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What The Heck Is This Picture From Driving Me Crazy

HELP! Bad picture quality on plasma TV is driving me crazy!?

I recently purchased a Samsung - 51" Class (50-3/4" Diag.) - Plasma - 1080p - 600Hz - HDTV.
I was ecstatic to finally make my way into hd, because I am a huge gamer and wanted to flesh out the true picture quality of great new games being released lately. However, there is a problem with this TV. Primarily when gaming, there is this pixely white line that dots that outline of many objects and details on characters. It drives me nuts on games like Tekken Tag tournament 2. The sword, along with pieces of armor, as well as environmental objects have this awful white line that is similar to a "cut-here" line that you see on papers. I am using an xbox 360 and a ps3. The ps3 is hooked up by an hdmi cable, and the xbox is hooked up by the hd component cables. (the red blue and green ones) however, this awful effect occurs regardless of what system I am playing on, leading me to the conclusion that it is simply the TV itself. I have fiddled with the visual settings in the tv's menu, but have no clue what I should really be changing, and if it really affects the white halo effect I am having. Many forums have advised that I turn down the sharpness. I tried this, and the sharpness is at 10 now. Still, nothing has changed. I could set it to 0 and the problem would remain.
So is there anything I can really do within the menus to change this? Or is it the companies fault and I should use my warranty to get a new one? (That would be a drag) Regardless, I would love it if someone could help me.

What the heck is this picture from? Driving me crazy?

It's from the cover of this book:

Some crazy lady behind me took a picture of my license plate bacuse I cut her off?

seriously, if you wouldn't have been following too close to the person in front of you, you wouldn't have had to do the sudden lane change. Also, probably going kind of fast too. That is no excuse for cutting off the other person and you would be at fault since you were the one following too close to begin with. Remember the 2 second rule. If you follow that, you will be able to stop.
She can report you with that picture of the plate but she really doesn't need a photo. My friend reported a flasher using his plate number she wrote down and I reported someone who shot at my husband and I and all I had was the plate number written on a paper napkin. You probably will get a visit for the local PD.
And sweetie, drive safer. No-one but no-one wants to see or be involved in a stupid traffic accident.

Getting tailgated is no excuse either. If you tailgate me, I go slower, and slower and slower...... You are not suppose to speed up to get away from them. Thats just silly. Then it becomes a race.

Who (what kind of person) can you picture driving a Toyota Camry and why?

Pretty much anyone.The great thing about a generic car like a Camry is that it has pretty much universal appeal. The only people who turn their noses up at Camrys tend to be hardcore petrolheads who think they’re too good for simple, honest transportation - and even they can have fun with a Camry if they get creative.Personally, if I had a choice, I’d rather drive my Nissan Leaf than a Camry, simply because I prefer electric cars. But give me an electric Camry and I’ll be a happy man.

How can we copy a picture from PDF to word?

I can tell how to do it on Mac. You can extract an image from a PDF using PDF Expert. Open your file, choose the ‘Edit’ tab at the top toolbar and select the ‘Image’ tool.Now, you can select the needed picture. You can copy it or click Export on the right sidebar. Your picture will be saved as a separate file, and you can insert it to Word.Unfortunately, this method doesn’t work with scanned documents saved as a PDF. In this case, you can take a screenshot of the needed picture. To do this on Mac, press Cmd+Shift+4 and select the area you need.Hope, this helped!

Why do people think I am crazy for not allowing my cats to eat people food?

My cats get their food and treats, but none ever eat from my plate. They do eat raw meals, but I don't count that as people food. I do not want them up in my face with their noses in my plate while I'm trying to eat, so I do not share my meals with them or my dogs. Your friends need to mind their own business, it's not their cat. It's not abuse to deny them a piece of ham that could give them some serious stomach upset. It's not abuse to want your cat to have boundaries and not encourage bad behavior. It's smart and it's being a good pet owner actually, because you're enforcing good behavior and not giving in and letting your pet rule you.

What are some of the scariest pictures ever taken?

I went to the Newseum in Washington, D.C. with a group of girl scouts. They have a gallery of Pullizer prize winning photographs there. There is no shortage of disturbing material here, including a man being set on fire.But the one that really got to me, that creeped me the eff out, was a 1976 photo titled “Brutality in Bangkok.”I’ll refrain from posting the actual photo. I’ll post a link at the bottom of this that goes to a flickr page with a relatively high-res version.[1]Google turns up a Daily Mail article[2] with the following caption:FILE - In this Oct. 6, 1976 file photo a member of a Thai political faction strikes at the lifeless body of a hanged student outside Thammasat University in Bangkok Oct. 6, 1976. For some Thais, the bloody events of October 6, 1976 are still a nightmare. On that day, heavily armed security forces shot up Bangkok's Thammasat University campus and killed scores of students, while right-wing vigilantes captured would-be escapees, subjecting them to ghoulish lynchings. (AP Photo/Neal Ulevich, File)Wikipedia[3] also has an article with a low-res copy of the photo detailing the events surrounding the scene.What troubles me most about this image isn’t the brutality or the cruelty. The student at the center of the violence is already dead. My wife was far more upset by the man being set on fire a few photos down the wall. (That one is photo 12 on this CNN slideshow[4].)No, the thing that got to me were the details in the background. From the man swinging the chair to the man just right of the tree, to the child a few feet further to the right, this photo shows the effect of a mob mentality. These people are enjoying, smiling, laughing at the scene before them.We like to think that this sort of thing is limited to remote hellholes, to places we would never want to visit. But in our modern age of anger and polarization, when it’s suddenly okay to be a white supremacist nazi, when I find myself surrounded by people who think we should lock up Hillary and give her the chair because of what they heard on Fox, then stuff like this gets a little scary. I don’t think I’ll see something like this in my lifetime, but the photo is a not-so-gentle reminder of just how tenuous our sanity really is.Footnotes[1] Brutality in Bangkok[2] 40 years ago, young Thai protesters massacred[3] Thammasat University massacre - Wikipedia[4] The stories behind Pulitzer Prize-winning photos - CNN

What was your most embarrassing moment as a foreigner in another country?

So I went for an internship during my second year of college to Italy.Now it’s just my 3rd or 4th day and I just met my local host of Aiesec comittee member(let’s call her kate) whom I am meeting for the first time and another Brazilain girl (let’s call her paula) who was supposed to be my flatmate and was working with me.Now Kate was showing us the flat and the place we were supposed to live with other members who would be joining very soon from other countries in the coming week.Now while showing us the flat, I noticed one curious thing , being an inquisitve person I asked.Now it was something like this two pots adjacent, wothout the fancy design ofcourse.Me : Why are there two adjacent pots in the bathroom, I mean why would two people sit together to shit?(Both looking confused and exchanging glances with each other)(Me being polite thought they didn’t understand or maybe my accent wasn’t clear enough since no one among us had english as native)I ask againMe : Why are there two adjacent pots in the bathroom, I mean why would two people sit together to shit?(They both started laughing hysterically, to which I got offended as I thought they were laughing at my accent or something)So I go infront of them, sit on one pot with the lid on,ofcourse and sayMe: Now if I am shitting here, why would someone sit beside me to shit again?*with hand gestures showing shit and pot*To my surprise which they both laughed again,but making sure I don’t get offended started explaining.Kate: In Italy, we shit in one pot and wash in another.To which I understood, but seeing the look on my face, Paula went and sat on the seat and showed me again with the hand gestures.And I was literary so embarassed as I wished my first impressions on these girls was not about the toilet seat!Paula : Then how do Indians do it?Me: Not like this.That was the only thing I could say for a long time and they just laughed.

What is your most interesting encounter with the police?

This actually happened to my husband many years ago. He was driving a pickup truck with trailer full of trash behind him. Right behind his vehicle, a police officer was following him. Then the siren and lights came on. The police pulled my husband over because he didn’t cover the trailer with a tarp and something just flew out of the trailer and hit the officer’s windshield. Nothing chipped or broke, but something did fly out.The officer walked to over to my husband’s truck and did the normal license and insurance routine.Officer: “Sir, I pulled you over because something just flew out of your trailer and hit my windshield. You supposed to have a tarp on, blah blah blah...”My husband handed the officer his license and insurance and just sat in his truck silently.The officer started to read the name on the driver’s license and stared back at my husband’s face and looked at the driver’s license again. He did this a few times before he finally said something again.Officer: “Sir, do you know my wife, Gina?”My husband was confused. The officer said it again.Officer: “You know, Gina? My wife Gina? You saved her life many years ago. You saved my wife’s life.”My husband was still confused, but finally rang a bell.My Husband: “Oh yes, Gina, yes, I remember her. I did save her life. We were good friends back then.”Officer: “If it weren’t for you, she wouldn’t be here today and she and I wouldn’t have met and gotten married. By the way, you have outstanding warrants on your record. You may want to get the hell out of here and take care of them.”My Husband: “Ok, Thanks for letting me know. I will sure take care of them as soon as possible.”Then my husband drove off without any warnings or warrants.The story was, my husband and Gina were really friends back in high school. She was in a car with 4 other people and everyone was pretty much drunk. The driver of the car somehow drove over the ditch and car smashed face-on with the hill. The car literally flew over 50 feet in the air before it landed. No one died, but 3 people were seriously hurt, including Gina. My husband was driving another car and was following them. He saw the whole thing happened and stopped to help everyone out of the car. If it weren’t for my husband, everyone in that smashed car would have been dead. Gina had mentioned to her husband (the police officer) many times about how my husband had saved her life. They were both grateful for what my husband did. Karma is a good thing.