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What Role Did The Jesuits Play In The Reformation Of The Roman Empire 16th Century

The Reformation?

Explan in detail the religious changes brought to England during the English Reformation. and why did the monarchs change the church throughout the 16th century?
2.what roles did St. Thomas more play in the whole ordeal?
3.what is the structure of the modetn English church?
Explain in detail the Catholic reformation, paying particular attention to the role played by St.Ignatius Loyola.
4.How successful was the Catholic Reformation in bringing people back to the Church?

Is there a difference between a Catholic and a Roman Catholic?

Episcopal and Anglican are Catholic and do not recognize any pope, nor do they recognise magic such as pristly forgiveness of sin and literal body and blood in communion. They consider themselves older than RC because they have never been ruled by simultaneous or conflicting heirarchies or Popes.

How did the Catholic Church respond to the Protestant Reformation?

Well, initially, they said "This is awful. Can we just let these heretics teach what they want? No. Can we just let people leave the Catholic Church if that's what they want to do? No!" So it (the Church) took a variety of steps to force people out of Protestantism, which partly included laws against practicing it.Essentially though, the goal of the Catholic response was to install Catholic rulers in every important position who would ensure that Protestantism is illegal and that people who attempt to spread Protestant teaching are expelled or killed or silenced. Something along those lines.After much fighting though, Catholic and Protestant rulers worked out the Peace of Westphalia, which ensured that Lutheranism and Calvinism would be recognized as legitimate expressions of Christianity and that local rulers could determine the religion of their realm. It also laid the groundwork for the modern nation-state, we now all basically live in nation-states that relate with each other under an expectation of Westphalian sovereignty. Zelo Domus Dei was the name of the papal bull that condemned Westphalia and forbade Catholic rulers from recognizing it- that particular pope really wanted to keep fighting until the coercive power of the Church was once again absolute. But the bull was ignored by everyone and treated as if it didn't exist. That was a good day.