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What Song Played In Originals Season 2 Episode 1 When Klaus Talks To Marcel And Joe

What is the song in the originals episode 5?

try clicking on "Music" at the show's website- music info posted there

No matter what Marcel says, he cannot kill Klaus as he was once his fatherly figure and it was Klaus who accepted Marcel in his family when his own father was beating him.Klaus may have done many wrong things but Marcel knows that it was for his family. It was Elijah’s actions that made Marcel go rogue on Mikaelsons.What Marcel said in the first episode of 4th season was also true. His blood is very useful in fights against hybrids and werewolves. If Mikaelsons ever come back, Marcel has leverage over them.And another point that Marcel stated himself is that, Rebekah’s life is connected to Klaus’ as he is her anchor. He would never do something that would lead to Rebekah’s death. She never did anything wrong to him and Marcel also loves her.These are some of the major reasons that Marcel wouldn’t kill Klaus. He even gave him blood and let him fight against Alaster.


What is the song at the end of the originals episode 2? while klaus was talking to rebecca?

Sacrilege by Yeah Yeah Yeahs

In what episode in vampire diaries on season 5 does klaus come back?

Because she wouldn't turn into one if part of like johns soul or something like that was passed on to her. Bonnie did a spell on John so that Elena wouldn't turn into a vampire. 2. No I don't think so because only an original can truly kill and original and since klause is an original, by killing elijah I'm pretty sure he will be dead forever. 3. Jermy is not a vampire. It doesn't really say what he is. But my guess is he can not see ghosts. 4. Cause he wasn't the best mannered vampire back then when he was still in love with katherine. He probably didn't treat the witches very well. 5. can't say for sure. Its looks like it. I hope Elena does something about that soon. 6. I think so 7. Human blood. That's why he was trying to resist it but he couldn't

In Vampire Diaries, what season and episode does Klaus show up?

The first time we see klaus in his original body is in season 2 episode klaus, where he takes back his body from when he was alaric, hope this helps :) xxx

What song played at the end of Sons of Anarchy Season 2 Episode 7?

Here is the list of songs from that episode. I hope it helps.

Gram Rabbit

The Peak Show
"Tell Me"
Devendra Banhart
"A Sight to Behold"
Madi Diaz
"A Little Bit"

You can’t actually download these episodes but you can watch them for free on the CW app and the CW website. But that’s only if they still have that particular episode up.If they don’t, you have to wait for the box set and/or for Netflix. Sorry.

I am going to answer this question by keeping in mind that you have seen every episode of The originals except the Season 3 Finale.So, as Elijah has tried to kill Marcel, it is revealed in the previous episode that Marcel is not dead. He took the potion that made him more stronger than any of the Originals including Klaus. His werewolf venom is more stronger and cannot be cured by Klaus’ blood.Marcel gave a bite to Kol and Elijah during a fight between Marcel and Original brothers(Klaus,Elijah and Kol).Rebekah has been awake but she has still got the curse she got a long time ago because of which she was getting insane.Freya has also been poisoned. So now all of the Original family vampires except Klaus are slowly dying due to some reason.In this time Klaus stands trial in front of his sires and the judge- Marcel. The trial was in context of his many sins. The jury and judge firstly sentences him to death but Klaus being very cunning made them believe that even if Klaus has been killed, the judgement would still be in Klaus’ favour because Klaus will be just killed and it doesn’t match the agony Klaus gave everyone else(including his own sires). So, Marcel inspite of killing Klaus gave him the agonising and un-ending pain using Papa Tunde’s blade.This was Klaus’ plan because to keep his family alive he should have to came out of that judgement alive.Later on Freya, tethered all siblings’ souls to Klaus and transferred their souls on alternate existing plane. Just like the way Freya has been alive for years by being in a deep sleep and being alive in her mind.Marcel got a speech/lecture/lesson from Vincent because because of Marcel’s doing, his friend got hurt really bad. Marcel justified himself by saying that this needed to be done in order to get rid of Mikaelsons. Vincent said that this is what Mikaelsons always been saying- “this needed to be done”.And Now all other Mikaelsons except Klaus is in deep sleep and talks in the garden made by Freya in her mind. And Klaus is now in un-ending agonising pain and Marcel put his body behind a wall.Now Hayley takes everyone’s body(except Klaus’) into a truck and going somewhere else with her magical child to find a way to bring everyone back.