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What Should I Do After My Break Up With My Girlfriend

Should I break up with my girlfriend?

Me and my girlfriend met when she was 19 and I was 21. We have been togeather for a little over 3 years and now. She is a very nice girl and I really care for her but now I am having doubts about whether she is the right girl for me.

The things that bugs me is she usually is extremely bossy and always has to have things her way. She is very childish in a lot of ways, and it has been irritating me for a while. I'm usually a pretty serious guy, and am very level headed, and she is pretty much the exact opposite.

In addition, anytime I want to do anything without her, (see my friends, play golf, pretty much anything), she gets extremely angry with me. I've even tried to include her when visiting my friends, but she says she doesn't like them, and always says she's bored, and refuses to come with me. The few times she has come she acts childish and pouty and we leave after only a short time...

What she doesn't realize is that I'm usually bored too when she drags me shopping, but I try to make the best of it. I make an effort when we are with her friends, and they all like me, but she is not doing the same. My Mom doesn't care for her all that much either, and she frequently tells me to get a new GF...and I think it's partially because the lack of effort.

I've talked with her about it in the past, and she always says she'll try to stop being so controlling, but more and more it just seems to be bred into her DNA.

I will be graduating college in a couple months and am looking to purchase my first home, and she has been hinting at marriage a lot lately and it is making me uncomforatble and leaving me wondering whether I let things go on a little too long.

She is my first girlfriend, so I don't really have any prior relationship experience, and am unsure of what I should do. I just feel like she holds me back a lot of the time and am finding myself wondering if I should start over.

My girlfriend wants to break up with me. What should I do to make her stay?

Hi ,Is there a reason why she wants to break up with you?Let me tell you the reality ok? Let me start of by saying ‘’If you love something , then set it free, if it comes back to you then its mean to be!’ . This might not work in every situation.If there were reasons given to why she wants to break up with you , do you think they are valid?Since i dont know the reason , i am giving you general suggestionsIf you think that she is the girl for you , then fight for her . Give it everything you have got.If you think , the reason she gave you is not valid and she is just making excuses, it obviously means she does not want to be with you . (And trust me , there is nothing you can do . YOU CAN NEVER EVER FORCE a person to stay in your life.)If it is something because of a fight that you guys had , please talk it out to her . and If its your fault , please apologize. Sometimes all a girl wants is a simple apology .Let me tell you something about love, there is NO PARTICULAR way to make a person STAY in your life if they are adamant to leave.Let me tell you my personal experience with my EX, I really loved him , he didn't want me , Didn't want to stay . I forced him , begged and pleaded. Sometimes he would get back to me only because of SYMPATHY . Because I cried so much.And this went for 1 year and 9 months. And then after a while he broke up with me . At one point , I realized , there was literally NOTHING more i could have done to make him stay if wanted to leave.I went through the pain . One year of depression , then moved on. After all of this I have realized , that it was useless of me to have gone through that much of pain because he was NOT WILLING to stay.So here is my advice to you, if you think all that pain is worth it , if you think you have slightest chance to get back , then try . Try talking to her. Sometimes a girl might want to leave because she is insecure . So please ask her if you have ever made her feel that way?. If you did , give her that confidence. (Now you might argue saying that she has to trust you and should feel secure. But trust takes a while to build . Its not easy).PLEASE PLEASE dont force her to stay .. If you mean ANYTHING at all to her , she WILL stay no matter what.I hope this helps . (This answer is general based on few assumptions as you had not given the reason on why she wanted to leave you.)

Should I break up with my girlfriend after she farted?

i have been dating this really hot girl for about 2 months and we have had a great relationship. i honestly think she is the best looking girl i have ever seen, she even used to be a model, any way the other day we were talking and out of nowhere she lets loose a massive fart! i was shocked, she laughed to play it off, but i just found it disgusting! since then i have kept my distance from her and i am undecieded weather or not to break up with her. i don't think i will ever look at her the same way after that "incident". please help, what should i do?

My girlfriend cut herself, because I was about to break up with her? PLEASE HELP ME?

Look at her wrists in real life, no pictures. If they're cut, tell her parents, or ask your parents to tell her parents. Break off all contact with her. DO NOT let this disturbed girl drag you into her drama. As others have said, you aren't responsible for what she does and after telling her parents you've done everything a responsible teenager should be expected to do. You aren't equipped to provide the professional help this girl may require and you aren't equipped to deal with the drama.

About breaking up in general... you don't break up because you hear some crap. You first talk to the other person and determine if the crap is real. Then you make your decision. There are a lot of nasty jealous people who will try to ruin friendships by telling lies. Don't fall for it without proof. And I mean demanding proof that it's true from the person telling it, not demanding the friend to prove it isn't.

My girlfriend is stealing from me. Should I break up with her?

I saw her taking money out of my wallet, and when i confronted her about it, she got mad and threatened to break up with me! I love her, but I don't like how she's being dishonest with me!

Will my girlfriend miss me after break up?

quit smothering her. the best thing you can do is give her some space to breathe and clear her head. she can't do that if you are constantly blowing her phone up and it is just going to make her more angry and less likely to want to fix things. 4 or 5 years is a long time. sometimes people just need to take a breath every once in a while. but stressing yourself out is only gonna make things worse on you and on her. so as hard as it is just let her have her space. don't call or text her and tell her that's what your doing, just do it. right now. not another word. you'll just keep digging yourself a bigger hole. take about a week to yourself and just get your **** together. focus on yourself. workout, go catch up with some friends and just keep yourself busy and make yourself busy. keep yourself surrounded with friends and family and don't talk about her. enjoy your time with them. u can answer if she calls but don't call her. make her call you. and don't answer every single call. make her sweat a little bit but be careful not to take it too far. trust me if you just grit your teeth and do that she will come your way. she'll notice and begin wondering why your not calling or freaking out anymore. but if you keep blowing her up your just digging your own grave. if u just suck it up and do what i am saying you will be fine. be strong!

How do I overcome my breakup with my girlfriend?

My suggestion would be to convince yourself that she is not coming back(no matter if you want her back or not). Once you do that , indulge in things you love whether it be computer games or sports. Don't worry about productivity for a few days. Change your environment. Shift into a different room . It will take up your energy and it works wonder on keeping oneself occupied. Try running/jogging to take out frustration.I started working out when this happened to me and I weighed only 50kgs(under weight by 11 kg). But it was very important and I felt great everytime I worked out. All the anger used to come out on working out more due to which I know have a nice body.Don't contact your ex at all. Block her if u have to.There is a reason she is now called ex. Don't let her know about you and don't try to find out about her . I spent days looking at my ex's fb page through my brother's account . It only hurts.And Ofcourse I know nothing feels the same and the void hardly gets filled but keep smiling anyways. Smiling fools the brain into thinking you are happy. It's been 5 months now and I still love my gf(now ex but I don't like to call her that), she hurt me worse than what happened with you(no there is no competition) during probably the most important period of my life but now I smile . Like always !! Feels good this way .

What should I do after breaking up with my girlfriend of 2 years, keep going or fight through it?

There is much more behind the scenes between you two, that could change how I answer. But i do have initial thoughts. She is young and being in college changes things. She will be far more stressed, and LA itself is very stressful with traffic, high rent, the people, etc.I have lived in both San Diego and LA. And i have had various long distances from from areas, so I know your situation very closely.And likely she still might love you, but knows that in the long run, it is best for both of you to end things now. Learn to appreciate relationships for the time they existed.Honestly I would look take some time off from dating for a while. Use it to introspect. Maybe take up a new hobby, meet some new friends, get more into some things you are passionate about, focus on your business.And honestly, i would stick to women in San Diego. There are amazing women out that way. Much better vibe, they are usually funnier, nicer, and more committed in general.Now as far as should you keep fighting? You come of as stubborn and arrogant honestly and likely you only want validation. So likely you will keep "fighting for her" only because it is hurting your self-esteem to be broken up with.I would definitely not play mind games with her like you are proposing in your strategy. If you love her, then just love her and respect her intelligence. If the feeling is mutual then you two will figure things out. One thing i have learned is that love is not about strategy. Getting laid might be. But love is sacred and it should be pursued sincerely.If you message me privately i can share more.