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What Movie Directors Make Movies That Have Creative Plots/storylines

I found out these movies pretty confusing :EnemyTrianglePrimerPredestinationMementoLost highwayMulholland driveDonnie darkoA tale of two sisters

Nobody tries to make bad movies. It’s too much gosh darned work to make a movie to deliberately make a bad one. (Oh, okay, some people make pastiches or satires or parodies deliberately bad to make a comic or political or artistic point, but they’re actually trying to do that well.) And even if you posit that somebody just wants the money the easiest way possible so get a boring, ordinary script, do the cheesiest effects because they’re cheapest, and so forth, NOBODY wants low ratings (or no box office return). Roger Corman, the king of the B-movies, was in it to make money and he did make some pretty big stinkers, but he famously said and proved that he never lost a dime (and by the way, he trained such good filmmakers as James Cameron). Ed Wood, often held up as the worst filmmaker ever, thought he was making good films. He may have been deluded, but he wasn’t making crap as he thought of it.And B-Movies are not by definition bad movies. A B-movie historically was the second feature of a double feature, or it was the nuts and bolts money maker of a big studio. Most westerns, a lot of sci-fi, gothic, and horror movies were traditionally B-movies. Not made badly, but made fast.There are a lot of really bad movies out there, but even with that lowest common denominator of people that you don’t want working in your office because they care so little that all the copies are skewed and their emails never make sense, which, yes, the movie industry has plenty of, nobody thought ahead of time or while they were working on them that they were making a bad movie. For reasons more complex than appropriate to answer here, the movies just turned out that way.

Best tv shows with plots and storyline?

Dollhouse is extremely sturdy. forget relating to the girly call which makes it sound like yet another one in each and every of those poorly acted mainstream television shows. that is quite an somewhat action packed, diffused, exciting, psychological secret with numerous twists and somewhat properly developed characters. additionally, Firefly this is via a similar director (Joss Whedon) is much extra acceptable.

Initially, I thought The Fifth Element.But then it occurred to me the possibility that the eccentric acting, props, and outfits served as an interesting tool to center the viewer’s focus on the two main characters—whose acting and outfits were normal and non-eccentric by comparison.That’s just my take, though.

That’s based on relationships between Director & Producer - the most important factor in movie development.Producer is the boss and he hires Director to direct the movie. Director in his turn, pitches his vision of the story and essentially, Director, who has more prestige in Hollywood and/or pitched the vision, that producer likes the most is eventually hired to implement that vision.Often, when less-known Director is hired, he serves as a tool with limited to no vote, when important decisions are made, while Directors with “powerhouse names” have generally much more creative freedom.

He is long, long deceased (1974), and lovers of film thank him for this, but Coleman Francis had horrible, horrible films down to an art form.  There is every bad film maker ever conceived by an unwary public...and there is Coleman Francis. His marquis movie was The Beast of Yucca Flats. This is a movie that was so bad on every level that it makes me weep when I think of its perfection.The non-existent plot was only surpassed by total disregard of every technical aspect that would have made this film watchable?  Outakes?  There were none, what happens, happens.  Narrative?  There was none, it was added later by Coleman himself, in a pointless and rambling drone on to nowhere. "Feeding soda pop to thirsty pigs", "A flag on the moon, how did it get there" were some of the better bits of after the fact dialogue in this pointless movie. I'll put this movie and Coleman Francis up against anyone, Ewe Boll, Ed Wood, anyone for sheer madness and incompetence. It was 59 minutes of hell, and I dare you to watch it.

Who get paid more, the director, actors/actress,or the writer of a movie?

For Tv, the writers always seem to be consistent, while you may have tens of directors directing. I guess because shows are small scale writing is usually criticised 'cos the audiences tend to notice more mistakes over time in their fav characters, and people will blame writers more for this because directors don't have much say in it I guess. I believe you're thinking of our national cringe comedy the Inbetweeners? Written by Damon Beesley and Iain Morris. I remember their names cos the show is well written and realistic, and that is due to their experiences. For other eg's from tv shows, I can think of Chuck Lorre (The Big Bang Theory), Cochrane and Surnow, who slowly declined on writing duties for 24, and Graham Linehan for IT crowd and Father Ted. For film, I guess the director is held liable as the sole creditor as it is 1 2-hour film, and a sequel may be miles away. There are bigger pieces, big casts, budget and time, and the director has to balance and pull them off well. Only come awards season are the other players recognised. When a bad film like Transformers ROTF came out, the plot was so lazy and head thumping that I criticised the writers Orci and Kurtzman. I think the only time a writer is recognised is when they have a big name as well as the director, or managed the same creative output, e.g. Alex Garland and Danny Boyle for 28 Days Later, or even Guillermo del Toro for his new film that he co-wrote and produced. You also get the clever writer/directors who write extremely well, while giving you food for thought, most notably and recently the master himself Chris Nolan!

Can anyone tell me the storyline of Crash the movie?

im looking for a movie with a very smart creative storyline that makes you think wow how did they come up with that, it doesnt nesseccarily have to be a good movie itself. for example final destination and veronika decides to die is smart how he doesnt tell her that her heart is actually better. Kissed (1996) Limitless (2011) Let the Right One In (2008) Mr. Nobody (I) (2009) Epsilon (1997) aka Alien Visitor Eye of the Beholder (1999) Altered States (1980) Emperor of the North (1973) The Medusa Touch (1978)