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What Stores Will Give Me A Credit Card When I Have No Credit

I don’t understand why no store or bank will not give me a credit card?

There may be a few issues lingering around that you might not even be aware of. And some of those issues might even be invisible.You mentioned that no store or bank will grant you credit so that means that you have applied for credit more than once; everytime that you apply for credit, your credit report is pulled out for inquiry and everytime there is an inquiry; that inquiry gets recorded in your credit file. The more that a credit file has inquiries recorded; then the more that the credit file becomes negative.A credit inquiry is recorded for two years in your credit report and having many inquiries recorded over a short period of time is viewed by many as a red flag. It does not matter wether or not you actually got approved for that credit card or if it was you the one who rejected the offer; the inquiry would still be recorded in your credit file.A credit card is also considered a contract so if you had a credit card in the past that you closed a short time after getting it then such action is viewed as negative. Banks and departamental stores like to see somebody who held a credit card for a long time in good standing; they do not like to see somebody who open a credit card and then closed it three months later.Did you ever had your bank account overdrafted? Overdraft means that you made a transaction for a greater amount than the amount that was available in your bank account at the time and this action results in overdraft. There are some unethical banks who will report your name to the Chexsystems for any little financial mistake that you make and Chexsystems is a system full of negativity that is concetrated on negative information only. Many banks or credit cards companies consult Chexsystems before making a decision.The best course of action for you to do is to stop applying for any credit card offers or loans until you are certain that you will get approved.There is more than credit bureau reporting agency and the fact that nothing negative is listed in one; it does not mean that something negative is not listed on the other. So you should pulled out your credit file from the 3 credit bureaus and compare the credit reports.Also, pull out your file from the Chexsystems to see what type of information about you it has. If you do not have a file with Chexsystems then that is good news but if you do have a file with Chexsystems; it will tell you who is the financial institution that reported you and what was the exact reason.

How to get a credit card with NO credit history?

Every credit card I apply to get rejects for the same reason "lack of credit history." because I never owned a credit card. Even a store credit card like walmart or target turned me down. How will I ever get a credit card?

Can you get a Best Buy store card with no credit history?

Thanks for the A2A, Guy Haiar.It all depends on Citibank really. More than likely, no. But, I've seen others who didn't have credit or had bad credit get one.Although realize that while we have the two choices for our regular credit cards, there is a third option that can be a result, which is the Visa Gold card. It's a card specifically made for those with no credit/bad credit.The only catch is that there is a annual fee, but if you make payments on time, and pay your stuff off, that'll build your credit and eventually Citibank should contact you to ask if you wanna upgrade to one of the standard cards.However, recently Best Buy did start up something new with a place called Progressive Leasing. We now offer the chance for customers to lease their stuff. It requires no credit checks, and just needs information more about your financial situation: how much you get paid in a month, if you get paid weekly or bi-weekly, if you're employed, those kinda things. There's an initial $79 fee for the lease, but it's another way to be able to get (mostly) what you want, and not have to pay it all in one go.It's still preferred that you try to apply for the card though, but if you're not approved, the next step is always trying to lease.

What is a list of store credit cards that do not do credit checks or use check systems?

There isn’t one, but if you want to look at some possible companies, look at failed businesses. Face it their enough people that are not trust worthy and responsible financially that if a company did this today, they would soon go bankrupt.Even when the lenders do their due diligence, they still write off 2–4% of there loans from high quality borrowers. During bad times this can reach as high as 7%. In the best of worlds face bad things happen people lose their jobs, people get ill, or have accidents, payments are missed. If someone has screwed over other lenders they will screw you as well.If you have no credit report or insufficient items on your credit report work on creating them, get someone to make you an authorized user on their card, do not allow them to give you the card, do not make any attempt to access the card. CapitalOne has the option of adding an authorized user without issuing a card. With a little time a lender will offer you a card of your own. If the authorized user option isn’t an option, save up a few hundred dollars and start a secured credit card, where your money goes into a savings account, to back the credit limit on your card, after 12–24 months of good usage, lenders will graduate you to a unsecured card, and release your funds. Or another lender will offer you an unsecured credit card.

How can I get a credit card with no credit?

Of course!Here are 3 tools to get started on your path of credit: student credit card, secured credit card and credit builder loan.The card I have that I think is great is the Discover It Chrome for college students. It gives you 2 points/dollar on dining and gas and although it doesn’t have a sign-up bonus, your cashback is doubled for the first year (and they give you $20 if you have good grades!). If you are a college student, please consider using this referral link; both of us can earn $50 cashback. . Discover is great because the customer service is amazing and they forgive you on your first late payment (never pay late unless you absolutely cannot pay, it will hurt your credit score severely). Citi on the other hand has poor customer service and not as friendly.Secured Credit Card:If you aren't a student, then you should start with a secured credit card. Secured cards are offered by Capital One, Bank of America and Citi. In order to use it, you must deposit anywhere from $100 to $500 in the account. Whatever you deposit becomes your credit limit.Credit-Builder loans (optional but highly recommended):Check online for local credit unions that are issuing credit-builder loans. These are low-risk loans that are held in a secured savings account. The loan can range anywhere from $500-$2000 and lasts anywhere from 6 months to 1.5 years. You pay ~$100 per month to the credit union and at the end of your loan, the savings account get unlocked and you get access to the loan. So essentially, its a forced savings account that helps you build credit. Make sure you have a stable income because missed payments can have negative marks on your score.

What is a store credit?

Store credit is like a prepaid debit card.Different stores have different policies and store credit is ‘one step less than a cash refund’.You get a refund in the form of store credit.Say a store has a policy that you can return for cash (or charge back on your credit card that was used) with a RECEIPT.But without a receipt, they will only issue you a store credit. So if you returned $10.40 worth merchandise, they will give you one of these - it will have $10.40 on it - when you buy something worth $20, you can use $10.40 on this card and the pay the rest $9.60 from your pocket.

Legally, if a stolen credit card is used at a store can you demand the surveillance camera footage?

To the best of my knowledge, it may or may not be a law, depending on which state you reside with. You need to contact your state's Dept. of Consumer Affairs to see if state law mandates that they check identification. However, every credit card company does have a policy that merchants are suppose to check the customers identification when making a credit card purchase. If they had not checked for identification, then they're liable in a civil court for violating the credit card companies' policies. Sounds like this merchant wants to make a sale at any cost, even if its a stolen credit card. You can sue in small claims court (to keep the lawyers out of this) on grounds that the merchant failed to abide by the terms of the credit card company that he was suppose to check for identification. Get document proof of this by contacting your credit card company and getting their merchants' policy on how to process credit card sale. You may try to argue that his failure to cooperate is aiding the thief in his operation, which makes him an accessory to the theft of all the personal belongings. A legal trick to pressure him to release the video is to throw in "punitive damage." Say you lost $500 in stolen property (your actual damage), which you'll prove by showing all your pass receipts, or receipts of everything you've spent to replace these stolen items. If the small claims court has a maximum of $3,000 claim, you'll now throw in $2,500 in punitive damage. The merchant will be pressured to fully cooperate with you, or he will risk having the judge give you some or all of your damage claim.

If you can afford an attorney, then you can claim a bigger damage and file a civil lawsuit, because the merchant had failed in his duty to deal in good faith with the general public. He has a moral and legal duty to abide by the credit card companies policy to check identifications, which he had violated. You should also consider filing a formal complaint with the credit card company to have this merchant's credit card privilege suspended, or at least amend his contractual terms so that he's paying a higher interest rate commission, because he's proved himself to be a high-risk merchant who accepts stolen credit cards.

What is the best store credit card for someone with no credit history?

Store credit cards are not the way to go for you. Store Credit cards are rather low quality in terms of improving your credit score. If you truly want to repair your score, look into getting a CapitalOne Quicksilver card, or Discover It card. These are usually relatively easy to get approved for.If neither of these seem plausible to you based on your credit score look to your local credit union to see if they offer secured credit cards. Thes cards require you to deposit money into an account to act as collateral for your credit-worthiness. This shouldn’t be a problem for you as they typically have low limits, around $150–$300. If you do not have that kind of money on hand, then you should not be worrying about credit just yet.Ok so you got approved for the secured card, what now? Now you need to use the card responsibly and pay off your balance each month. Remember you are on a journey to an excellent credit score. Start creating healthy habits for managing your credit now and you’ll have that 800+ before long. After 6 months of responsible use, reach out to the issuer of the card and ask them if you can have it converted to an unsecured product. You are essentially asking them to turn your card into a legit credit card.Don’t be upset if they say no, or if you need to try this for longer than 6 months. They want to see that they can trust you with more of their money.Once you get that larger unsecured card, resist that urge to treat yourself with an awesome vacation/big screen tv/gaming system/car/whatever. Continue to be responsible with other people’s money and they are likely to allow you access to more of it.I promise you that it is doable. I am living proof of it.

Where can I get a good credit card (no large fees) if I have NO CREDIT?

Just get any credit card, doesn't matter what the interest rate or anything is. Just make sure you pay it off every month then the interest won't matter and it will help your credit rating. Make sure the card doesn't have an annual fee either. Then eventually you will be offered better credit cards. I currently have 7 credit cards because i opened four credit cards when i was 17 then went from there and now i have better credit cards with rewards.

Do not listen to the people that are telling you to get debit cards, if you want a credit rating you need to have available credit which doesn't apply to a debit card.

Also, getting a credit card from certain stores such as Victoria's secret don't necesarily work as a real credit card, they are only limited to that store.

Citi card would be a good card to start out with, you just have to be responsible with it, if you want a good credit rating you can't abuse it.

Why is it so hard for people with no credit to get considered for store credit cards?

“Why is it so hard for people with no credit to get considered for store credit cards?”What evidence do you have that this is the case? Are you suggesting that it’s harder for people with no credit to get store credit cards than to get regular credit cards (such as American Express, Visa, MasterCard, Discover)?If this statement is based on personal experience, which store credit cards have you tried to get? Have you considered a program such as the Fingerhut Fresh Start program, which promises to open a revolving line of credit for essentially anyone, after first making a modest purchase and paying it off as agreed over a period of a few months?