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What Should I Write About With This Topic

What topic should I write a book about?

You CAN write about witches, vampires etc if you want to. Yes, they have already been done - but they had already been done when S Meyer wrote Twilight, and they had already been done when J K Rowling wrote Harry Potter. No idea or theme is new - it's how you tell it that will make the difference. You have to put your own angle on it.

Ideas can be hard to come by. I rely on dreams. You can't force dreams though, so you may just have to think long and hard about the sort of thing you would like to write. Is there a story you would love to read, that you've never come across in a book before? What sort of thing really interests you? For example, I'm interested in relationships that are controversial.

Good idea to start young - it's never too early. Good luck.

What topic should I write my poem about?

Write about your previous experinces or your day. It is easier if you pick a subject first. Write about your first love or kiss. I have seen people write poems about Tea Time or the Sun. If I am 13 and can write poems, you can too. It won't come easy. Here is a link to my poems. Read them and you may get an idea of your own. (please do not steal my poems they are copywrighted) You could even write a poem about boredom. When you get it please post it so we can read.

The topic I pick is Chocolate;...

What is a good topic I can write about for my English essay?

The best thanks to write this might be to settle on one thing that basically did move YOU! Your teacher has given you a really huge topic, and you'll write on one thing tremendous, or one thing terribly unhappy. You could write on a proud accomplishment - perhaps the primary time you probably did one thing, or doing one thing you did not recognize you'll do before. you'll write on one thing unhappy - just like the 1st time somebody near you died, or maybe once you 1st learned regarding death. Then you wish perceive regarding your synchronic linguistics and writing system like Plagtracker will assist you avoid several major boo-boos, however there’s extremely nothing which will take the place of a private and thorough proofreading. you would possibly Pine Tree State follow some rules here to put in writing your Essay properly. The only means the essay are going to be smart is that if it one thing that comes from you - that is positively what your teacher is craving for thereupon topic. you cannot write on nice joy or nice sorrow that happened to somebody else!

What topics should I write on?

Do you want to write blogs but you are confused that on what topic should I write? What topics are more better to attract your traffic? What make you write continuously? Every body have some habits, on which they are addicted. This addiction make you feel to do punctually. Why not to use this addicts? If you are mad for crickets, you can write on that. If you are addicted to reading , you can write about novels. So don't delay and start to share your thoughts with world. Some of the following topics on which you can write.• Science topics• New technology.• Autobiography• Language learning blogs.• controversial things about politics.• The best blog you have read.• Writing style.• New launch mobile.• Self help• Interior design• Windsurfing• Speaking in public• Online earning• Internet learning.• Social dynamic and communication skill.• Health and fitness.• How to loose weight.• Entrepreneur education for young.• How to travel plan and budgets• The successful personality• The successful actor• The sports man• About the products• Body weight training• About game• Rescued animals• Tutorials• Self defense.• Digital citizenship• Holiday• Free apps• Healthy eating blogs.• Self employment• Rapid language learning.• Ecotourism• Inspire bootstrapperWhen your reader come to your site and read, it should inspire, entertain and generate positive emotions. If you want your reader to come again, then let your words make them laugh, smile, cry and feel. Do clear explanation, present the important things in points and with some figures.Every one like to talk, share and write about the personal things, Personal happenings and most important about our childhood memories. So why not to start you personal essay.•Childhood memories• Memorable events in your life.• A bad event which make you fear.• The happiest moment of your life.• What you lost and gained by taking risk?• what you learned when you get sad?• What inspire you and make crazy?• What you want to give up in life?Whatever you like to write and enjoy to write. When you put interest in your writing, your reader will like to read. Don't write that you want to show some one or you will earn money. If you really like and enjoy writing, you will develop more. So keep it up, just start from small things, you will automatically start to write big articles.If you stuck while writing, don't worry. It has a best solution, apply and see the result. That is " arise more and more questions about which you are writing ".

What topic should i write about for a persuasive research paper?

There are two different types of persuasive research papers; ANALYTICAL (uses evidence to analyze facets of an issue) or ARGUMENTATIVE (uses evidence to attempt to convince the reader of your particular stance on a debatable topic).

When I was in school people always choose abortion or teen pregnancy. I really wanted to step out of the box, so i wrote a paper on why the Brothers Grimm are the greatest story tellers of all time, which was my belief that I wanted to convince to others. I am sure you could also do that. I would not touch the topic of President Bush, the war, or the Twin Towers with a fifty foot stick though. And religion is always a bad road to go down. Might as well make it fun, if you have to write a paper, make it something the teacher wants to read. I am sure the teacher is going to have to read like 50 papers on abortion. Make is weird and out of the norm.


I need to write an argumentative essay. Which topic should I select?

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I want to write a book or novel, but I don't have any topic. What would be a good topic?

Its a great thing to write a book or a novel…….You are doing a good thing. My friend……..Now down to business…..When a person writes a book its based on your ideas  or experiences…….First decide what genre you are stepping in .. Each genre is different and has its own set of difficulties….If it’s non-fiction then it’s purely based on ideas…….Mind you try to make these ideas as original as possible (no one likes stealing.)If it’s fiction it’s a very big space to check out…..IF your political then different topics come under it (like corruption, a great political scion, a famous incident etc.)IF your taking autobiography then choose the person wisely…….Cause its a sensitive case nowadays.IF it’s towards the corporate sector again it comes with different parts(E.g., Management part, marketing part, Building strategy, How to do start-ups, A help book regarding surviving this world) and so on and so forth……..…Sooooo by now you must have understood its a very place to choose from.Some Hints to it are,Choose a topic within your comfort zoneA topic your well-verse with and you have apt knowledge and good experience in it.Dont start writing a book immediately delve deeper and deeper into the topic … Try to know as much about it possible go places where people hesitate in stepping in. Discover uncharted territoryDont forget to take notes.Proofread it your self and let others do itDon’t hesitate in asking others opinions and help.If possible try to give your point of view to a topic as much you can…. It’s for the best.Give it all you have and bring the best out of yourself……Cause the end will make everything worth what it is.And lastly. As they say it difficult to start from where to write and where to end…ALL the BEST for your writing ✍️ hope I get to see your published book.

What is the good idea to write an essay topic of failure?

I can suggest choosing one of the following topics:The aspect of failure for human beings in general. How does it affect men and women, or does one experience them more often over the other?When parts of the body fail (such as heart failure, kidney failure, etc.). Do you have an idea of why this happens or common causes? Maybe an argument is there for what scientists and doctors believe, but maybe the average person thinks otherwise.When children don’t succeed or they feel bad about failing. What are controversial ways parents and adults encourage children to do better? Why is it that some parents seem like they don’t care their child is not doing well in school?Failed relationships and marriages. What are common aspects that are argued among men and women that lead to failed relationships? Who seems to suffer the most when a marriage ends and both spouses tried to keep things together?When a bill failed to become a law. If you have an interest in political issues you may want to provide insight on a bill or measure introduced that for some reason, didn’t become a law. There are different bills that have been trying to get legalized into law for years, but they keep getting stalled or placed on the back burner.When a business fails. Can you are argue certain aspects that lead to business failure, especially for new start up businesses? A business can fail as a whole or maybe a new idea or invention failed to get profit or revenue.Mental effects of failure. What actually happens in the mind when you fail at something? Or, what about feelings of failure; is it considered normal and how does it differ from age groups or a certain point you are in life.When you let yourself down and experience failure. Did you really fail or was the goal unrealistic?

What are some ideas to write about to post on LinkedIn?

I joined LinkedIn in the very early days, but then went years without getting a single piece of business from the social network. Fortunately, this changed when I started publishing articles, and now I have written over 500 posts.Almost overnight, LinkedIn became an important source of new clients. Selling morphed from an annoying necessity to an easy and enjoyable process: I just answer my email.Using social media to attract new clients can be a highly efficient and effective strategy, but only if your mindset is to help people first, and to sell a distant second.I'm not sure why LinkedIn gives more exposure to status updates than articles, but in my experience they most certainly do.Status updates have a limit of 1,300 characters (which is approximately 250-300 words). This means that you can spend much less time creating content that gets far greater reach.Make sure that the first sentence of your status update is captivating. People are scrolling their LinkedIn feed at lightning speed, and they'll only see the first one or two sentences of your post as they scroll. So, if your first sentence doesn't grab their attention and make them want to tap "See More," your update will get left in the dust.check