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What Should Guys Post On Instagram

How often should I post on Instagram?

Blake -

Keep doing what you're doing. Don't give in to pressure to post more. As you've said, too many people abuse Instagram by posting nonsense way too often.

The less you post, the more quality you will have. Ever hear the expression "Less is more"? This applies to Instagram. Post less because you're interested in quality, not quantity.

Another thing to think about is that your pictures can be sold by Instagram to advertisers, so be careful what you post. See the article I reference.

What should I do for tbh on instagram?

There is this girl I kinda like. She posted a tbh and I liked it. She said I'm One of her best guy friends and I'm mad chill and hilarious and she missed hanging out with me. What should I do for her. Shes 1 year younger then me.

Should I do something like this
Tbh your are one of my bestfriends you are funny and I miss hanging out with you

If u guys have any suggestions please say them. Thanks

Should a guy post a photo with a girl on Instagram?

This is a challenging question and runs to the depth of human expression and morality.Should it be a guy?Should a woman post a photo with a girl on Instagram as well?Or would the woman post the girl on Instagram without pointing out she is on Instagram.How would a man know if the girl is on Instagram or Facebook?Has he been peeking over her shoulder to see what she is on.This may require doing creepy stuff that the woman who wants to photograph the girl on Instagram may get away with easier.Why does it matter if she is on Instagram?I am on Instagram and nobody wants to photograph me.Even when I am not on Instagram and am instead on Facebook or Amazon nobody wants to photograph me.The woman most likely doesn’t care if the girl is on Instagram or Facebook either.Wait… what if she is on her email instead?This is getting too complex for my small brain.The answer is NO.No, a guy shoud not post a photo of a girl on Instagram.He should aks her to put her phone away and then take a photograph of her on a chair.Yeah… a chair is way better.

Why does this guy follow me on instagram but never likes my posts?

I recently made an instagram account a few days ago, and the guy I like followed me. All of his social media is very private, and I never talked to him but I sent him a FB request and he added me within an hour. We talked a few times through messaging, but he never likes my Facebook posts or my instagram posts?

What does this mean? And why would someone so private add someone they barely know?

Do girls like it when guys like their instagram photos?

Okay so I like this girl and she came up to me at school and we are talking and she says, "like all my instagram photos." I don't remember what I said but I said something like "I only like it if I like it."

I'm pretty sure she liked me a lot but I haven't liked any of her photos in a while and I feel like she has gone "cold".

So girls do you want guys to like your ig photos?
if they dont do you think they don't like you?

I have liked some of her ig photos but just stopped.
should I like some?

Girlfriend "likes" every instagram post from this guy?

They could be close friends, however do not comment to her about it unless you know for sure there is something more to her and this guy. The reason why I would say to not comment to her about it is because one, it shows that you are acusing her of something that may not be true, and two, it slightly insults your partner because your basically saying you do not trust them. I would shake this one off, however if anything else comes up, think about weather it is actually important to be worrying about. Hope this helped!

My girlfriend "likes" other guys' photos on facebook and instagram? I have my thoughts, what are yours?

Trust her. Social networks like facebook and twitter ruin relationships because of drama and things like this. As long as she isn't commenting on it and saying, "Oh sexy, you look good, this or hot, etc" then you shouldn't be worrying. Regardless of being in a relationship, everyone looks! I've been with my boyfriend over a year and I still look at other guys in public and things like that. I'm sure he does the same with other girls. We're not going out to cheat on each other or openly say someone looks good in front of each other. Don't be so jealous.