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What Movies Should Everyone Watch At Least Once In Their Life

What are the some of the series one should watch at least once in a life?

Everyone will invariably ask you to watch Friends, How I met Your Mother, Game of Thrones, Sherlock, Big Bang Theory - I could go on. While I do not deny investing in all these shows, one should (and must) indulge in what I consider a seriously underrated show - Freaks and Geeks.One of the best, yet sadly cancelled, coming-of-age shows, with a short season of 18 episodes, Freaks and Geeks has a special place reserved in my heart. Set in the 80s, it shows the parallels between a group of stoners and a group of nerds belonging to a high school in Michigan. In the cast, one may find familiar and favourite faces - Linda Cardellini (Velma?), Jason Segel (Marshall Eriksen) and the inseparable Seth Rogen and James Franco.The show puts forward the right amount of ‘awkward firsts’ in the most comforting way possible. It is packed with almost all first hand experiences any high school kid is likely to come across - from crushes to kisses, fake ids to marijuana scenes - all are brilliantly realistic.Apart from the witty dialogues, the clothes-for-the-disco-era, and the highly relatable scenes, one of the best things about this show is the music that it has to offer. The quintessential 60s music by The Who and Styx are only a few to name when it came to playing the right song at the right time.Towards the end of the show, the last episode of the series left me with mostly unanswered questions and a very real sense of liberation. There is something about this show that keeps you wanting more of it. It makes you want to watch it over and over again, and when you do, you find yourself discovering many new interesting layers to this brilliant show.