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What Makes Our Deeds Sincere

How can I repent for the bad deeds I've done?

The real repentence is to not repeat those deeds and sincerely try to become a proper human being as also try your best to compensate for what wrong was done. By trying to become a proper human being , it can be ensured that no bad deeds are done in future. To succeed in this effort, take God Almighty’s Mantra “I will become a proper human being”. Reminisce this Mantra at least once every day and look back for what was done in the past few days. Whatever shortcoming with respect to a proper human being is found, resolve to correct it. Keep on trying till you succeed. This Mantra helps in early success. Further reference may be found in my profile. ……My Best Wishes…..

What is the meaning of sincerity?

the opposite of lying and deception

How does a person truly repent with a sincere heart of there sins?

When i try to repent i know i am not sincere. I feel it in my heart that i do not mean it.I want to really mean it but for some reason can't mean it. it messes with my head so much when i do not mean it and would feel so frustrated. what is up with me is my heart so cold that it is impossible for me to be sincere. I know i am a sinner and need God to forgive before i die. Believe when i say i wish i could be sincere when praying the sinners prayer. I will stop doing any kind of sin but is that enough.

Does Allah love sinners?

The Koran cites some 22 types of sinners that Allah does not love. "Allah loves not the unjust." "Allah loves not the glutton." Yet, most of us are unjust sometimes, and just other times; gluttons sometimes, and not other times. So do these verses mean God's love for us flips on and off like a light switch, depending on our behavior at the moment? Please, I mean no offense -- I am just trying to understand.

Christians believe that, although God holds us accountable for our actions, God's love for us is unconditional, infinite, and eternal. Conditional love is not love at all. If God doesn't love sinners, then the ones he does love make an awfully short list! Muslims, please explain your understanding of this.