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What Should I Do Concerning My Friend

My friend lied to me what should i do?

my best friend blamed me on something i didn't do and she knew she lied about bt i dont want to tell her that i am still alil upset about it but i dont want any drama right now. i have an idea for letting this slide and next time she lies i call her out and then i have backup from the last time is that a good idea .........yesss or no tell me help me!!!!!!!

What should I do about my girlfriend cheating on me with a good friend of mine?

It depends...- If you enjoyed the thought of them together (I don't judge, I merely accept this happens for some folk): There are specialist websites that can help you make the situation far more intense... Google "cuckolding".- If you value your dignity and self esteem: Time to find a new friend and girlfriend. Woohoo! A chance to meet new people and further develop your character.- If you are like an old friend of mine (this was his plan if he ever found his wife cheating on him), have a mean streak and want to keep the girlfriend for some unknown reason: Beat the guy up and demand a $10 bill for shagging your girlfriend. Do this in front of the girl and have the $10 bill professionally mounted and framed. (No tacky explanation just the currency in a professional frame)Hang the framed money in a prominent position and never say another word about it.As long as she stays with you, it will be a reminder that $10 is all her "services" are worth.

What should I do if my friend is spreading rumors about me?

This is what I would do.Call your so called friend and tell that person nicely, " You really need to STOP spreading lies about me." This is not fair to me and it wouldn't be fair to you if someone did that to you right?"(Now the so called friend KNOWS you now know.)The rumors should stop because you confronted the person "fairly" not yelling.Be prepared because the person may deny they said anything. Then say…"regardless I want the lies to stop."Then say…. "Well I need to get going." Hang up… DO NOT get into a fight. It will just prolong the conversation when you want them to stop.Hope I helped you!

I caught my friend crossdressing what should i do?

i have a friend that is my room mate and when i went into my apartment he was in the bathroom putting on make up he was in a wig and everything he even had false boobs he had a pink sweatshirt on and had a skirt and pantyhose and heels it was really feaky i don't think he is gay i know that he has never had a girlfriend i am just really confused

My friends talk bad about everyone. What should I do?

Sir, great question; but it is time for you to separate from those you call friends. Arrogance spawns gossip, and gossip is one of the most destructive and cruel forces ever. Gossip alone is responsible for destroying organizations, and anything it touches turns to shambles. At best, the victims of gossip are uncomfortable. But essentially, they are mentally tortured. As someone in charge of hundreds of people, I ensured that gossipers were eliminated from my organization.Without knowing the details as they relate to your association with whom you call friends, I am not able to explicitly tell you how to effectively separate from them. In general, gradually break off your relationship with them (i.e. Do not drop them cold turkey.). Find reasons for not hanging out with them to the point you naturally drift away.I truly wish I could help you more, for I thoroughly understand your frustration. If you were to edit your question or write a comment for me with greater detail, I might be able to give you a better answer and/or technique to help you detached from them.

I have a crush on my friend's best friend. What should I do?

Enjoy it!Having a crush is a beautiful feeling, enjoy the phase and don't overthink about it. There is no harm in it. In fact, having a hopeless crush on someone is the most freeing and exciting feeling in world, as long as it is harmless. Do not overthink and give yourself a hard time by analysing a simple and natural feeling of a healthy heart and mind.If you expect something in return, then a problem might arise. So just come clean to your friend and tell him/her about how you feel. Be honest, a “friend” will understand.Who knows, something beautiful might be in store in the future!

My friend is talking about killing her parents?

it doesn't matter if she is serious or not---if she is serious-calling the parents and police will make sure she doesn't hurt someone--if she is trying to get attention---then guess what--get her that attention. she shouldn't be joking about things like that and if she is saying it to get attention then her is the mental help she needs. don't worry if she hates you forever--you would be doing the right thing.