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What Makes Your Singing Voice Better

How can I make my voice better while singing?

It is important to identify your sound and not try to sound like anyone else, learn to love your instrument. While there are some things that you can change, there are many which are you and should not be changed.There are several aspects of the voice that can change the color and the beauty of the sound, the timber, brightness, raspiness and color. Timber. besides your natural timbre, some vibrato and added support on sustained tones will make the voice richer. Try to vocalise on a single note with a clear vowel while slowly increasing and diminishing the tone. It is important that you breath deeply to support the sound. Raspiness. listen to some trumpet players until you are able to hear the change in sound based on if any air is "leaking".Think about this with your vocal chords, if the sound is escaping your voice will sound raspy. It is important to work with someone that could help you clean up the sound of your voice by keeping your vocal chords closed around the sound and providing just the right air support.Brightness. darker sounds are more classic, brighter sounds are often less trained. The shape of your vowels and your posture will influence your sound, the position of your chin and shape of your mouth.Good luck

Is it true that smoking makes your singing voice better?

Smoking changes the internal tissue lining of your trachea. At first the epithelial cells have cilia (little hairs that move mucus), but after smoking the cilia can degenerate as an effect of the chemicals in cigarettes making it difficult to sing or talk depending on the length of time you've been smoking.

How can I make my voice better for singing? My voice is so childlike.

Everyone has a unique voice. Your voice must be a unique one too. First of all, you should learn to love your own voice. If you yourself won’t like the way you sound, how do you expect others to like it?SoStep 1: Love your own voiceStep 2: Make a habbit of not eating anything oily just before sleeping. And gargel with warm water before you sleep every night. This will surely help.Step 3: Practice. I know you must have heard this many a times, but this is really important. Riyaaz in the early morning if possible. Because our vocal chords are relaxed when we wake up. And working them just after we wake up will help. Start with ‘Om’ and chant for around 4–5 mins.Step 4: Humming. Humming creates vibrations and its like a warmup for your vocal chords before your Riyaaz. Humming ‘sa re ga ma pa’ will really help.Go as follows:Sa Re Ga Ma Pa - increasing notes called as ‘Aaroha’Then Pa Ma Ga Re Sa Ni Dha - decreasing notes called as ‘Avaroha’And the again Aaroha and repeat till 4–5 mins.Step 5: Now start singing the sargam. Follow the same method as above. Once you are good upto Pa Aroha and Pa Avaroha you can increase one note on each side. But do not go fast as this may crack your voice.These 5 steps will really help you if you follow them everyday.Step 6: Try a variety of songs and find which one suits you the best. Which song is most appreciated by others. Make a list of all such songs and practice them well.Step 7: Never miss any opportunity to sing in front of crowd, friends, family members if anyone asks you to sing. Choose any one song from your list and give your best. And do not expect all the good reviews at first. Ask for honest feedback and learn to respect the feedback. Try to improve on things you got to hear from your audience.Step 8: Believe in yourself. If you keep practising, you will become worthy. And you will yourself realise the improvement in your voice within some days.Hope it helped…Feel good :)[P.s- I am not a prefesssional singer. The above steps are just what I have experienced and suited me well and can easily suit anyone who follows them]

Does humming make your singing voice better?

If you are humming correctly, yes it can actually help to improve your voice. Here is a link to a question I answered previously which gives you several breathing techniques, as well as vocal warm-ups (those are included in a separate link listed at the end of my answer). If you do all of these they will help you out.;...

Good Luck!

Does green tea make your singing voice better?

Drinking hot tea correlates with singing better (because of hydrating and warming the throat), but green tea is not like some switch that suddenly makes someone a singing virtuoso.

Hot tea with honey in it coats the throat and helps with singing. Sipping on hot slightly diluted apple cider vinegar with honey and lemon is supposed to be really good for the voice. Vinegar has a lot of natural healing capabilities to it. I don't do this myself because I can't stand to smell or taste vinegar, but I know this works from seeing others do it.

Hope I helped! :D

Will my singing voice get better as I get older?

Your singing voice WILL CHANGE over time. Whether it gets better or gets worse is the question.Left alone voices get worse - no practice; no one to criticise your singing technique or your critics are not musically inclined. Your voice is likely to stay the same or get worse. The lattest is what happened to those who sing in some people who go for American Idol auditions. They are told by their friends that they have a lovely singing voice but in the auditions could not carry a tune.If your voice with change in depth and range (boys will change much more than other when their voice breaks). Even if don’t do any (vocal) exercises, these things change - sometimes it gets better (voice box development and size), other times it gets worse.How do you improve your voice?You need to take care of your voice. If you shout, you may damage your voice box and that can permanently damage your voice. Even singing wrongly can damage your voice. Forcing air through your throat (the way most people sing) at a loud volume can injure the voice box. If after an hour of singing (or speaking), your throat hurts, you may want ask for some help to train yourself to sing or speak “properly” - sometimes called “sing from your stomach” (not exactly the stomach. The more experienced singer will tell you about it.Get some training.Take care of your health. Rest well. Especially before performances. Eat the right stuff. Your health affects the way you sing.Some food and drinks can cause the voice to go rough (oily and deep fried foods) - this may not be a long term problem but if you push your voice while your voice is rough may have some consequences.Added 10 minutes later:How does your voice change for the better?the vocal range changes. It may go higher (it did with me); it may go lower (especially for men).The voice cracks during puberty and sometimes when we get to the elderly age group, the voice cannot sustain notes very well.They get more mellow. Maturity of body brings changes to voice box and therefore your voice.Maturity of thought and experience allows you to bring those experiences to your singing, thus your singing can be more heartfelt.

Can Your Singing Voice Get Better As You Get Older?

Well, I'm 13, and I love to sing. But, my friends nor family know that... yet. I have a pretty decent voice, as I've listened to recordings of myself singing, and it sounds pretty okay to me. I just want to know, if you have a decent voice at a young age, can it improve and become a really good singing voice?

If u sing a lot will your voice get better?

Remember that, although practice DOES make perfect, if you keep practicing the same song, in the SAME WAY over and over again, without directly aiming at improving w/e it is that you want to improve, NOTHING will ever get improved. In other words, if you want something to improve, you've gotta do exercises that will aim at doing so.
Answer these questions to yourself:

-what do I want to improve?
-What is it that I want to gain/lose in my voice?
...and once you have those questions answered, look up exercises that AIM towards that specific area of your voice/singing that you want to improve.
...and practice your scales in diff ways as well. Such as transitioning between head and chest voice at a certain note, etc.

Hope that helps! g-luck!

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Burnt toast makes you sing better?

It was a way to make people eat bad cooking. Fact: Burnt toast does not make a person sing better. Burnt toast makes your mouth dry. It is almost impossible to sing with a dry mouth.