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What Style Of Writing Was Popular In This Decade

Writing style of the 80s?

Does anyone know if there was a specific writing "movement" or "style" of writing during the 80s? I have to do a report on a book that was written in 1986 (And the violins stopped playing--by Alexander Ramati) and one topic I have to touch on is whether it was alike, or different to the writing of the time. But, my problem is, is I dont know know WHAT writing of the time was

Any help is soooooooo appreciated

Which writing style is most used or popular in Japan out of Hiragana,Katakana,or Alphanumeric?

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How has fiction writing changed in the last decade?

I read Ms. Lawrence’s long, heartfelt and PowerPoint validated answer. I imagine it takes this woman three weeks to play 9 rounds of golf. I will be more concise.Americans have gotten dumber. Readers’ Digest published an essay in the September 2017 issue showing that the “school grade level” of commercial fiction has been declining for 50 years.Americans think more visually now after decades of television and movies. And they are used to being led by the nose through a narrative.If you think a good novel is some inner monologue like:“I saw the tree, then another tree and then there was a blur of trees and I was reminded of my youth in Australia, where there were no trees — well, there was one, and my grandmother stood under it wondering when her betrothed would come back from the war. What war? Who knows, she was drinking hard by then and…*If there is a market for books like that, it is shrinking.3. If you want to write commercially successful fiction - neither trash nor literary twaddle, it needs to MOVE. Every scene needs to at least support if not advance the story. You have to have visual skill, and you have to be able to write good dialogue. AND you need a high-concept story.4. IF you manage all that, IF you can get an agent and IF you can get a publisher, then you need to work your kiester off promoting the book. In the good old days you could deliver your ms. and go off and happily drink your advance. No more.Ms. Lawrence cites ‘democratization’ of writing. Certainly it’s lovely that everyone can unleash their inner Henry Miller, but that doesn’t mean that they should.You can buy wine with a screw cap or in a cardboard box now too, but that doesn’t make it LaTour.*I’m not making fun of The Dressmaker. That’s a pretty great movie, mostly.

What is academic writing?

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The most common style of japanese writing?

Actually, there isn't a "most common" writing system. All of them are used together. You can technically write everything in hiragana, but writing in all hiragana is what children do (before they learn kanji and katakana).

Katakana is used for foreign words.
Hiragana is used for particles, conjugations, words, and can be used to replace kanji
Kanji are used in as complete words (by themselves or with multiple kanji) and adjective/verb bases.

Look at this simple sentence:
スペイン語が分かります。(supeingo ga wakarimasu. - I know Spanish.)

スペイン - (supein) katakana
語 - (go) kanji
が - (ga) hiragana
分 (wa) - kanji
かります - (karimasu) hiragana

You need hiragana, katakana, and kanji to write this properly.

What makes Stephen King so popular a writer?

Stephen King offers marvelously interesting and entertaining information. This is why his stories continue to create the intrigue and interest that has peaked throughout the world. He is basically a mystery writer who can really stir you up, fearfully. He has a golden thumb. Perhaps he reads Psalm 35 to (Plead My Cause) and asks God to help him with his life decisions. I do and I have found it to be very helpful in my life. Remember this, "If God be for us, who can be against us?" - Romans 8:31. Peace and God Bless.

How would people describe Hemingway's writing style?

I think that Hemingway was one of the greatest novelists of our time. Writing in the concise, at times brutal, style that he did is not easy, and I think in many ways he used the English language to physically embody the emotional conflict that many men of his generation felt inside. His often short sentences are packed with power, like a punch, but his obsessively repeated imagery (the drunken scenes in The Sun Also Rises come to mind) speaks of a sort of emotional sloppiness — the man that feels desire and pain deeply, but can’t figure out how to express it, so he tries over and over to run away from himself.Hemingway also attempted to depict the tight conflicts between couples, and to address the fact that so little is really said out loud. He left the truths behind his stories to our imaginations, which I enjoy.In his own time Hemingway stood out for writing in his own way; this is also why some people couldn’t stand his books. I think he cherished writing, and he worked hard at crafting what he wrote, rather than crafting his “style.” Many people might describe his style as too terse or even superficial, particularly if you compare it to works by authors like Faulkner or Joyce.In the end Hemingway’s alcoholism and depression are great windows into a man who was messy and hurting, and who tried to express that through his art.

How would you parody the writing style of your favorite Quoran?

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What kind of writing style did ernest hemingway have? and what writing patterns did he use in his novels?

Hemingway is best known for his ecomy of words. He could create scenes and describe emotions and circumstances with fewer words than any other writer. He also firmly beleived in stopping just short of completely explaining or describing things. He beleived that shortage made the story more interesting to the reader.
There are several books on Hemingway's writing, including "Ernest Hemingway: The Critical Acclaim"
Good luck. Hope you enjoy Hemingway as much as I have.

Which is the correct form: 1940s or 1940's when writing about the decade?

I have noticed that recently punctuation is disappearing. People seem to be dispensing with the apostrophe when writing about a decade. I was taught to use the apostrophe, but everywhere (even in prestigious websites) I am now seeing the decade written as: 1970s or 1930s, etc. I am writing a book and I want to use the correct spelling. Is 1940s correct or 1940's?

Also, I see the periods disappearing when using periods in dates that utilize abbreviations such as: Common Era, Before Common Era, and “anno Domini.” In other words, I see CE, BCE, and AD, when I was taught to write these as: C.E., B.C.E., and A.D. Period or no period, that is my second question.

Please provide references for your answers.