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What Stores Does Kylie Jenner Shop At Pictures And Examples

Why do some people look totally different in pictures than in real life?

It isn’t just in your head.When you take a selfie at arm’s-length, with a smartphone, for example, since cameras have either one lens, or several in close proximity, you end up with a slight fisheye effect. When cameras take photos, they separate the foreground, middle ground, and background very differently than two human eyes do. This exaggerates the depth difference between parts of your face, making them look disproportionate.Your nose can appear significantly larger and rounder, relative to the rest of your face, because it is perceived as the foreground, while your ears can look much smaller, as they are perceived as the background. The rest of your face tends to look slightly rounded off, more narrow, and less structured, with minor asymmetries exaggerated.The closer you are to the lens, the more distorted your face will appear, but no matter how far you are from the lens, there will always be distortion.This also is true for the rest of your body.Depending on someone’s actual features, lens distortion can work for, or against them. This is why some people look significantly more attractive, or significantly less attractive in photos. This is the real reason people say the camera adds pounds. The less structured someone looks, the more body fat are perceived to have.What is really interesting is that there is a very simple way around this distortion. Take a photo in the mirror and flip it. The distortion will be gone.This is how others see you in real life.To illustrate this, here are two photos of me taken two minutes apart in about the same spot, with the same lighting, at a similar angle, and both with the same neutral expression. One is a regular selfie, and one is a mirror selfie I flipped post factum.Regular Selfie (extremely distorted):Flipped Mirror Selfie (not distorted):

Does fair use protect Kendall and Kylie Jenner’s tone-deaf shirts?

There are two forms of non-owner use permitted by trademark law (1) Descriptive Use and (2) Nominative Use. Descriptive use applies when the mark itself has a descriptive meaning in addition to being a protected mark. Nominative use applies when the mark is being used by a non-owner to refer to the owner’s good or service.I honestly don’t know (or care) about whatever these “tone-deaf” shirts might be portraying, but if they use a mark to refer to the owner in some way, rather than as a claim they are being presented as a product of the owner, then they might be perfectly fine.Having done a little research…which I now wish I hadn’t, it appears that the shirts in question are using likenesses of people and not protected trademarks, which is an entirely different set of law that is far more convoluted and unclear — depending on whether the likeness is protected under statute or common law in the jurisdiction in which the estate and/or the producer of the shirts reside.

Why is Kylie Jenner even a celebrity?

Thanks for the A2A, annon! To be honest I do not “keep up with The Kardashians!”. I don't know a whole lot about Kylie, but I hear her name every 5 seconds on the internet. Ever go to a restaurant called “Bob and sons”? Or a carpet store called “Smith Family Carpet”? For a real life example Difara’s Pizza in Brooklyn is run by an old man who works seven days a week and makes every pizza with love. His kids also work with him and may keep the business going when he passes. The concept is the same with the Kardashian family.It’s a family business, a profitable one at that. The Kardashians are very good at making money for being famous. The low brow tabloid industry is one that will always have customers and The Kardashians have the act of cashing into that culture down to a science.I have no idea what reality shows of theirs are actually on the air right now… however there is a formula to any long running TV show… when a character gets older, introduce a younger character to take their place.Kim is getting older and is a mother now. While she is still working, she is moving into a new demographic as she gets older and she would be wise to rebrand herself. Kylie and Kendall are stepping into Kim's old role. They were born into the family business: the business of being famous for being famous. I would be curious to know if there are any Kardashian women who shun the spotlight, or if that is even an option for them.Often with family businesses, it is expected that the younger ones will join. When the monetary rewards are great, it's hard to say no.

People with disabilities, what are your opinions on this?

Wow thanks guys for all your opinions, they're all great answers! :)

to Alison: Omg! Haha I totally get what you mean, my boyfriend does have a spinal injury though, but yep he gets all the same rude questions about "downstairs" and he responds sometimes with a dirty joke or two just to see peoples reactions. Yes we're 17 and immature hehe. Another one I hear a lot (especially from my Russian relatives) is the whole " you're so young and so pretty, you could get any guy you want" *rolls eyes*.

To PWD King, I personally don't have a problem with your name, or the fact that you call yourself offensive names, the bit I don't get is why you allow only those with disabilities to call you those names? You also say you dislike the term "special needs" because it gives the impression that they are different. Yet you refer to non disabled people as outsiders, so you're saying you are different? I was under the impression that it is polite to treat everyone as equal, what are your thoughts?

Do you think Kylie Jenner is "self-made"?

A big NO. That’ll be a blatant false statement. Because she isn’t self made.According to forbes she is on course for trumping Mark Zuckerberg, who became a billionaire at age 23 for the youngest self made billionaire crown.[1]Here is the list of billionaires sorted by age when they become so.[2]Mark Zuckerberg (Founder of Facebook), Evan Spiegel (Founder of Snapchat), Larry Page (Co-founder of Google), Bill Gates (Founder of Microsoft), Jeff Bezos (Founder of Amazon).Green - Billionaire, Blue - Millionaires (money markers) vs Age (numbers)Some of them built an empire by themselves right from college with almost nothing. That is self made. Did we know anyone of them before their prime successes. Hell No. But, these are some of the amazing set of people who became rich only by their talent and hard work.Now comes to the billion dollar question. What talent does Kylie Jenner posses and how did she manage to earn a fortune?Her entire earnings are based on the exposure she got on social media platforms. Each and every product she sold are based on her name not by the product itself. Her asset is being famous. Now, what talent she posses to get that famous. Nothing. Only this,She is an accoladed member of the Kardashian Clan. She is sister made and even her sister is not self made. Her entire popularity was awarded by her sister Kim Kardashian and you know how she got popular!Nobody is questioning about her ability to make money. But, It will be wrong to award Kylie Jenner a self made billionaire title.Images: InternetFootnotes[1] How 20-Year-Old Kylie Jenner Built A $900 Million Fortune In Less Than 3 Years[2] Who Is The Youngest Millionaire? The Youngest Billionaire?

How do I make loyal customers of an online store by agents of influence in social networks? Can you share any cases?

Here are a few reputed tools that can help you find relevant influencers on your choice of social media:Influencer Strategy Template: This tool will give you a template to form your campaign. It also suggests popular influencers to partner with on your choice of social media.Followerwonk (Free tool): This Moz tool maps topics and location to help you find relevant influencers on Twitter.TrendSpottr for Instagram: Identify trending posts, hashtags, photos and videos to spot influencers using TrendSpottr for Instagram.Facebook’s Pixel (Free tool): You can use this tool to track conversations generated by Facebook ads. Based on data collected you can optimize ads to target audiences and market to qualified leads.UTM Parameters (Free tool): Include these short codes in the URL to track traffic on websites. You can create these for your influencers and track their engagement when they share posts on social media.Yes! There are tons of cases, many of which go unnoticed because of their sheer brilliance of execution. My top 3 favorites are -An upcoming apparel brand, Fashion Nova, partnered with Kylie Jenner to become an influencer for their jeans. Consequentially, she made a point of how much she loves her new Fashion Nova jeans in her Instagram post. The post garnered an outstanding 2.4 million likes and a huge spike in sales! This instance is a case in point of influencer marketing.Lord and Taylor influenced 50 Instagrammers to post a picture of themselves on the same day wearing the same dress. As a result, they were successful in making a statement in the Instagram fashion niche that the Lord and Taylor dress was a must have to be in style. The dress was sold out the by the following weekend.The #CrazyForReading campaign by Amazon in India. To promote e-reading and the sales of Kindle Paperwhite, Amazon launched a campaign which featured videos of two of India’s top selling authors – Amish Tripathi and Ashwin Sanghi. The videos had the bestselling authors talk about how Kindle fulfils their crazy love for reading. And it worked. Both the authors have a huge fan following on social media which helped Amazon target Kindle savvy reading to old and new age readers.Check out more on how to build an influencer marketing campaign on my blog - Say it with Influencer Marketing - The Holy Grail of AdvertisingHope this helps :)

Can a business make money on Instagram?

YES, a business can make A LOT OF MONEY on Instagram!Instagram is a performance space. It’s where untold numbers of young women and men, in search of attention and validation, go to show off their best sides—literally. It’s the natural habitat of the sexily posed, scantily clad portraitsFor brands, meanwhile, it’s a powerful tool to advertise their wares and attract customers, thanks to its visual format and massive user base.The platform has as many users as citizens in 10 big countries, and a big audience means money.A brand that really nailed on instagram is 'Fashionova' , a clothing label that has quickly exploded, in large part thanks to the voluptuously curvy, racially diverse models, celebrity endorsements, and regular customers whose pictures populate its Instagram, often in the right type of poses that are proven to get a lot of “likes” comments, shares and reposts!The company has never revealed their actual earnings, but in a interview with WWD (paywall) last year, founder and CEO Richard Saghian said it grew 600% in 2017. And on certain info sites fashionova's earnings are reported to be over 1m $ a month, just of direct sales on InstagramIt also ranked number one Google’s top-searched fashion brand by millennials, beating out labels such as Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent.Fashionova built nearly their entire fanbase of Instagram, super popular celebrities like Kylie jenner, and Cardi B (musician) can be seen wearing fashionova gear in many posts, and even mentioning the brand!So yes, a business can def make money on Instagram!


This question has been asked a lot; but does Markiplier have a girlfriend? There's a girl on Twitter that he follows and she is also following him. She is @saucyfossey on Twitter. There is some evidence. She has pictures of herself with an orange tabby cat, which has been seen in Mark's videos, she has a picture of herself in a "pipe the **** down" crop top from JennaMarbles' store, and someone said that she had recently moved to LA from Arizona. She is also seen next to Mark the entire of a Disneyland trip video. They don't do anything romantic, but she is next to him the entire time. Here's the Disneyland video:

Does anyone know for sure? Plus she seems to be friends with Suzy (Mortemor), Egoraptor's wife and others. But she doesn't have a channel or anything that I know of so I'm assuming she knows them through Mark.