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What Should A Person Victim Of Gross Jealousy Do

Who is the victim of jealousy and envy?

It all depends on the actions or inactions of the jealous person.
If I'm the jealous one, and I do nothing but sit and be mad, then I hurt myself and the relationship. If I stalk and yell, then I hurt the other party and cheapen myself.

Why am I always a victim of jealousy?

Dear Savannah, Jealousy will be in your midst until the day you die. It is even Biblical that Cain killed his brother Abel over jealousy regarding a sacrifice to God. Sibling jealousy is probably the most prevalent reason that so many people end up on a psychiatrists doorstep.

It sounds like you are a high achiever and very goal oriented. Keep hold of that and never lower your flag for the sake of minimizing another person's jealousy. People often envy tasks that they cannot accomplish but which come to you as easy as reciting your abc's! What you have just described about people wanting to put you down and thinking they can do it better is the bane of people who can actually carry out tasks and goals rather than those who only talk about them. You will always be the 'better' person if you remain humble and secure in your ability. Action speaks louder than words. Time will reveal the wannabes from the real deal.

This is something I want you to let soak into the core of your being - jealousy is actually a form of flattery the same way that when people mimic an actor or actress - these thespians always say it is flattering the portrayal that someone attempts to look or sound like them.

If nobody was ever jealous of you just imagine the look of pity that would be in their eyes! Personally, I would rather have someone jealous of me than pity me! Everyone wants to be top dog and many people will take whacks at you for 'doing an excellent job'! In the adult world of commerce, health, science,..the one's getting it done and with minimal effort will always be targeted by those who have to work 4x as hard to do the same thing.

You know the old saying, "What does not kill us makes us stronger!" Do not let jealousy crush you! Stick to your dreams and goals because the world needs young talent to step in and conquer problems far more germane to your future than worrying about jealousy and enemy lists. Good luck, Savannah with your goals and dreams. Please give us someone to be jealous of okay? I mean that lovingly and not as a joke to your concerns. Savannah, make us proud - just keep on keeping on.....

How to stop being a jealous person?

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How would you describe a jealous person?

jealousy occurs because the person wants something someone else has (aka greediness/selfishness) they do everything to bring the "victim" down such as downplaying their situation or changing the subject when it's about that or just being a complete ***** about it.

the person feels as though they deserve the situation and they will either block out the person or just make them miserable by taking what they have.

jealousy occurs in everyone, but especially those who are very competitive. it's one of the 7 deadly sins and very hard to control. it takes a lot of practice to actually get over a jealous feeling..