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What Percentage Of Countries In The World Will Not Allow It

Are there any countries in the world with a 100 percent PURE capitalism?

No, because as long as a government exists, some amount of socialism is inevitable, and all countries have a government.

But really the term "capitalism" does not refer to an economy with no government, so your question is flawed. The US is certainly a capitalist country. If you want to quibble over the degree of government ownership of resources, you need to use different language to get at that.

Also I'll add -- most people do not know the definition of "capitalism". It does NOT mean "free" or "no government involvement" or "anarchy". No primitive or ungoverned society has ever been capitalistic. CAPITALISM is a system that weds free markets, private ownership, and systems for accumulating, channeling, and trading *CAPITAL* (banking and capital markets). THAT is capitalism. Capitalism is complicated and requires legal frameworks and government enforcement of law, in addition to very sophisticated financial systems. There is certainly no capitalism in Somalia or the backwoods of Afghanistan or in any primitive tribe.

What percent of the countries in the world are capitalist? (Source)?

I don't mean pure capitalism because that really doesn't exist, there's always government intervention. What I'm really asking for here is a reliable source though. Everywhere I look at, it always suggests that 80-90% of the world's countries are capitalist but give no source. If anyone can find like a chart or an article will you please link it here? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

What approximate percentage of countries in the world do not write from left to right?

List of sovereign states: 206 statesRTL: Israel, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and 19 Arab states = 23 statesEast Asian countries traditionally wrote vertically, but all are either partially or fully converted to LTR horizontal writing.

What percent of the world's population live in Third World countries?

There is something that is bugging me:

We cannot ignore that a big percent of China's population could fall in 3rd world classification.

And yes the real term is 3rd world, calling it "in developing stage countries " or whatever is just a cruel lie.

Is there any country in the world where religion is not allowed?

Not today, but earlier in the past century: ALBANIA!By May 1967, religious institutions had been forced to relinquish all 2,169 mosques, churches, cloisters, and shrines in Albania, thus becoming the first atheist nation in the world! 1This was done by Enver HOXHA regime. Though having a ‘clerical title’ surname (Hoxha), he had nothing to do with Islam and he was against all religious beliefs, making Albania the first atheist state in the world!Clerics were publicly vilified and humiliated, their vestments taken and desecrated. More than 200 clerics of various faiths were imprisoned, others were forced to seek work in either industry or agriculture, and some were executed or starved to death.Article 37 of the Albanian Constitution of 1976 stipulated, "The state recognizes no religion, and supports atheistic propaganda in order to implant a scientific materialistic world outlook in people." 2The penal code of 1977 imposed prison sentences of three to ten years for "religious propaganda and the production, distribution, or storage of religious literature."The 1998 Constitution of Albania defined the country as a parliamentary republic, and established personal and political rights and freedoms, including protection against coercion in matters of religious belief.

How many countries are there In the world that do not have access to Internet, on a public level?

Generally all countries have internet access it's just some countries have more extreme access restrictions than others.A Similar question to this has been asked before, See the answers here:What are some countries that have absolutely no internet access?

Are there any countries in the world without internet access?

Very interesting question, depends on really how you define "no internet access." There are those that have internet access but deny connection to Google services, fitness health sites, news sources, social networks  and alternative media. Such countries include China, Iran, Syria, Saudia Arab, UAE, Qatar, Burma, North Korea, Uzbekistan, Tunisia etc. Then there are remote inhabited places like the British Island of Tristan de Cunha, the Grand Canyon Arizona USA, Samoan Islands and most parts of Alaska, Sahara Desert and a place called Black Forest in Germany. There are although places I know of that have practically no internet or cell phone coverage. There are remote isolated areas in Pakistan, India, Mongolia, Tibet and China where people have absolutely no internet or idea what internet is. Hope this helps ...