What Relation Does He Have To Me

Does he seem like he wants a relationship with me?

I’ve been talking to this guy in my government class for about a month now. We share the same major and talk to eachother everyday whether in person or on the phone. Some nights we will FaceTime and just talk for hours. He flirts all the time with me such as teasing or compliments. Last night he FaceTimed me and his best friend was there playing a game in the back ground and he mentioned that he has told his mom about me quite a bit and that he told his dad about me and that his dad said “he was an idiot for not dating me.” Sometimes this guy has mentioned his ex (she’s in my sorority and I know her pretty well- found out after I started talking to him that they broke up two years ago) He is always the first to text me and ask how my day is going and we have gotten food a few times after class before. I just have a past of never leaving the talking stage with a guy and then it never goes into a relationship (given this was in high school). I of course don’t want to rush anything and I’m enjoying college and getting to know him more. I was just surprised he had told his parents about me on separate occasions (they are divorced) and he confidently told me about it. I just don’t know how to move things to a next level past the “talking stage”

Both of us want to be in a relationship, but he doesn't want to be in a long distance relationship. But he still wants to talk to me. What should I do?

What ‘relationship’ do you want? Either you have a ‘friendship’ with the expectation of nothing more, which is relatively unaffected by distance or in fact time, or you WANT something more. Many long distance relationships work, precisely on the CLEAR promise of a growing and developing relationship which one day will NOT be long distance. Not to put a finer point on it this often involves ‘dirty’ phone calls or explicit skyping. Ringing up every so often saying: “Hi dear, how was your day?” Does not really hold much ‘promise’ of anything. It sounds like for him at least, ANY relationship will do which is pretty luke warm. If he wants ‘friendship’ with benefits he should be clear and you need to be HAPPY to go along, until something better comes along. Otherwise, why waste your time which is exactly what you will be doing. There is no fertilizer like the farmer’s footprints. No footprints, no claiming the field. That’s just life. Good luck and sorry relationships are such a crapshoot.

What should I do about this weight gain/relationship? Why does he want me to be big?

He might have a fetish for bigger woman, or for watching woman eat. If this doesn’t make you happy then you should go on a diet or go back to how you were eating before. If he doesn’t like you not finishing your food, maybe take it to go and “eat it later”