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What Perimeter Or How Far Do You Have To Be To Horseplay From School

A horse is placed for grazing inside a rectangular field 70m by 52m and is tethered to one corner by a rope 21m long. On how much area can it graze?

It may be noted here that the only information relevant to answer this question is the length of rope and the fact that the horse is tethered to the corner of rectangular field. The dimension of the field is extraneous and is not required.The horse can freely roam around in 1/4th area of the circle of radius 21 m formed by the rope.=> Area = 1/4 x π x 21 x 21 sqm= π x 441/4 = 346.50 sqmThe question would have become tricky if the length of rope had been more than 52 m.:-)