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What Needs To Be Done In Order For Me To Be A Good Father

My father always has to be right about everything. Is he a good parent?

No and maybe. My father has the same issue. My father is a highly intelligent man, so yes, he is often right, and was especially so when I was young, but as I grew and matured, I realized, my father lacked emotional intelligence, and he had a very black and white, (childish some might say), view of the world. I have since grown and raised three kids of my own. I am also highly intelligent, so I got the reputation, “Mom is always right.” “Mom has all the answers.” Very annoying for my children, very damaging in my marriages. The big difference, is that I don’t ‘need’ to be right. If I am proven wrong, I have little issue with admitting, I was wrong. My children grew up depending on me, and I stepped back enough in their teens to let them make mistakes, and not lord it over them. In fact, as my children got into their 20’s and had life experiences outside of my frame of reference, the day finally came when I had to tell my daughter, “I wouldn’t know, you have more knowledge of this than I do, what do YOU think?” It actually came as a shock to her. Personally, I think that is good parenting. I am proud to watch my children grow from the knowledge base I gave them and expand on it. They are suppose to surpass me. Mean while, back to my Father, I treat him with respect, and keep a lot of what I think to myself. It creates a sad distance between us but there is nothing I can do about that. It really hit home for me when my Dad did an online IQ test and sent the link to me. After I did it, I scored higher than him. Instead of congratulating me, he started saying how he had an off day, that day, and he took too long on a couple of the questions because of the wording. he is of a generation that doesn’t separate Ego thought response, from Self. I can see all kinds of ways my worldviews have exceeded his worldviews. I think that is as it should be, and I don’t plan to try and enlighten him or treat him as a child as he gets older.That said, I must also include what I did learn from my father, good values. My dad is basically an honest man, keeps his word, stops to help strangers on the street, hard working, and has a deep love for always learning and looking up the answers. He tries to do thing right the first time, and do it well. Even the down sides of how he raised me, taught me what kind of parent I did not want to be.

Can a father put a restraining order on his daughters boyfriend even though they are only dating?

Your friend is underage, so unfortuantly she doesn't have any legal say in such matters and she will not have to agree to it. However the court will not put a restraining order on people for no reason. The father would have to PROVE that he is a threat to his daughter and has been showing violent/harmful behaviour (i.e. stalking, threats etc.).

The courts probably wont appreciate her father coming in and trying to put restraining orders guys that have done nothing. It is a waste of court time and money.

My guess is that the restraining order wouldn't go through, but of course it would depend on the judge.

Just a little sidebar, cannot believe the people that are freaking about the age difference. It is only 4 years. And it sounds like he is waiting for her to get older.

Good luck to your friend

Dad took out a restraining order against me and mom?

What were his grounds for filing the order? Your friends caught him having the affair?

How do you figure it's your fault? You didn't put him into bed with the other woman, he did that on his own. This is an adult matter that you unfortunately got swept into.

There's nothing you can do luv but stand by your mom and try and be strong for her. She needs to file for a divorce being that he's made it painfully clear he no longer will try to work out the marriage. Sorry that you have to experience this yourself at such a young age. Someone suggested you seek out a church with others your age.....I think it's worth looking into.

Read update: The courts CAN NOT stop your mom from getting child support!!!

Have your mom get a legal aid attorney, things that she has them do......get the addy to whom ever posted his affair, get the divorce on grounds of his adultery. Check into if he had a special relationship with this judge (good friends), w/out proof of her posting the affair they have no grounds for ruling against her.

Have your mom go to social services to get food stamps and financial aid for the two of you. Once she gives them your dads info they'll make him start paying child support, if they send money to your mom before that order goes in, they'll start deducting money from him to pay them back, shouldn't effect what your mom gets tho.

You need to be strong, and help your mom get strong to. Tell her altho she doesn't trust the courts she needs to do these things for the two of you to survive. Don't let her let your dad get away with this.

Can i put restraining order on myself?

Basically, I have an abusive father, even now that I'm an adult on my own, he will travel to come abuse me at work and at home , or by phone etc. It's hard to explain, and I doubt anyone would understand, but I'll say it's not physical abuse, it's verbal, he is truly insane.

I would like to take out a restraining order against myself to prevent ME from being near him, so that I can use THAT to justify keeping him away.
Believe me, if i just take it out on him, it would make things worse, perhaps physical even.

So my first question is, is that possible? No one would oppose in court, since it is just me.
And secondly, would that be something I have to report on a resume/job application? - because that wouldnt be good.