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What The Best Thing About Going Brunette

I have thin long brunette hair. What hair cut should I go for?

The haircut designed for you by your ancestors by encoding it in DNA. Trust me, body has ability to make hair naturally look beautiful so that according to natural selection there is better chance of finding mate for both men and women. Generally it follows the style parents or grand p parents have. In my case I got hairstyle like my grand father and it's totally cool no matter others like it or not.

I've been a brunette all my life. Should I try going blonde, just to see what it's like?

Why not? I’m thinking of it, myself, and I have jet black hair. The only thing that sucks is it’ll take a few steps- bleach, condition like mad, wait two weeks, bleach again, then tone it warm or cool. I love that lavender-greyish color everyone has right now.You can always go back darker, if you don’t like it. I’d say go for it; if you do, I’d love to see pics!

Are there any benefits from going blonde to brunette?

I think im going to dye my hair brown because my roots are starting to look awful and i cant keep up with them. People think i look really young compared to my age (and no its not a good thing at this time!) so will it make me look any older?
Also my skins okay - not perfect will it make it look any better?
Any advice welcome

What is your advice regarding going blonde (I'm brunette)? I'm confused with picking the right shade of blonde and scared of bleaching. What are some suggestions? And do you regret going blonde?

Hello! I’m a brunette gone blonde, and I haven’t looked back for a good 4 years. Best decision ever. I know it can seem daunting but for me the easiest fix for that was just pacing.I started with a balayage treatment of blonde so I still had plenty of dark root, and a deeper honey type blonde everywhere else. This is a great place to start because bleach damage doesn’t go all the way to the root, it lets you get your feet wet in trying out the blonde look, without committing your whole head (meaning less wait time for your natural hair color to grow back).But for me, since I liked the look of blonde, after a balayage treatment, at my next cut appointment I scheduled a bleach and tone for my whole head. Then continued to keep up the root while also lightening my blonde almost up to platinum. Between that I’ve also experimented with some crazy colors like blue, purple, pink, just to switch it up. All these fade out eventually.Bottom line is, bleaching will not cause severe damage if you pace yourself through the blonde shades. Any responsible stylist will not let you lighten to a shade of blonde that would be too drastic in one appointment. So there’s no need to worry! And if the balayage treatment still seems like too much of a commitment to you, you could always try highlights first to just get an idea of what brighter shades will look like on you.Have fun!

What color shirt goes with brunette hair?

The first thing that came to my mind was canary yellow! Great minds think alike! You could get like a yellow undershirt and wear that under the navy shirts. I think hot pink and tomato red look good with dark hair too. Also jewel tones like violet. And I think shamrock green looks good too. Stay away from pale or pastel colors though.

Would i look better as a brunette?

i have been a blonde all of my life and i have been considering dying my hair darker, but i'm scared i won't look good with it. i just want to know if people think i would look okay as a brunette, and if so what dye should i use?
(please don't be too mean, it isnt a good pic of me)

What are the pros and cons of going blonde/brunette?

well im natural blonde and i dont know if you were because you didnt say if you were natural or bottle blonde before.. but if you were natural blonde make sure you get your eyebrows sorted too!

blonde pros cons:
~ pro - it looks summery
~ con - it appear greasy instead of shiny sometimes
~ con - if its already brown it might go a wierd gingery colour

dark brown pros cons:
~ pro - will look amazing with blue eyes
~ con - might wash you out
~ con - lighter roots look even worse than darker roots!

Are blondes or brunettes better?

You get treated a lot differently as a blonde vs as a brunette.I'd been blonde all my life until three months ago, when I dyed my hair to a dark brown color. Everyone knew it had happened, they knew I was still me, and yet I was treated differently.As a blonde, people found it hard to categorize me as smart or intelligent. I was at the top of some of my classes, and while people knew that (at least somewhat, I definitely didn't try to make people realize), but people consistently would label the smart people in the group project/team, and manage to group me with themselves (the people relying on the other smarter people). Maybe I was approachable, and that changed things. I don't know. But I never felt that people could connect me to being smart. Once I dyed my hair brunette though, I began to feel that people could make the connection easier. More people asked me for help on things they did not understand, instead of turning to others. People started to realize what was going on, I guess.Approachability was another huge change. As a blonde, I would just be my cheerful self and smile at people, and yeah, I noticed that I got a lot of attention, whether it be glances or people smiling back, even on lazy days when I'd wear sweatshirts and Vans and have messy hair. I'll admit, I did get approached by a lot more guys as a blonde rather than a brunette. It was easier to make friends as a blonde. It seemed like I could put myself into any group at any time and fit in. But as a brunette, people don't really pay attention all that much. It seems to be harder to fit into unfamiliar groups and make friends instantly, and I don't think I have personally changed enough for that to impact it.As a blonde, I instantly stood out. People almost gravitated towards me, it seemed. It was just easy.And as a brunette, people think of me differently and more of how I think of myself, but I've lost the social advantage.I'm still trying to decide whether or not I want to go back to being blonde. I love being brunette because I'm just in love with my hair color, but as I notice more and more differences in how people regard me and how they treat me, I wonder if I’d like to go back to being the cheerful blonde girl who smiles at everyone in the halls.

Cheapest way to go from brunette to blonde at salon?

Depending on your hair length and when you last coloured your hair dark will determine the price. Either way you can forget budgeting on $100 or less. The bleaching process required to strip your hair's dark pigmentation may need to be repeated a second time (depends on how dark your hair is) which puts your hair through huge chemical stress and you'll need a toner too. If you've coloured your hair within the last 8-12 weeks forget going blonde for now. You'll need to wait a good 2-3 months for the colour to fade.

Another option would be to get a full head of foils, now depending on your hairs length will determine the cost but once again forget your budget sorry and this process will need to be repeated over and over again until bit by bit your colour is stripped not to mention the cost over the period to achieve a near blonde.

Toree has a great idea if you want to have a proper job done for minimal cost to yourself. Contact your local School of Cosmetologist. I believe it's the better way to go, it is perfect to have what you want done in a salon for rediculous discounted price and you are helping the cosmetologists of the future by allowing them to work on you. Thats a win-win scenario if ever I saw one. You'll be looking somewhere about $30-50 at most. Give them a call. The class will be managed by the teacher who trains and teaches their students throughout your service. I have every faith they will do their best to give you the result you want, or close to it while doing their upmost to minimise to much stress on your hair. To be honest your hair will go through alot of chemical stress, they need to strip your existing colour and then tone it - that's just to be expected with the process of what you want done. My advice: Invest in a good moisture and protein treatment for home. Ask the stylist or teacher on advice of how to moisturise and treat your hair at home to maintain it's best possible condition. Seriously you don't want to skimp on the price of these. They will prevent your hair getting worse.

Hope that helps, Take care and Good luck

Do I look better as a blonde or brunette?

My hair is naturally a light brown color that I can't stand, so I spent about two years constantly trying to get my hair to stay dark brown. My hair didn't hold dark color in very well though, so no matter how much I liked myself as a brunette, I decided to go blonde. Now, I think going blonde was my best decision ever, I love it! But I have some friends that still think I should go back to dark hair. Out of curiosity, what do you guys think?