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What Percentage Of Life Are You Content To Have Lived - And Why

What %/percentage of cats would you say live over age 16 or 17?

In my household, 100%, with 95% living into their 20s.

I can't speak for every household, but it is not unusual for cats to live into their late teens and longer when given good care and a loving home.

How old is a fossil bone whose 14C content is 15.0 percent that of living bone?

if you know the half life of 14C, then you can find how old it is by doing this.

first setup the equation .5^x=.15
so...ln(.15)/(ln(.5))=2.737, so it takes 2.737 half lives to get to 15% carbon.

The multiplay 2.737 by the half life and you done

Can someone live with only 30 percent of their heart function?

I take it that the 30% is a fraction of the normal ejection fraction (EF). Normal EF is typically 60-70%, so 30% of that is about 20-25% EF. So yes, people live with that low of an EF all the time. If the 30% is referring to EF, then that's still pretty low, but somewhat livable, at least for a while.

What is it like to live a life as single forever?

Disheartening.I am in my forties and have never dated or had a “significant other.” When I was younger I didn’t mind, or at least didn’t notice, but as time has passed I have grown more and more isolated. As your friends pair off and start having families you get left behind. Opportunities for social interaction become fewer and farther between, and you end up avoiding the few things that do come your way because you don’t want to be the only single person there. For a long time people ask if you’re seeing anyone, etc., but eventually those questions become less frequent and then stop altogether as it becomes clear that the answer is always going to be “No.”You have less and less in common with your friends as family and kids become the most important forces in their lives. Before long you realize it’s been months since you’ve spoken, and the last time you were together you had nothing to talk about.When something good happens, there is no one to share it with. When something bad happens there is no one to comfort you.Seemingly innocuous interactions become embarrassing reminders that you are alone; I recently had my pupils dilated and was forced to explain that no, I didn’t have anyone to drive me home and no, there was no one I could call.You don’t cook because cooking for one is depressing, but you don’t eat out either because you feel like a sad loser sitting in a restaurant alone.Holidays are the worst. One time an acquaintance’s little girl asked me what I got for Christmas and I had no answer for her — how do you explain to a seven year old that you don’t exchange gifts when there is no one to exchange gifts with? You end up fabricating parties and events so you don’t feel so pathetic when people ask about your holiday plans.Many people are solitary by choice and lead happy, fulfilling lives. For others it is a bleak and lonely existence devoid of love or human contact, a torment to be endured until the sweet release of death finally sets you free. It all depends on the individual circumstances.