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What Should I Do Advise Help Me

What should I do?!? Please help me and give me legal advice!?

Sounds like the doctor took too much shaft skin when you were circumcised. There is hope for reparations! You are a minor. You can sue the doctor and hospital when you reach the age of majority (18), but you must do it before the statute of limitations runs out (depends on which state you live in, could be 1 or more years).

You need to see a lawyer. David J. Llewellyn in Atlanta is a lawyer who has supposedly helped others with lawsuits for botched circumcisions. His name was taken from a restoring website. Contact him now, don't wait.

You can also possibly correct the condition by restoring your foreskin. By expanding your skin between the scrotal tissue and the glans, your scrotal tissue will retract and the "turkey neck" will be reduced or even disappear. Foreskin restoration involves tugging your skin to induce mitosis, which causes new skin to grow. I suggest that you initially only do manual tugging so that you target only your good shaft skin.

I need some career advice, can anybody help me?

I'm a graduate(mech) 2016 passed out with 70% and searched for job till 2017 I couldn't find a job so I got an offer letter in GIS field currently getting trained in it and my friend advised me to join him in sales marketing job where he's doing. And my financial problems are there so I need to support my family. So what to do is it okay with GIS or should I go with my friends suggestion ?

Boys/girls i need some advise pleaseee help me outttt

any advise- my boyfriend just told me people make fun of me because im flat? and he told me im not flat i just wear tight shirts. should i be mad he said that to me? i am definitlly wearing looser shirts? has anyone ever been ion that pasishion??? what should i do???

Please help me dog breeders!? I need advice ASAP!?

Just feed her a high quality food, as much as she wants. Do get good vet care for her. Because she is young and small, be sure to have her x-rayed in about 7-8 weeks to make sure she can pass these puppies.

If you would rather wait, a quick trip to the vet can abort this litter with a hormone shot. Chances are, she will do fine. It's not the best choice to breed first heat cycle, but she will probably be just fine. Do take her to the vet for prenatal care though if you choose to have this litter.

Good Luck.

"Please advise me" or "Please advice me" - Which one is correct?

v. counsel, offer guidance; notify, inform

n. counsel, guidance; information; official notification

"Pls advise (v) me" is correct one.

"I need your advice(n)" is correct.

Is there any urologist who can give me advise con PEYRONIE desease? I need advice?

This should actually be in the MEN'S health section. I don't think you are going to get any free advice froma Urologist here, so I will give you the info I could find:

"Signs and Symptoms of Peyronie's Disease

The onset of signs of the Peyronie's disease can be sudden or slow and can vary in severity. Curvature of the penis is often associated with accompanying pain as the penis becomes increasingly distorted. A bend in the penis, usually at the top of the shaft causes an upward bend. Curvatures can also appear at the bottom of the penis shaft causing a downward bend. Most angulations are up or down.
In rare cases hardening of tissue can occur on the top and the bottom and if this happens the penis may shorten. The hardening of the tissue is in an area called the tunica albuinea, the sheath surrounding the erectile tissue. Unfortunately in some men this condition can cause impotence or an incomplete erection.

Causes of Peyronie's Disease

The cause of Peyronie's disease is unknown but there are a number of factors that are important.

Injury. Peyronie's disease can develop following trauma or injury to the penis. Injury may happen during very vigorous sexual intercourse, forceful bending of the penis can cause tissue tearing and scarring. The injury may be as a result of a medical procedure, e.g. catheterization in which a tube (the catheter) is passed into the bladder to pass urine, or cystoscopy, when the surgeon looks into the bladder following a prostatectomy (removal of the prostate gland).
Inherited abnormality. It is thought that there is a genetic component to this condition. Peyronie's disease is more common in men with family members who also have the condition or who have a disease called systemic lupus erythematosus (a connective tissue disorder).Thirty per cent of men with Peyronie's disease also develop a condition called Dupuytren's contracture where hardened tissue develops in the hands.
Vitamin E deficiency has been associated with the Peyronie's disease.
Peyronie's disease is a rare side effect of an antihypertensive drug called Inderal (propanolol)
Diabetes where damage to the blood vessels occurs.
Infection. Inflammation in cases of severe vasculitis further suggests a vascular (blood vessels) cause for Peyronie's disease.

Hope this helps! GL