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What Song Is This I Can Remember Just One Line It

How do I find a song if I only remember a part of the music? Is there any website for it?

Mp3 Download. Try it and let me know if it's good

I remember an r&b 80's song with the lines: "all of me for all of you/nothing else will ever do"

I believe the song was sung by a female group: "all of me for all of you/nothing else will ever do/I won't give you all of me/not for half of you". What's the name of the female group who sang this song?

How do I find a song that I can only remember the melody and the two words the background says?

Hi,if you are good at humming the song, or whistling it, you can give a try to Shazam app in you smartphone; you have a chance it might recognize the song and hint you with it’s title/singer.You also *must* make use of those 2–3 words you seem to recognize in the lyrics; you may have even greater chance to grasp the title starting from these words by simply posting them in a google search.Also, there’s this site I just found out about now: Find Music By Lyricsthat might also help you in identifying the title. It seems to work quite good (I tried it with lines from songs that I know well, and the correct song title was among the first results every time, so I think it does a pretty good job).

I'm an OK guitar player, but I have difficulty remembering full songs. How do you remember them?

That's a great question!I always look for the patterns. You'll be surprised, if you make sure you wrap the lines correctly, you'll see intentional patterns which were the way the song was originally written.For example, if every line begins in C and ends in C (example: C-Em-F-C), but the guy who uploaded the chords to the chord clearinghouse database online, where you grabbed them, wasn't looking at the chord patterns (maybe he was wrapping the lines based on the lyrics) and he has the second line ending in F, throwing everything off … While really, if you take the C from the next line, and make it the last chord in the previous line, suddenly everything lines up - you'd be surprised, you wouldn't even realize it if you didn't look, but it's often the same 4-chord pattern, four times.Chords in popular music are often quite simple, and often look complicated until you put your hands on them. Look for the pattern!There'll usually be one pattern for verses, another for chorus. There may be a bridge, which can be quite simple, compared to the main song.So now, you're just remembering the patterns, then as you go along, you master the bridge. And in my example, you really only need to remember three chords, because the C is the first and last.You'll start to realize, as you glance at your music, you can delete the C-Em-F-C, the four chords that are written above almost all of the lines - leaving nice, easy-to-read lyrics, because those four chords repeat four times (or something like that).So now it says C-Em-F-C, and underneath it are four lines of verse. For the purpose of glancing at your music to read the words, this is great!Suddenly, you get tempted, and you practice one of the patterns, for example the verse, without looking at anything, because it's pretty easy!You can see how, if you do it step-by-step, not only is it manageable to conquer the song, but it's also extremely similar to the experience James Taylor, or whoever wrote the song, had when they wrote it.They laid down that same pattern.Then they varied it, according to the moods they were trying to create.So you'll start to understand the song correctly - you're not shortcutting - you're doing a little song archaeology. Finding its bones.Usually, the songwriter had never set out to write a complicated-looking thing. Music just isn't that way. It usually starts off with a simple pattern.The general idea is, don't be overwhelmed, and look for those patterns. You'll be on your way!Best wishes!

Songs beginning with "As far back as I can remember I've always wanted to be a gangster"?

Kazey & Bulldog - For Da Real Gs (French Fries Remix)

"Just can't take another lonely night" line from what song?

This is the only line I can remember. I heard it on a classic rock station, and I believe it is an 80s rock song. Its not a hair band, but definitely 80s I think.

Song about a woman working in a diner?

Could it be....

hey Virginia


Another one comes to mind....
The Killers....Mr. Briteside

What song is this and who sings it?..."don't pick the flowers children..."?

Webb Pierce - Let the Children Pick Flowers (with chords)

(G) I recall one Sunday (C) morning, on the (D) way to Sunday (G) school
The sun was brightly (C) shining down and the ([A]) morning air was (D) cool
Me and (G) brother saw some (C) flowers, (D) growing by the parson’s (G) gate
Mama said don’t pick the (C) flowers boys, they’re (D) not for (D7) us to (G) take

Then a voice from in the (C) garden, made us (D) turn around and (G) stare
We saw an old, old (C) lady, ([A]) sittin’ in a rocking (D) chair
And when (G) she got up to (C) come our way, we (D) knew she couldn’t (G) see
She said let them pick the (C) flowers, that’s their (D) way of (D7) lovin’ (G) me

Let the children pick the (C) flowers, let them (D) see the beauty (G) there
Let them study God’s cre-(C)-ations, that were ([A]) grown with love and (D) care
Let the (G) children pick the (C) flowers, that’s what (D) God’s own words would (G) be
*(G) Let the little one’s pick the (C) flowers, that’s their (D) way of (D7) lovin’ (G) me

Instrumental: Follow pattern of last line of Chorus *

Have you ever really (C) wondered, what are (D) flowers growing (G) for
Maybe God made them for (C) children, just to ([A]) pick forever (D) more
For as (G) long as Roses (C) bramble, and they (D) need the morning (G) dew
Let the children pick the (C) flowers, that’s their (D) way of (D7) lovin’ (G) you

Let the children pick the (C) flowers, that’s what (D) God’s own words would (G) be
Let the little one’s pick the (C) flowers, that’s their (D) way of (D7) lovin’ (G) me