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What Nationality Does He Look From .

What nationality does he look(pic)?

the name said it all....

Who is onio from dbz? what does he look like?

i heard of this guy on wiapedia name onio on dbz , i watch dbz all when i was a lil boy and i never seen or heard of a guy like that . can sombody please tell me

What ethnicity does he look like?


What ethnicity does he look like in your opinion?

You meant to ask what race does he look like right ?He looks like the could be from the Middle East, because if his eyes.Ethnicity is the DNA of the culture you were raised by, not race. Middle east is not a race

What ethnicity does this boy look like?

It is impossible to tell ethnicity from looks, ethnicity is a composite of ancestry, historical and cultural factors; looks are impossible to be used to tell if his culture is German, Russian or Italian you can obviously say his ancestry is European more than that it is literally impossible, a friend of my little cousin looks just like that and he's from Spain, but he could be from anywhere.I found a study with the most common phenotypes (looks) in each region in Europe, again these are the places where the average look tends more to this but you can find all of them everywhere:Foor example what the author calls “Gracile Mediterranid” look is most common around Spain's and France’s Mediterranean coasts but that doesn't mean you can't find millions of people in Valencia who resemble the “Atlantid” look more (Atlantid is the most common in northern Spain, western France and southern Britain), or even hundreds of thousands who resemble the “Hallstat” look more (the Hallstat look is supposedly most common around the Alps and southern Germany). You could find them all in Valencia but probably the further away the look is most common the less frequent it is in that particular place, so the boy could be from anywhere, to me he looks closest to the “Baltid” look so he would be most average looking around the central Baltic sea: northern Germany, northern Poland, old Prussia.

Who is Minato from Naruto? Why does he look like Naruto?

Minato uzumaki the 4th hokage is actually naruto's father believe me guys i've seen all the episodes. Minato meets naruto when naruto was fighting with pain, and when pain used his ultimate deva jutsu(don't remember the jutsu name\U0001f647). This forced naruto to give up his soul to the nine tails and when he's about to open the seal, Minato saves him as he had put some of his chakra in naruto while sealing the half of nine tails chakra inside naruto. For more information see the pain vs naruto in narutoget

What ethnicity does he look like?

Typical European, but I am guessing German with eastern European mix

Who is God, and how does he look?

God or Supreme soul is one and he looks similar to human soul. But unlike human soul he doesn't take birth in earth. God is 1.called as Shiva Allah Jehovah etc.He is the father of all souls(we are brothers) in the world (point of light present in soul/Silence world - Golden reddish region above universe). Souls are immortal, like a tiny star, present in the center of the forehead can experience a connection with the Supreme Soul by thoughts is called meditation -a way to remove sin(actions out of lust anger greed attachment and ego). Heaven (1language,1kingdom,1dynasty,1country -humans lived here are worshipped in temples but they are also living among us after rebirth) and hell (now- Temples are built for humans who did good deeds) comes in cycle in earth. The 1God will show Mercy and give blessings for prayers in any form though. But it will last for 1 or 2 births only. if we remember god as he is, he will remove our sins and we will be blessed for 21 births. The same drama repeats itself as it is. God already came to earth and take old body for few hours to share this knowledge.God - Brahmakumaris

What nationality is degrassi's marco? he's from canada, yes, but he looks italian or mexican or something.

he's from an italian family