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What Qualities Do You Believe Best Represent Those Of An Obama Supporter Today

As a Trump supporter, what qualities do you look for in a President?

Great Question!I’m a Trump supporter. I’ll (try to) keep my answer fair, refraining to take shots at Trumps political opponents.I look first for honesty. I’m not interested anyone’s opinion of his honesty, just mine. If I don’t think you’re truthful, I won’t trust you. If I don’t trust you, I won’t vote for you. He may say some over the top things, but I believe he will do those things (or attempt to do his best to accomplish those things). He may be a blowhard, but I think this country needs someone to be blunt. Political correctness has sissified this great nation. What ‘Merica needs is a good, swift kick in the ass.Second, I look for real world experience. Not as a career politician, but in the private sector. Trump has succeeded wildly. He has also failed wildly. Both those experiences I believe has formed him to be a great president. My only regret is his lack of military service. In my humble opinion, I believe that military service should be mandatory for any candidate that may be commander-in-chief of our armed forces. Of course the Constitution does not allow for that, so be it.That’s pretty much it. Things don’t need to be made complicated. Although Trump was not my first choice for the Republican nomination, he is the nominee, and I support him 100%.Vote Quimby.

Trump supporters didn't believe the statistics on Obama's economy, so why do they believe the statistics now?

No surprise—Hillary’s backers in 2016 argued about our ‘great economy’, which was (and is) locked in what economist James Rickard calls a ‘structural depression’. One of the unfortunate things to happen in the wake of the Lehman crash is that the stock market de-coupled from the rest of the economy. The stock market is roaring along because money-borrowing became almost free during years of 2009–2016 because new business was not being encouraged. The founder of Gallup disparaged talk of an ‘Obama recovery’, noting that there were more businesses closing than opening during much of the eight years of the Obama administration. That hasn’t happened since the Great Depression. And Trump’s actions have not fixed anything—people’s discretionary income has gone DOWN since 2016, thanks in part to skyrocketing medical costs. There’s no recreational therapy to juice the economy.There’s real fear that the era of corporations being able to buoy their stock prices by buying back their own shares is coming to an end as the Fed raises interest rates. Ironically, the financial institutions that were overloaded with debt when housing crashed are now loaded with debt again even though industrial output is in recession territory.Trump’s supporters are whistling past the graveyard. But so are the Democrats who think things were going well under Obama. The economy Trump inherits

Obama supporters, can you explain this quote for me?

In his "race speech" Obama says:

"For the men and women of Rev. Wright's generation, the memories of humiliation and doubt and fear have not gone away; nor has the anger and the bitterness of those years. That anger may not get expressed in public, in front of white co-workers or white friends. But it does find voice in the barbershop or around the kitchen table."

Now, I would like you to change my mind on this. To me it sounds as if he is generalizing older black people, saying that they secretly racially profile white people. Is this a correct assesment? If, not, what is this "anger" and what are the justifications of it?

Obama supporters, isn't it true that if he were PURPLE with blue and yellow spots, bald, crippled ...?

yes but trying to explain and justify why i'm supporting him, only matters to myself and to those that care. certain people, regardless of what you say, will continue to dislike Obama. that's fine, they're entitled to they're opinion.

Trump supporters, do you actually respect Trump?

I voted for him, so I suppose I qualify as a “Trump supporter”. I must respect anyone who gets elected to be President of the United States. I disliked Obama’s policy and Clinton’s apparent morals, but I still respect both of them as people who had the guts to weather all the crap thrown at them in the process of being elected President.I feel Trump enjoys making people who he feels would never vote for him angry at him. I don’t think he’s doing this out of any lack of empathy, and he might even personally agree with some of their views. But people have declared themselves as his enemies, so he feels no urge to make friends with them. He apparently feels that the act of reinforcing those adversarial relationships will help him with people who oppose those adversaries. What leftists think of as stupidity or madness is actually gamesmanship and baiting.So do I respect Mr. Trump? Cautiously, yes. I tend to dismiss most words and speeches by a President as distractions, and look closer to what they actually do. I believe Mr. Obama delivered great speeches but did a poor job backing them up with actions, and Mr. Trump is pretty close to the opposite. He is inarticulate almost to the level of crudeness, but his actions are sound. If his actions really had the effect the Democrats said they would, surely some sort of Apocalypse would have happened by now, right?

Is Matt Damon and Obama some of the most intelligent people in the USA?

I saw the video of Matt damon ripping on sarah palin and it was smart clever and he was generally concerned with her intelligence

and Obama the guy can speak like a champion

most liberals are the best speakers ive ever seen on TV these guys are great i mean they look good they speak well and where are the republican equivalents to these guys? I just dont see them anywhere really

dunno where they are but nobody seems as intelligent as these guys i love em

As a Trump supporter, do you see any positive character or political traits in Obama, Clinton, or Democrats in general?

I would not characterize myself as a Trump supporter, but others probably would so I’ll give this a go.For the most part, I would say Obama comes across as a decent person. I wish that were all it took to be a good President, but sometimes it seems decent people make the worst Presidents. My favorite former President is the one I would also count as the worst President in my lifetime: Carter.About Bill Clinton, I would say he is an amazing communicator. As for character traits, he seems to really care for his daughter.Carter is an amazing person, it just seems he and politics don’t get along. He has a heart for people, he’s not pretentious, his outreach efforts might be eclipsed by one other President, but I think it’s a toss up. And he’s a fellow engineer.Trump is pretty despicable as a person, at the very least he needs to learn to tame his tongue/twitter. But against all I expected, he is doing a decent job of running the country, upholding the constitution, nominating judges who will do likewise.The Presidency has a certain set of requirements, first and foremost is to uphold the constitution. Nowhere does it say that the President should be someone I can respect, or have a beer with, or anything like that. Those are great pluses, the icing on the cake, but without the upholding the constitution a nice guy is still failing at his job.