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What The Hell Did I See In The Sky I Still Remember It From Many Years Ago

What is your best dream that you still remember vividly?

I am not sure what you mean by “so long ago”, but there is one dream I had around 3 years ago that I still remember very vividly. It was almost like another life.In the dream, I woke up in the middle of a lake. The water was warm and also a bit clear. There were multiple islands surrounding the lake I was swimming in. The island that was closest to me (~200 meters/656 feet) had an inn right at the beach made out of wood. Next to it, next to a small boardwalk was a big boat. It kind of looks like the Arche Noah.I get to the inn and there were a bunch of people having fun, drinking beer, and they were wearing the clothes that you wear to Oktober Fest. I asked them about directions. (Don’t remember where to) But they only laughed at me.The island had s small mountain (500 meters/1640 feet) on it and that’s where I went. Ony my journey up the mountain I came by a wooden house with a saddle roof. In front of it was a nice family with 2 or 3 children and they ended up being my friends.After talking to them I went up the mountain even further. Then there is a time jump. I don’t know how much time has passed, maybe weeks or months, but now I suddenly own a house, built inside of a mountain and I stand in the shower. After that, I walk out of the house and see the whole island in front of me. My house is almost on top of the mountain and I see the boat and the inn and the house with the nice family.Now, instead of a time jump, I literally see time fly by as I look down the mountain. I see the seasons change, I see the snow fall and melt, I see how out of the inn at the beach, a whole village forms. All over again. Years pass by and I feel older and older and as I gain memories and memories of a lifetime…..I wake up.I woke up and thought I was in my bed that was in my house on the mountain. I thought that I had woken up but still was in my life that I had lived on the island. I was really confused because I thought it was real even after I woke up. Even now, years after, it still feels like a life full of memories was taken away from me.The End

Where is heaven located?

Have you ever wondered why the sky is called the same as the house of God? The answer is simple: because for more than a millennium people thought that God literally resides in the sky (heaven). You don’t believe me? Well, think about Jesus: he ascended to heaven, not descended into the bowls of earth. If I remember correctly, prophet Elijah in the Old Testament also ascended (was kidnapped) to heaven.You have to understand that in the past people had an entire imagine about the universe than we have now. They thought that the earth was a flat disk (or a ball, or a pear-shaped object) and it was surrounded by 7 spheres. On the spheres were placed the known planets (the Sun and the Moon were considered planets) and on the last sphere there were the fixed stars. The house of God was literally located behind the spheres. And this is why Jesus ascended to heaven: he went to his house behind the spheres (it has many things to do with astrology and ancient cosmology). Remember what happened to Giordano Bruno? He was burned at the stake because he challenged this view. (see these pages; maybe they will help you:History of the Apocalypse - 4.2.6. The Astrological AscensionHistory of the Apocalypse - 5.3.1. The Planetary Conjunctions and the Movements of the Eighth Sphere)I know that today people say that Heaven is in our mind, in a parallel dimension or in our heart, but that is because we have been up there in the sky and we saw that God is not there. So, instead of abandoning religion, we interpreted it in different ways.Makes sense?

Anyone know this old Ron/Hermione Harry Potter fanfiction?

Years and years ago, I think the summer or fall of 2011 I read this incredible Harry Potter fanfiction. It was so good that years late I've been trying to find it again for the past maybe 3 years. No luck though, I didn't make my account until winter of 2011 so there's no traces of it. This is a huge shot in the dark but I've spent so long looking I have to ask for help at this point.

What I remember:
• super emotional story, basic plot I think was that Hermione left Ron for some reason or other, ends up getting super injured, like on the verge of death, and he has to care for her even though he pretty much despises her guts more than anything. They end up growing back together, but it takes most of the story. Incredible slow burn!

• pretty sure it was super long, like the length of an earlier HP novel so maybe 200k words? Could be anywhere between 50k-250k though, it's been so long. But I remember it took me days to get through so I'm leaning toward it beong very very long.

•I think some of the care Ron had to do for her was bandaging and washing her, and I think she maybe had some scars and stuff? I've always thought the title was Shattered or Scarred or something with an S.

That's all I remember! I don't know when it was published originally, but it was completely finished by 2011 so there's that.

Any long-time HP fans out there able to help a girl out?