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What Should My Twitter Handle Be With Sam In It

What does Twitter Handle Mean?

Please do not insult me for not knowing what it means, or post rude comment's, But what does twitter handle mean? This guy just asked me what my twitter handle was, and i do not know what he is talking about? Can someone help thanks!

What does the lock icon in Twitter mean?

That lock icon simply means that the user has set their profile and tweets visible to their followers only. Again to follow the users who have the lock icon, one has to send the request to follow them, which could be confirmed or turned down.


Yes he did call him a ***** and yes CM Punk deserved it. To call TNA an indy organization and that the assumption that he ( CM Punk ) is better than any indy wrestler is ridiculous. Since ROH is where CM Punk came from and most wrestlers cut their teeth and learn their craft on the indy circuit, CM Punk seems to like to distance himself from his own past. Could the WWE also be called indy? It is just that they play the game on a larger scale. WWE - TNA - ROH - All Japan or any other promotions are all the same, its just their ability to project themselves to a larger audience that sets them apart. I was never a hugh Kurt Angle fan but I do give him his due. He was right in saying what he said and CM Punk was wrong in saying what he said. CM Punk was alway outspoken and I don't mind listening to him go off on things but in this instance I think he was wrong.

What is a creative Christmas twitter name?

Many of my friends have been changing their twitter names to something Christimas-y that has to do with their names, for example "Under the mistlerose" for the name Rose. Since I have a difficult name (Nyree) i'm having trouble thinking of a creative "christmas nickname", so im wondering if you guys could help me out with that, please and thank you!

Happy Holidays !

How can I set automatic retweets from selected Twitter handles?

There are many social media management tools that provide an automatic retweet option but most of these require you to pay. If you need a free automatic, easy to use, and user friendly retweet service I strongly recommend using IFTTT.IFTTT has 2 auto-retweet applets that automatically retweets when a specific user tweets. The first applet is extremely basic with little customization, and the second applet gives power to more customization. All you have to do is create an IFTTT account, don’t worry everything is free!Auto Retweet Applet #1: How it worksSimply add the user you would like to be following and turn on the applet. Boom! Super easy but not as customizable as the second applet.Auto Retweet Applet #2: How it worksAfter signing in and clicking on the link to the applet above, you will need to click on the settings icon in the right hand corner.You can then customize the applet by giving it a unique name. I left mine as default. Also you can toggle notifications for confirmation that the applet has run.Go ahead and add the username you would like to follow.Lastly you can go ahead and customize the tweet text with “ingredients” such as text, username, link to tweet, tweet embedded code, or created at.Hit “Save” and you are all set up to retweet!After saving, I recommend testing your applet to confirm it works properly.I use this with my personal Twitter account that retweets my digital marketing agency’s tweets, Webspearmint.—Please check out my blog if you have any other social media questions, or contact me if you need expert social media management services at an affordable rate.

Does changing your Twitter username break tweets in which your old one is mentioned?

Google clearly states that changing your username will not affect your existing followers, direct messages, or @replies. but Twitter  doesn't redirect tweets to your new handle if someone tweets to your old handle once you change it. Your old handle will be left for grabs so anyone will be able to use it.I would recommend you to take possession of your old handle (simply sign up as a new user with a different email address) and note in the description what your new handle is (and why).That way, even if someone mistakenly uses your old handle (which is unlikely) you'll be notified of it since you'll be in control of it and you'll be able to answer with your new handle then.Also, if you forget you've left a link to your old Twitter handle somewhere on the web, people will still be able to find you.

How do I view protected tweets without following the person on Twitter?

First, you could consider creating a pseudo account and then follow the person, that way you will be seeing all their tweets.You could find out if they use a link shortener; twitter link shorteners makes the account lose some protection, thus if you find the link you can access the tweets.If you have a friend who is following the said person you could borrow their logins and view the tweets using another person's account, that way you needn't bother following them.You could also consider searching tweets replies to the original posts, that way you could get an idea of what the tweet is all about.Lastly you could find out the internet address of the persons profile, access the address and read the tweets. Such an address will normally look like "!@%/"

How can I download private Twitter video of my friend?

There's an app which saves the Twitter videos directly to your gallery. You can share it anywhere thereafter. It's very safe. Doesn't collect any of your data. Just install and use it. No privacy or other risk.Apart from Twitter, it also helps to download Instagram Posts & Stories, Whatsapp Status and Facebook Videos. It's an A2Z downloader. All in One. Download it hereA2Z Status - Instagram WhatsApp status downloader - Apps on Google Play