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What Name Would You Chose And Why

What name would you choose?

you r not allowed to say that you want to keep your own name. pick the name you want from this list.

1. Hongy hongy pongy
2. Little Widdle
3. Ther Purty Gurl
4. Ther Handsurme Guy
5. Hotstuff
6. Sleepin' Ugly
7. Smartypants
8. Pepperoni- Croney

Give reasons why you chose the name

If you were elected pope, which name would you choose and why?

Since I’m not actually Catholic, and in fact follow a somewhat obscure polytheistic faith, my papal name would probably be Pope Are You Sure About This, Guys? the First. Or possibly Pope Let Me See That Ballot Again the First. Or if it must be a single word name, Pope Dafuq? the First.I assume this would cause some uproar, given that the Pope traditionally takes the name of a saint. Forced to change my Papal name to that of a saint, I would probably go with Pope John Coltrane. (Hey, he’s a saint according to these guys! Coltrane Church .)Alternatively, I could go with Pope Charles Darwin, according to St. Gregory of Nyssa Episcopal Church, where he is depicted on their great mural icon of dancing saints.Or Pope Paul Erdős, who also appears on the mural at St. Gregory of Nyssa—because naming yourself after an itinerant amphetamine-fuelled number theorist (who used to call God the “Supreme Fascist”) would just be cool.OK, OK. . . a Pope has to name himself after a Roman Catholic saint. Sorry, I didn’t read the fine print there. Right. . . I name myself Pope Josaphat! (Who?) You see, St. Josaphat is actually the Buddha. No, really—a life of Buddha, translated from Sanskrit or Pali to Persian to Arabic to Georgian to Greek to Latin, turned the Bodhisattva into Josaphat and made him into a Christian saint. I’m not making this up! It’s one of the great real-world examples of the “Telegraph game”. The book In Search of the Christian Buddha: How an Asian Sage Became a Medieval Saint (9780393089158) gives the details. St. Josaphat’s on the right in the picture below; his teacher St. Barlaam is on the left. . .No offense is intended to any practicing Catholics. The chances that I’d ever be elected pope are somewhere between zero and zero, as I’m well aware. I was just trying to have a little fun with the question.

Which middle name would you choose?

first name | Edith
middle name | Finley, Alayna, Savannah, Norah
last name | Reilly

first name | Chandler
middle name | James, Judah, Lane, Silas

BQ - how would you spell Leland for a girl?

Which baby boy name would you choose?

Phoenix Grey
Love the names!
Phoenix is cool and current, but also solid and masculine. A phoenix is powerful and naturally, the name packs a punch. However, its a known place, therefore, you wont have any problems with people trying to spell or pronounce it.

Axel - my only dislike. I really dont like the "ull" sound. Ax-ull sounds like someone is swallowing and trying to talk. also Samuel, Nathaniel bug me.
Milan - a bit feminine as its the fashion capital of the world
Zane - not special enough
Kane - cool for a middle name, but its an old man cane with a K
Easton - second favorite first name. If you dont go with Phoenix, I suggest next Easton. Its strong and masculine. It also is interesting but easy enough for people to pronounce and spell.
Seven - cool but a little TOO out there, especially if he is born the day before or after.
Cruz - nice! I like it, but you have better options listed. Phoenix is a more solid, substantial name than just Cruz. Nonetheless, its still great!

What animal would you choose as a pet, and what name would you give it?

Rear Admeral Grace HopperAfter this amazing woman:Also because, as an engineer, I have naming conventions for nearly everything. Including pets. Ours is scientists. Grace Hopper was an amazing computer scientist. Wrote the first compiler, worked on the UNIVAC, and was an Admeral in the United States Navy.The pet I would choose would be a Welsh Corgi:They are all very energetic and lively, and with them little legs are always hopping up-and-down. The name “Hopper” seemed doubly appropriate.

Hallie or Allie: which name would you choose and why?

I love both - that is a hard choice!
I think Hallie, because I like the spelling Hallie/Halli, whereas I much prefer Allie spelt Aly/Ali. Both are unique and beautiful, though.

I love the middle name! It really compliments either.
Hallie Juliana
Allie Juliana

:-) Hope this helps! It is a hard choice, but probably Hallie. Congratulations!

What middle name would you choose for Kenadie?

Elizabeth Kylie is so pretty...
Well... If Kenadie is what you feel is right in your heart than you should go for it. I have never seen it spelt that way so I am not used to it. I guess I'd be on the fence with that one..
Anyway.. here are some middle name ideas that start with "E"
Kenadie (It's growing on me.. I like it) Elise
Kenadie Ella
Kenadie Eden
Kenadie Edith
Kenadie Elaine
Kenadie Eliana
Kenadie Elisa
Kenadie Elsa
Kenadie Emma
Kenadie Erin
Kenadie Eve
Kenadie Eva
Kenadie Evelin

Hope this helps.. I like Kenadie..spelt that way.. unique and pretty. Good luck and Congrats! :)

What name would you choose for yourself if you were an Xmas elf helping out a department store Santa?

Legolas - after the character from Lord of the Rings.