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What Should I Do If My Mom Won

Why won’t my mom see what I do?

So basically I have three brothers three dogs and a big house to take care of. I clean, cook, do laundry, dishes, mow and weed eat, exc but my mom complains about how I’m not doing enough that I work only when told to. But it’s not true I do all of it of my own will! She says when I ask for help on a job I’m just trying to dump the work on everyone else, I know it’s not true but I can’t say anything because if i do she’ll get a belt or wooden spoon and beat me. I don’t know… should I just do more chores?

My mom WON'T buy me pads.?

I tryed asking for pads AGAIN the other day and she just said "Just use mine." and she keeps on saying that. I'm getting soo annoyed! Also she has no more pads! so what am i supposed to do? (i'm on my third period) How can i get her to buy them for me? I also HATE pads i want to try tampons but the first time i got my period she said "we'll talk about tampons later" and she never talked about it. This is annoying me sooo much!

My mom won't feed me?

please read yes i'm serious. I am 13 years old my step dad used to physically abuse me but he passed away a couple months ago. Anyway so all I have now is my mum and I HAVEN'T EATEN IN 4 DAYS I'm starving and I feel light headed. I'm not that skinny my body looks healthy but it doesn't feel healthy. We have no food in the house. My mom went out to eat but she didnt take me. I don't have money to buy food myself. Today I had to get picked up from school at first period because I was in excruciating pain. No joke. My stomach hurt so much that I started crying and my heart hurt when I'd breath in. my mom took me and sent me home and then went somewhere. I couldn't walk home I couldn't stand up straight for gods sake I was driven home by a neighbor who happened to be nearby. I wanted to call a hospital but I was afraid of shots.. I know. silly. But I sort of sucked it up. The pain cleared up a bit but it still hurts a little. my mom still sending me to school tomorrow and I'm worried I'm gonna have the same tummy ache. I tried to sleep to distract myself from the hunger but I woke up even hungrier. I am starving I'd literally eat anything right now. I know its abuse but I don't wanna tell anyone cuz I don't wanna be taken away from my mum :'( I tried killing myself a few times in the past and I thought about it today. Please tell me how to convince my mom to feed me. please.

What do I do if my mom won't take me to a doctor?

How old are you. Please tell everyone you can, if you feel you need medical attention then get someone to take you. If you are old enough then go yourself to any medical clinic, explain to them your situation and they will help you. Ask them to stay confidential as it is illigal for your mother to deny your medical needs and concerns and you could be placed in a foster care situation temporaraly due to the neglect of your medical needs…. Honestly however, you dont know what youve got till its gone and a placement in foster care would be only temporary, Maybe it would be exactly what she needs to make her think twice… . Unless you feel that your mother just plain out doesn’t care in which case you can ask at the doctor that the authorities be notified and that you are not safe to return home at which point they can place you somewhere safe and more permanent…. Heck…. I would personally give you a safe home. But if your mom is a good mom that loves you and just for whatever reason doesn’t like doctors then you may go on your own and keep it confidential or if you can’t have a time to get there alone ask friends parents or in alberta canada call 211. Or and I will personally research the options for the area you live in and your specific situation

What should I do if I missed the bus and my mom won't take me in?

I had this problem with my first grade daughter. She kept missing the bus for no good reason. I told her if she missed again and I had to drive her she had to pay me $1 up front to cover the cost of my gas. She had very little money and she hoarded it like Scrooge. She is good for a few days and gets on the bus but of course one day she says “Dad I missed the bus and you have to drive me”. I said she would have to pay me that dollar up front before I would take her. She loved school and was highly motivated to go but was outraged that I would charge her $1.She reluctantly paid but she said I would be in “big trouble when Mom got home!”. At the end of the day she gets off the bus and she is still steaming mad at me for this great injustice. Now remember she is only about 6 years old but she is an only child and in her little mind she thinks she is the boss and equal to any adult because we typically reasoned with her instead of falling back on the old “because I said so”.She demands her dollar back. I say no. That dollar is gone but I tell her she can earn a dollar back if she does something nice for her Mom like emptying the dishwasher. “Fine”. She storms off and empties the dishwasher and comes to me for payment. I reach into my wallet to hand her a buck and she says, “No Dad, I want the same dollar I gave you!”. I went back into my wallet and pretended I knew which dollar it was and I gave it to her.She never missed the bus again and last weekend that strong willed bossy little girl graduated from the University of Michigan with honors.

My mom won't let me drive?

I'm 18 and she's never mentioned anything about me driving. She said she wants me to drive when I'm 25 because I would be mature by then. She's never mentioned anything about me taking the bus, train or public transportation if I want to go somewhere. What the **** does she expect me to do? Have her drive me around and depend on her for the rest of her life?

My mom won't let me take a shower?

So I haven't showered since some time last week, and I asked my mom if I could shower at like 11 earlier and she yelled at me calling me a waste of life and etc etc. I understand she's probably stressed with money and bills since she's a single mother with two kids, but I really feel disgusting right now. My hair is all oily and I'm itchy and I smell like sweat from PE. I've gone to school like this last week and this week, and not only can I not concentrate but I probably am completely repulsive. I'm a girl, too.
I understand that it's probably really late for her, because she has to go to work at like 8-9 am, but we aren't desperately tight on money, and I usually take 5-10 minute showers.
I was planning to get up really early in the morning and take one, but I'm afraid to get yelled at. idont really have much time, because I have a ton of after school activities and then I have to walk home which takes around and hour, and by then it's 8-9 pm and I need to do homework.

I feel like I'm complaining too much, but I really don't want to go to school for another day like this. I can't even sleep right now because of the grossness and sweaty smell, and I'm considering lying on the floor for the rest of the night lol

What should I do?