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What Should I Do About This Citibank Has Screwed Me

What do you think about Citibank?

Broaden your question. For retail, wholesale bank or as an investment?

Check their fees carefully. You are covered by FDIC insurance so there is no risk to your deposits. Due to their recent credit troubles they are paying up for CD's and some savings accounts.

One of the oldest banks in the nation. They will be around.

I got screwed over what should i do?

this girl i been friends with for 3 years likes me and i liked her. she had a boyfriend but still flirt with me all the time. on the phone we would get serious conversations like me saying "i want to be with you" or her saying "i don't know why but i like you and you make me happy" i messed up one day and said "im loosing feelings for you" i lied though. she went off on me i apologized and we got it all straight. well she goes swimming and meets a guy and she told me he asked her out on a date somewhere i was kind of worried. after the date she told me he was very annoying and weird and she didn't want to do another thing i was happy because i waited 5 months for her and her boyfriend to break up so i can make my move. well a few days later they start dating so i get mad and quit talking to her. after 2 days of ignoring her she calls me every day after that asking me to please talk to her (voicemail). after 9 days i call back and we have a small talk. i ask her why she did what she did and she said she doesn't know she was stupid to and that she wants to have a face to face talk about this.
anyways she screwed me over what should i do
i'm also not sure if i can ever look at her the same but i know she did me wrong but after the hell she put me through i still can say i want her.
should i just talk it out with her?

Citibank India for NRI's is one of the worst bank. Staff is very inefficient and they don't know how to resolve a simple issue. All they do is just confirm your identity and after confirming that on the phone they just tell you that they have raised this matter but no reply after that. Citi bank Means a Big Problem without any Solution.I had an NRE Account which was closed by them because due to inefficiency and poor problem solving skills they shut their Branch in Jalandhar, Punjab and they never ever informed me about that. When I came to know then they asked for Identity Documents through Mail( not Email) to open a new account in Chandigarh on my name. Bearing all that cost for international postage I sent all the documents and it took them more than a month to open the account. New account was opened but they never transferred money from closed account to new account (Its my hard earned money in in seven digits) When I asked the reason then only they said that they require my written authority and that also to be sent through international Post from Australia(Where I live) Again I beared all that cost and no body informed me that what is the progress and when I called the customer Care then they confirmed that They have received the letter, but when I asked then when the balance will show up on my account then they said that I have to wait.Its been more than 6 months for all this and I am not getting any response. When I asked them to just send me Bank Draft for my Money in Aus $ then customer Care Rep says that its not in their authority and When I asked that transfer my call to the person who is authorised then they say they can't. Worried about my money.Thinking of to take them to the court.

Do you remember or have you ever seen this logo?People laughed at us when they mentioned this slogan but they didn’t know it is true for us if we want to be successful at the bank!To me, Citi is a battle where we have to try our best efforts everyday to be able to keep up with the bank’s progress.We are surrounded by talented people who are eager to learn and succeed. You must be like them to be in the team.The products, platforms and processes are advanced and updated continously so we are the pioneer most of the time (first to learn, first to introduce to the market and first to get hurt from the market’s rejection but not always the first to receive the compliments from the market when they accept the change…)Our clients are complicated and set high expectation for us. We are required to be recognized as a “Trusted Advisor” by the clients in order to be highly recognized by the manager.It is a tough place but once you can adapt and develop yourself with it, you don’t want to leave because you will be afraid that you can’t find such challenging and interesting environmemt again!I am proud of being a Citi banker… even if one day I choose to leave the bank!

What are you worried about? I didn't get u have millions in bank balance every day, then may be checking the balance will give you a kick...but if you have earned it ..I don't think you would b a person who likes to keep checking balance...So relax about it, the money given to a bank is your money in the savings account, except for any charges or money that you have transferred...the numbers in your account wont be reduced...also if u don't trust the bank in the first place why put your money with them, No one really checks their balance every day...unless u really want to know your balance...there is no need to keep a track of the same also....whenever u want you can anyways get a summary of all transaction for past may months or whats the need to check daily anyways? Also if any withdrawal happens you are notified nowadays on your phone by your banker...If there is anything specific that's scaring you, pls mention that...or else if u are generally a bit paranoid about such things, am sure you would keep checking your balance everyday anyways.

What should I do I screwed up big time?

ahh, tough call. you sound really sweet but what you did was wrong. If the two dont know each other and theres no way she could find out, id keep it to myself. If you really love this girl , its just not worth the risk of telling her, but you never should have done that ! still, i wouldnt tell her, it would only hurt her and no girl ( in the right mind) would stay with someone who cheated on them. You could try an excuse like " one of the guys i was with was putting date rape in the drinks, i didnt find that out until after ( the next morning) and i drank a few of the drugged drinks "i thought it was you" or " i have no idea what happened that night" good luck, i hope you can work this out , if you truly love this woman. fingers crossed it all works out for the best.

A2A I did that and they did not want to close the account. For six years, I did not use the card. Finally they wrote and told me that since I did not use the card, they were closing the account. Remember you could lose a high credit score if you ask to have it closed. Also, your credit score can be higher when you don’t use it. Creditors will look at it like you have credit and you use judgement to not use it which shows self control.

Don’t give up and just JEE marks cannot screw up the life , you can just call JEE as an elimination exam instead of entrance because just some thounsand students from 13–14 lakh get into IIT others get moderate colleges that dosen’t means life is over , and only by getting into IIT also won’t give you success you can be successful if you are determined towards one goal , and if you are sure you have guts to achieve it then college will never matter, and if you are worrying about “log kya kahenge “ then just keep that log aside and just conquer yourself and be happy with yourself , think of yourself, exams like state entrances , BITSAT , VITeee are still their for you . You should just Do best in whichever college you get into .You will get into CS , don’t worry . Be happy , don’t get stressed .You are just too young to screw up your life , the worse is yet to come, so just learn to fight and just never give up.

Citibank check....Can I still use it?

Should still be good, check if there is a experation date on the check itself. I do advice not to use bank checks from crdit cards, the interest is very high for those uses, sometimes we get no interest or low interest checks in the mail but we todd them out. We save for things we want and if we're not willing to pay cash for it we won't use credit on it, we'll do without something even if we can afford it because credit is dangerous to some folks, like me 20 years ago, I learned. Save up, save save save, I tell everyone!

If you were given personal bank checks or personal blank checks by Citibank when you open your bank account then your account number is printed on those checks.Your bank account number is the second group of numbers shown in the above sample while the first group of numbers is the bank's routing number.You can also look at the bank statements that you have received through the mail by Citibank and your bank account number will be printed on the upper part of that statement.