What Personality Traits Do You Look For In A .mate

What Personality traits do You look for in a...Mate?

Well, for a good match you also need to look at character traits and shared values. I realize that my friends are always people I respect and who respect me. That respect is always based upon the fact that there are values we have in common and consider to be a priority -- kind of like an unwritten code.

When I met my husband, I knew what those values were to qualify as a "friend" and what specific character traits I desired in my husband.

So friend values: compatible views on God, how to treat people, work ethic, what's important in life (like family & education), what's fun in life (like traveling and reading).

Character traits for spouse: Similar views toward the above + compatible views on money, life goals (children or no children), where you want to live, how much time you spend with family, and had to have SAME view on relationship with God ("equally yoked"), great listener, loving, empathetic, generous, no anger issues, etc. Is this someone you can trust with your life? Because that's what marriage is.

Once those criteria are met, then look for personality traits you desire. For example, for me they were affectionate, analytical, silly at home, serious when necessary, easy-going

Luckily, I haven't had to compromise on any of the items on my "wish list."

What personality traits do men look for?

Frank, she said "Personality Traits".
I'd say men are most interested in how a girl respondes to what men do.
For example:
Even if a guy is wrong, just like women, they love to be respected as right.
Also, some of the best women out their like to agree and play along with anything a man says. Upon this, if he is a good man, he will do the same back (Just in a mans nature to continue along).
They like to see a woman who is always happy. No ones likes a debby downer.
For instance:
When a girl cries, and the guy comes to talk to you about it, it's usually cute for the guy to see a girl cry, and for the guy to do something about it. However, a girl who cries too often just sort of slips out of his mind or finds her annoying.

Depending on the guy, guys who play games like a girl who will also sit down and play a game with them.
Guys who like to do something as a hobby, for example, football, like to be told how good they are and that they are the best on the team.
Based upon these two examples, the perfect trait would be a girl who is nice and compliments someone verbally, physically, or mentally.

I have a birth mark on my ass.My family ALWAYS tortured me about this. I hated it. It made me feel insecure.I would cover it with makeup when I was a stripper. I was sick of the same question, over loud music.“Is that a bruise?”Less talking. More giving me money.Anyway, in my 30’s, I started to accept my body a lot more…And then this year. I started taking a lot of pictures in the mirror, because the numbers on the scale didn’t make sense (I was emaciated).I caught a picture of this birthmark. It’s a little smaller than a quarter.I started to think, “Hey, it’s cute. I kind of like it.”I was in the hospital, for my 3-day EEG, this past January. My brain was finally starting to reappear. I was bored. I do research when I’m bored.I couldn’t figure out a few of my symptoms. It seemed as though my entire spinal cord was fucked up.That birth mark, was the first bell that went off in my head, that led me to figure out that I have tethered cord syndrome. Of course, my original team of too-busy neurologists, missed that too.There are always answers. Everything means something, serves a purpose. Every freckle (I used to hate those, too), is something special.I love this birth mark.

Probably a mixture of both, but I have an interesting story about genetics.My first partner's dad left when ny partner was 18 months old. He never saw him again as he moved to America.My partner was a habitual liar, he would lie about everything , even if he knew he would be xaught out. It was as though he couldn't stop.When our first child was born I said we should get hold of ny partbers father, as he was now a grandfather, and he should know. A couple of years later with a two year old , and a month old baby, we were heading out to see him in the StatesWe were going out for a few months, if not longer. My partner's father had everything sorted, a furnished house, a vehicle to use, my partner could work with his dad… it sounded idyllicWhen we got there it was all lies. He had no house, no car, I was put in a very odd siruation with a half crazy woman who looked after a poor mentally ill lady. I was told not to let the children cry in the night or the lady would go crazy. ( We ended up walking around 24 hour superstores because of the time difference and trying to get the children to sleep) we had to stay in her house until we had found our own place. She was child less and had a room stacked top to bottom with dolls , it was really creepy, and when she started saying that I wasn't looking after my young baby properly, I was scared she would try and take her from meWe would see my partner's father occasionally, he was full of charm and very like his son Unfirtunately not only were this man's mannerisms the same as my partner's ,but so was his lying…. It was an awful time and eventually we ran awayUnfortunately one of my sons has also got that ' lying gene' as I call it. I have worked tirelessly throughout his life to teach him not to lie, but even as a tiny boy he would say he just couldnt help it, it seemed to be just an uncontrolable urgeSo ever since that very strange encounter with a man who hadnt seen his son since he was a very, very young child, I have understood that genes play a HUGE part in our lives, for better or for worse

Traits for a perfect mate?

I've found the most important thing is:
Complimentary traits - not a girl who's PERFECT, but one who's IMperfections compliment my own. Like in this movie where this guys says "The two of you make a wonderful person." - they complete you.

I’m an INTJ so I may look at things a little differently than other people.Ideally? Maybe a 6–7 on the 10-scale (‘cause I’m shallow like that), height/weight proportionate, healthy, nurturing, not particularly materialistic, a reasonable sense of humor. Mentally engaged with her own interests that are independent of mine whether it’s a job or her family or her friends. Receptive to my attempts at affection. Willing to make her case when she thinks I’m wrong. Willing to TELL ME what she wants if she thinks I’m not getting it.Above all, I would hope the idealized and perfect mate would be capable of being happy rather than being perpetually frustrated or annoyed or angry. i could never be happy with someone who is incapable of being happy.

Persistence, the one trait that can take you to places!It was during a robotics workshop that I saw this junior struggling with programming the robot.I approached to help.His clumsy way of handling the keyboard and mouse gave him away.“Hmm… you know C++ right?”A streak of humbleness ran through his face. “No, I didn't have coding classes in my school”.Deep sigh! Its a robotics workshop!I helped him out with the code.Time to recruit first year students to our robotics group.We take passionate students.He was there, he was one, and he was in!Few weeks into the team, and his project mentor told me that this guy hails from a remote village in India where electricity haven't got through.He haven't really got used to a computer before joining the university.I was shocked!So it was not just C++ that he was struggling with during the workshop, but also on how to use a computer!Months went by, years went by.I saw him in the lab regularly, working day and night on his project, learning things at his pace, bit by bit, single step at a time, consistently sowing the seeds to grow.I saw him grow on the fertile land of passion, driven by persistence! A tireless plough indeed!I saw him reap. Every bit.He consistently became a 9 pointer in his class.He became a strong member in the team, mentoring his juniors and leading projects on his own.At the end, he was placed in a top electronics company in the world!The guy from a rural Indian village, who didn't know how to use a computer went on to become a motherboard designer for a top company, competing against best brains in India!Life is sometimes unfair. You might get a weak starting point. An undesired one.But life is fair enough to also give you a fertile land to grow.With the right amount of persistence in life, you will soon be ahead of everyone in the race!People might not see the long and treacherous path you have taken to get there. But you are there with them, with the best trait of all!And that single trait is going to take you to more places!Thanks for reading! —Ajith Anil Meera

What kind of characteristics or quality traits do you look for in an ideal mate?

word how he treats his mom and different women human beings in his existence. it truly is your first clue. If that area is easily than something will shop on with. make helpful he has a comfortable job too and has destiny plans. do no longer choose for super money because of the fact maximum youthful men are in basic terms out of school or commerce college. those are the authentic men and not boys. They become secure properly paying careers. If he's settled in a job it facilitates if he has stable relatives together with his employers. stable relatives are a stable all around judgement of character for the two genders.