N=Norwood,Ohio, L=Van Nuys
Last Six Digits increase by one with each car built at each plant

Engine codes: (VIN Code) for 1985
2 151 4cyl (LQ9)
S 173 2.8L v6 (LB8)
F 305 v8 (LB9)
G 305 v8 (L69)
H 305 v8 (LG4)

Heres alittle history and info on the 85 camaro

Need help identifying the exact model of my toyota truck.?

It's referred to as Toyota truck. No real model name. Base, deluxe, SR5, etc refers to the trimline of the truck.

iirc, the tailgate may have a sticker if it was a deluxe (DX) or SR5.

Toyota didn't officially name there trucks until the Tacoma come out about 1995

Any one know where I can find a model car of a Toyota Celica 1995?

I want to find a red model of a 1995 Toyota Celica.I googled and searched for a website with the model but its never the exact car of looking for. It's going to be a gift to someone who owns a Celica so I want to find the right model. I know the real car is 1995 Toyota Celica, its a V6, its got a spoiler, he has tinted windows now. i don't know if any of that matters but I need help finding the exact model, or finding a website where i can custom order a model. I don't know if any one knows of a place like that but if you do it would be really nice and helpful if you told me. PLEASEE help. it will be greatly appreciated. thank you.

What year ford 460 should I be looking for?

any short block from 1968 when the 429 was introduced, until the end of production will work fine. since you want to use stock heads you want to go with the earliest heads you can find. ones from a 1970 460 powered lincoln will do fine since they have the smallest combustion chambers and the best ports. the ports will need work though, especially the exhaust ports.

the rod caps on the 460 tend to be rather thin, so after market rods are a good idea if you plan on making more than about 700hp. if you start with a 429, dont despair, they make great 460's when the crank and pistons are swapped out. you can even get stroker kits to build a nice 514ci big block.

when selecting a cam, start by deciding what rpm range you are going to run the engine in about 80% of the time and pick a cam that works best in that rpm range. you can fudge the rpm range some, but not too much.

when you go to buy rocker arms for the engine, buy a set made for a big block chevy. the ratio will be a tad smaller(advertised ratio 460=1.73 chevy 454=1.70), but the stock rockers rarely match their advertised specs anyway, and the chevy rockers will be less expensive.

you can get a distributor from any 351c, 351m, 400, 429, or 460 as they all interchange.

if you are building a street engine, leave the intake ports alone, but definitely work the exhaust ports, they really need it.

for an intake use a weiand stealth intake as they seem to work the best on these motors on the street. and for a carb, use the edelbrock 850 thunder series carb to feed that monster. with a little thought you can build an inexpensive street engine that will make better than 500hp without breaking a sweat.

What kind of truck to get?

Personally I don't like trucks that have a lot of power, and I don't think a truck needs an excessive amount of power, all the truck needs is the right gearing in the transmission and rear end, and it will satisfy all your towing needs.
On a different note
It does depend a lot on what you are going to be doing with your truck, if you're hauling tons of weight up and down hills you'll want a diesel dually, regardless of the brand, if your just hauling things on occasion then get a standard half ton model of your choice.
As for fuel economy to power ratio, it's just common sense the more horse-power you have, the less mpgs you're going to have.

Need help finding parts for Dodge Ram 1500 97?

So I just paid 2800 in cash for a Dodge Ram 1500 year 1997.
This is a beast truck, Still in amazing condition, Only issue.
I have some cosmetic issues, Dash board need replacement;
Cracks and a small hole but it came with a dashboard cover.
Which probably needs replacement or work since the velcro
straps glue ripped off, but i'll use something like super glue.
This is my first vehicle too. :]

I've found some sites offering parts like the top main part of
the dashboard replacement, which i'll probably look into.
I've also found some other more common-like parts I can get
to replace minor-bigger fixes of the interior. Like the ashtry,
cup holder, among a few other small stuff so yeah.

But I need a site or something that offers small interior parts
for this kind of truck, not full big parts like the whole dashboard
and things like that. So if anyone knows can you please link me
or let me know if a store would have stuff like this possibly?
Cause this is my first truck i'm only 18 and such. So i'm not
really used to looking for parts just easier found stuff.

If you need pictures of the parts or anything like that let me know,
if you want to help me and want to be updated with my progress
of restoring parts of the interior and such post your email also.
and i'll email you with my personal email.

Here's a picture of it I took inside cause it was raining so you
see the screen door, haha.