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What Program Do I Apply To

How many MSW programs should I apply to?

That depends. How confident are you that you’ll be accepted? How are your undergraduate grades? Have you taken the GRE, and if so, how did you score? Is there a particular school you have your eye on? I would say that the better your chance of being accepted, the fewer schools you should apply to, but the less likely you are to be accepted, the fewer you should apply to.I hope this helps, and good luck!

What programs can a fresher apply for in the CAT?

only , PGP not executive programPGP HRM , and if you hold a master's or a 8sem bachelor degree than you can also apply for FPM , which is a doctorate programme.which includes intense research in the field of business prospects.For more information about all the courses offered by IIM check down here .List of IIM ProgramsThanks for reading :)

How can I apply to a graduate (Ph.D) program from MIT?

You will not be able to apply until September 1st of this year (and then it would be for the following year).Here are some pages for your perusal, please read them over:Graduate AdmissionsAdmissions & Registration (Office of the Dean for Graduate Education)How to apply: here -> MIT Graduate AdmissionsNow, usually you apply to a specific program (i.e., department), so in the third link, you should go to the appropriate department and peruse any particular requirements and recommendations.Usually it’s a good idea to have in mind 1) department, 2) area in the department / laboratory, 3) a short list of possible doctoral advisors.Either while you apply or before you apply, start securing: 1) letters of recommendation, 2) college transcript, 3) GRE scores — general and subject (although I don’t know for certain if every department will require this, usually they do).

How do you go about applying for a master program in science?

First, you decide upon the subject in which you'd like to get a Master's degree or PhD. :)

After you do that, you start researching grad programs. You do that by asking your professors in that subject which programs they'd recommend. You will want to know each program's national ranking, what research each faculty member is doing, the level of support they extend to their top candidates (research assistantships, full tuition remission, stipends, etc.), and their record of student placement (either in industry or PhD programs).

Once you narrow your list of departments to about 10 that might be a good fit for you, then you contact the Graduate School at each university, and find out about the application process. Check their websites for the basic info. Most schools will require three letters of recommendation from current professors, high GRE scores, an undergraduate GPA of at least 3.0, and a personal statement that articulates why you want to be admitted to *that particular* graduate program.

Individual departments also sometimes require additional materials, like a writing sample. Departmental websites usually provide that information. Contact the Director of Graduate Studies of each program to which you are applying for details on this.

Best wishes to you.

How many masters can I apply to in Erasmus program?

Students at Master level can apply to a maximum of three different programmes.You can check the additional information here:EMJMD Catalogue - EACEA - European CommissionThis site contains official information about the ongoing courses as well.

How do I apply to Google APM Program if there is no option in their careers section?

The link is live in the student careers section from about August to September every fall, when APM recruiting is live.Here's the current link as of August 2017. You'll note they specify they're only taking applications from September 11 to September 22.

EOP program in Florida state where to apply?

Here is your contact:
Office of Equity and Access
1446 Turlington Building, 325 West Gaines Street,
Tallahassee, Florida 32399-0400
Phone: (850) 245-0511 Suncom 205-0511
Fax: (850) 245-9551

You may also contact the Admissions Office at either UCF or FSU for information.

University of Central Florida
Undergraduate Admissions
4000 Central Florida Blvd.
P.O. Box 160111
Orlando, FL 32816-0111
Phone: (407) 823-3000
Fax: (407) 823-5625

Florida State University


When you apply to the Disney College Program, how do you hear back about acceptance/decline? Email or Letter?

I wasn't part of the program, so I don't know directly, but

has lots of answers.

Here is the beginning of that page:

"When will students receive an answer regarding their interviews?
Upon completion of the Web-based interview, applicants will be provided their results immediately. Based on an applicant's Web-based interview results, they may be invited to complete a telephone interview.

Those who are asked to complete a telephone interview should hear from College Recruiting generally within four to six weeks following the telephone interview. This may be notification of a final decision or notification that additional time is needed before a final decision will be communicated."

How do I apply to affiliate programs if I have more than one web site?

Short Answer: You don’t need to apply for affiliate programs for all of your websites.Detailed Answer: No matter how many sites you are running, you can signup with any of your website and use the same links on all your websites.Quick Tip 1: Use your best site to apply for the affiliate programs. It will increase the chances of your account approval.Quick Tip 2: Use subid to track from which site you are getting the sales. It will help you to boost your affiliate sales by working on the most converting site.For example: I run two sites one is BloggerTipsTricks and another is but I use same affiliate links on both the sites (with different tracking id.)Hope it helps.Cheers,Ankit