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What Should I Get My Horse For Christmas

What do you do for your horses for christmas? :)?

I think my horses miss grazing-- in the wintertime, with all the snow, they don't get to put their heads down and snack. So on Christmas I scatter small bits of carrot, apple and horse treats around their paddock and let them "graze." I also scatter pieces of treats under their hay, like a special surprise underneath!

I've always wanted to give my guys a hot mash-- but every year I forget amidst all the holiday chaos. Hopefully your question will help remind me! Even when I forget the hot mash, I do cheat and give them extra grain :)

I'm also careful to check and see that their regular stuff is taken care of-- sometimes treats matter less than plain old good care. I use salt and sand to make icy places less slippery, check to see that their water tank isn't nasty, see that their blankets aren't rubbing them, make sure I've got unbreakable covers over the lightbulbs in their stall-- you know, stuff to keep them safe and happy. Christmas is a reminder to take care of the people and animals we love.

Horses may not know its Christmas, but I'm sure they're happy to get an interesting and delicious break from the normal routine! Besides, it makes ME feel good-- and that's one of the best parts of owning a horse!

I want to make a christmas cake for my horse?

one tablespoon honey
2 mashed bananas
1 handfull rolled oats
2 grated apples
8oz self raising flour
8oz grated carrot
raisins, sultanas and figs
2 eggs
one teaspoon baking powder
decorate with natural yoghurt and chopped apple

bake for 1 to 1.4 hours

enjoy ( it tastes good to humans and horses)

Christmas Parade on my horse?

You could get some red leg wrappings and put them on so that some of the white still shows. Will he tolerate bells on his bridle? You could decorate the edges of a saddle blanket with glittery tinsel and tie a big red bow on the saddle horn! Have fun!!

Horse-y christmas song?

It doesn't have to be about horses, but I wanted to make a video to one. I have to stop riding during the winter, but I want a song like "All I want For Christmas Is You" because I'm trying to convince my parents to let me keep riding during the winter. (:

I just want songs. I don't want people telling me to be considerate or anything like that. If they can't let me or REALLY don't want me to, then they won't let me. It's simple. I think they're half and half. It's also really for fun.

Where is an online place to buy a christmas outfit for my horse?

this one is cuteeee :]]

hope this helps hunn!! :]]

What is the best way to surprise someone with a horse for christmas?

I am getting my boyfriend's mom a horse & saddle for christmas, and I'm not sure how I should go about doing it...
any ideas?

I do know that we will have to drive her to the horse to surprise her..

so should I blindfold her when we get into the car, and then get a bow and put it on the horse when we get where we're going? or...


What should I get my daughter for Christmas, she is 16?

Well, I would say anything girls like but not every girl is the same. What does your daughter love? If she has a favorite singer then maybe get her an album of that singer or maybe some memorabilia of that singer. Does she loves animals? Get her cute clothing with animals on it or maybe if you feel she is responsible, you could get her her own pet. With my family any dogs or cats that come in are the family pets. However any smaller animals like hamsters, snakes, lizards, or even a bird will become that persons pet if they asked for it and IF they even got it. Anyway what I am saying is, maybe she would love a pet that is her very own.I would say money but around the holidays it’s better to get a more thought out gift. There is one trick I love using on my sisters. I ask them to guess what I got them for Christmas. Then I listen as they guess what things they think they got. These are usually items they want. Then I later go out and buy them what they guessed. Maybe you could try that. For me, my mom always knows what I want. I love animals. My favorite is the horse. Ever since I was young everything was horses, and still is. So it’s easy for my mom to guess what I like. As long as it is a horse or some other animal I’m happy. I collect model horses and I ask for that every year.You get the gist. Maybe at 16 your daughter likes makeup. Get her a bunch of lipstick and nail polish and other things like that. I’m 15, almost 16. Again, I love animals. I’ve grown out of playing with toys but still love the odds and ends here. I love animal jewelry and clothes. I ask for phone cases of animals. I’m more of a Tom boy so I’m interested in insects and all creatures of this earth. So, I’m not into makeup and boys and such. That’s just who I am. Ask your daughter and see what she is into. I’m also artistic and love drawing and painting. I love the music of my parents time. The 80s’ sounded like a great time. How I wish Michael Jackson was still here.I hope my ideas help. Whatever you get, will be something your daughter will love and appreciate.

Do you get Christmas presents for your pets? Why and do the pets seem to enjoy it?

Yes I do! My dogs don’t get stockings because I honestly wouldn’t know what small enough things to put in it. My dogs aren’t small at all. Only us humans get stockings. But my dogs do get a few wrapped presents each. None of them tear at the paper so my family and I give them a little “help” by opening it. We usually get them balls and treats. Not so much the squeaky or stuffed toys anymore. One of the three dogs loves to kill the toy the same day she receives it. Not every year but just about every other year, my family and I travel to see family for Christmas. But with having 3 big labradors, we can’t take them with us. So, their Xmas present is getting their own mini vacation at a friend’s house. My family just got a horse and I’m really excited. This will be my first Christmas with a horse so I’m planning on buying horse treats, tack, and horse toys, both as a gift for me and for the horse. And to wrap up your question, yes my pets do love their presents because they understand it came from us.

Christmas gifts for my barn friends?

ok so i don't really have lot of non-horse friends but i have a few close barn friends and i want to know what to get them for Christmas so i won't break the bank. there all girls and range in age from 11-17. This is my first Christmas with them and i don't want to not get them anything and then them get me something and me have nothing for them.

What should i get my girlfriend for christmas?

I'm 14 and my girlfriend amelia is 13. I want to get her something that she would love. she likes spaghetti, pepsi, horses, the hunger games, and her favorite color is red. For her birthday i gave her a hunger games necklace and she loved it. my price range is 0-40$ maybe a bit more. PLEASE HELP!!!!!