What Steps Were Taken By The Catholic Church To Reform And Stop The Spread Of Protestantism

How did the Catholic Church respond to the Protestant Reformation?

Well, initially, they said "This is awful. Can we just let these heretics teach what they want? No. Can we just let people leave the Catholic Church if that's what they want to do? No!" So it (the Church) took a variety of steps to force people out of Protestantism, which partly included laws against practicing it.Essentially though, the goal of the Catholic response was to install Catholic rulers in every important position who would ensure that Protestantism is illegal and that people who attempt to spread Protestant teaching are expelled or killed or silenced. Something along those lines.After much fighting though, Catholic and Protestant rulers worked out the Peace of Westphalia, which ensured that Lutheranism and Calvinism would be recognized as legitimate expressions of Christianity and that local rulers could determine the religion of their realm. It also laid the groundwork for the modern nation-state, we now all basically live in nation-states that relate with each other under an expectation of Westphalian sovereignty. Zelo Domus Dei was the name of the papal bull that condemned Westphalia and forbade Catholic rulers from recognizing it- that particular pope really wanted to keep fighting until the coercive power of the Church was once again absolute. But the bull was ignored by everyone and treated as if it didn't exist. That was a good day.

How did the catholic church try to stop the spread of Protestanism ?

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How did the Catholic Church try to stop the Protestant Reformation?

The Church responded to the Protestant Rebellion by excommunication those who insisted on prpagating heretical views after repeated warnings. There was no Protestant Reformation. The Catholic Church was in need of certain reform at that time, a fact recognized by many within the Church. Those who remained faithful to God's Church worked from within brought about the needed reform. Those who joined the rebellion and left God's Church had nothing to do with the subsequent reform.

What steps were taken by the Catholic Church to reform and stop the spread of Protestantism?

The inquisition was launched and millions were slaughtered because they prayed to God, they just didn't pray to the pope. It went on for centuries and led to the creation of the United Stated in addition to separation of church and state being mandated in most of Europe.

What else did the Catholic Church do to stop the spread of Protestantism?

Besides the Inquisition??

What role did politics play in the creation and spread of protestant reformation?

While the teachings of Reform leaders like Ulrich Zwingli and John Calvin arose largely from disputes with Catholic sacramental teachings, the support they enjoyed among the Swiss cantons had more to do with local politics than with doctrinal matters.

There was a rapidly-growing movement toward consolidation of the city-states into nations at the time, and actions on BOTH sides of the split (Catholic and Protestant) were influenced by practical considerations related to power, property, and prestige. The English church, for example, tore away so that Henry VIII could annul his marriage to Catherine of Aragon (a marriage which the pope had made extraordinary moves to permit). And the pope refused grant the annullment, both to save face and to avoid alienating Charles V (the Holy Roman Emperor at the time, who also just happened to be Catherine's nephew!)

So as you can see from even just these few examples, the spread of protestantism had nothing at all to do with politics... (ahem)