What Should My Friend Tell Her Mom So She Would Stop Making Her Babysit Her Little Brother Every

My little brother Calls Me mom?

It's always been a job of older sibs (especially girls) to take care of younger sibs. It's good practice for you for later, and you have the opportunity to contribute a lot to his emotional and intellectual development. But you're right, you're also entitled to your own life, especially at your age. Maybe you can work out some kind of deal with Mom.

About him calling you 'Mom'. This has to do with how kids learn to speak and also how they learn to relate to older people. My first year in college I was forced to take that first course in psychology that everyone has to take, and there was a section in the book about 'Why little boys call the mailman 'Daddy' '. 8^)

I was in the supermarket a couple of years ago and there was this little boy in a stroller who was trying to flirt with me, you know how little kids do. He was a little doll with beautiful skin, long eyelashes, maybe 2-3 years old, you know the type. I tried not to respond to him 'cos people get all upset these days when a strange man notices their kids. Finally he pulled his mom's sleeve to get her attention, he pointed to me and said 'Daddy!' I thought it was really funny, but his mom was really embarrassed.

I have to babysit my brother every day?

It's their kid, not yours. you need to talk to them and make them understand this concept. Say " I have been watching him all summer. I want to have time to myself and go see my friends. I need time for homework and continuing to watch him is a big stress on that." Then explain that they will have to get someone else to watch him, if they wont. They can get a babysitter. Or you could even explain that he is old enough to be alone by himself for a few hours. Honestly, good luck to you. That is just not fair that you have to watch him 24/7. Make them listen to the problems they are creating!

My mom makes me watch my 4 yr brother everyday?

she makes me watch him every single day sunday-saturday, shes a single parent but makes me watch him every day, i never have time for myself and hes not a any ordinary child, hes a brat, and cries for every little thing.. even when im out with my friends, he has to tag along.. also my mom sometimes goes out with her friends and does things and still makes me babysit.. it frustrates me soooo much, i dont even get anything out of it- no money, no thanks, no nothing.. i also was outside just a sec ago and a friend asked his parents if me and some other kids could swim but his parents said no to only me becuase my brother cries and screams to much...i am so ****ing mad...HELP WHAT SHOULD I DO!!!!

im 14 and need my own time!!!!!!!!

Why does my mom loves my little brother more ?

So here's my story.Ever since my little brother is born.My mom would put more attentions to him.Now that he's all grown up.He's 8.And i'm 14.He's so annoying.Always up my ***.The more i tell him to stop doing something.The more he'll do it.We go to different school.So everyday i have to waste a dollar to go on the bus to pick him up.I gotta babysit him.AI gotta feed him...And he never eats.He only eats chips and candy instead.And i have to dump it.And whenever my brother does something bad.And get complains from our neighbors.Or not doing his homework.Or do anything his not surpose too.Im the one getting in trouble.I get yelled all the time because of him.When i wanna go somewhere with my friend...I have to ask for permission and find someone to babysit him.If not then i cant go.My mom always buy everything he wants.Like he wants beyblades and theres like 4 or 5 of them for $30.And she would buy it for him.When i ask for a wireless mouse at best buy for only $20 and she wouldn't buy it for me.She only bought exspensive clothes and shoes for my bigger sister and my little brother.And she would buy she the cheap ones thats is all UGLY.When i do bad things ... Like a bad grade.Or if im talking at school...And i get a phone call home.My mom would yelled at me and grounded me...She forced it by making no t.v,no computer,no time with friends,No phone,And she would make me do house chores..Everything.I just dont know bothered by it.Was it because im jealous or ... ? Plz reply.

My mama ALWAYS make me watch my little brother!!?..?

I honestly think it's messed up that your Mom is basically forcing you to raise your little brother so she can go live her life. If 3 kids was all she could handle by herself then why have a 4th one? It isn't fair to have you watching him all the time and even making you care for him when she is around like he's your baby and not hers. You're a 16 year old girl and if you've spent any time at all around babies(which obviously you have) then you already know you aren't ready to have one of your own yet. You should be out having fun and living your life, not stuck at home with a baby that isn't even yours. If she only had you babysit him once or twice a week and paid you for it, that would be OK but from the sounds of it, she just doesn't feel like taking care of him and so she's making you do it and that's wrong of her.

My mom always makes me babysit my younger siblings and I never have time for myself. How can I make her stop?

Is your mom a single mom? Do your parents work extremely long hours and cannot afford help? If yes, then you need to help out more. It’s your family.If not, then you might consider talking to a school counselor for help, for ideas on how to speak to your parents.In both cases, you ought to talk to your mom and explain, in detail, how this effects you. Keep track of every time you babysit, maybe for a whole month. Keep track of every time it interferes with your homework and stops you from studying for tests. Keep track of every single social event you have had to give up, and every time you had to stay up late and it was hard to get up in the morning … lay it out on a calendar. If need be, keep track of your mom’s work and social calendar too and compare it to yours.Maybe she just doesn’t realize she’s been asking more and more of you? Personally, I try to keep track of things like that so my daughter doesn’t think I’m being unfair. For example, we have pet chickens and generally she and I split the chores with them, however, if I have been kept busy doing extra things for her or the family, I will tell her to go do all of the outside chores… but… I will add “You need to handle all of them because I did this, that, and this other thing, including going to the store for you.”Families are supposed to share responsibilities - preferably without whining or one always having to nag - and not take advantage of each other.