What Time Are Act Scores Posted Online

ACT april 2009 online score reports?

It will probably take longer for your scores to be reported but you never know--sometimes scores come in earlier. At the absolute latest, your scores will be available in late May, (8 weeks after the April 4 test date)... but feel free to check online on Wednesdays and Fridays because scores are often reported earlier. Good luck!

Oh and I think they are posted early morning (6 AM maybe), but I'm not completely sure. I know that SAT scores are posted around 6 AM eastern time.

Act scores late question?

My sister and I both took our acts at the same center on the same day at the same time on standby with the writing portion also. So we took the tests 2/11 and it says that the scores should be posted on 2/27. My sisters scores came in online on 3/2 and I'm yet to get mine. Even the papers came in the mail for her today yet my scores haven't even been posted online. The satus of my test still only says registered. I know for a fact that I put all of my information in correctly. I just don't understand why her stuff was posted online and came in the mail and mine hasn't even been put online.. Any idea when I should get mine? Thanks

Are ACT scores posted at midnight?

It's midnight central time, I believe. So It definitely depends on where you live. To know whether your scores will be coming out tonight at all though, check your status. If your status says "tested," rejoice because they're coming out tonight! If your status says "registered," you'll have to wait. I know this because mine said tested and came out on time, but my cousin's said registered and he got his later.

At what time do act scores come out?

The SAT scores come out the 26th at 8:01 am.

The ACT scores do say the 25, but they also say through the eigth of august. I dont know what time they'll be out though. BUT Oh my! I just realized that that's tomorrow!!!


Good Luck.

What is a good first time ACT score?

A 25 is a good score, especially for your first ACT. With those scores, you'll be able to gain admission to some decent state schools (e.g University of Kansas, Arizona State University, etc.) and small liberal arts colleges, assuming you have a decent GPA.

The best advice I can give you is to purchase a comprehensive ACT prep book (e.g. Barron's, Princeton Review, etc.) and just work your way through that; these books present the material you need to review, show you test-taking strategies, and provide you with practice exams.

Best of luck!

Is a 21 ACT score bad for a first-time test taker?

It does not mean you are stupid. It just means that you are either not an experienced standardized test taker or not a very good standardized test taker.When I took it in 10th grade, I also did not study whatsoever and got 29. It may just be the way the test is laid out that got me a relatively high score (I was also disappointed because most of my family has gotten much higher and I needed a 30 or above to get significant scholarships from my desired universities).The thing about the ACT is that it does not test if you are stupid or not. The ACT tests if you know how to analyze texts, charts, questions, etc in a certain way and its results tell you if you are college ready or not. My advice is to take a specific preparation course for the exam; it will raise your score. Generally, ACT scores do not improve or decrease by more than a few points (hence their validity), but if you study like a maniac, you may be able to manage a higher than average score, but it will probably never be in the 30’s or even the high 20’s.Do not be ashamed of a 21. It means that you are average and (to my knowledge) 22 is deemed “college ready”. That means that you are nearly college ready several years before you need to be! Do not be upset with yourself. Some people are outstandingly smart and do not do well on standardized tests or even school for that matter.To top this off, college is a completely separate ballpark from high school. Nearly everyone that enters college that was once a high school GPA star soon realizes that they are in fact mediocre students. It is extremely easy to get by during high school doing minimal work (and the work is not necessarily challenging to boot). Very few students make top grades in college, and that does not mean that they always go on to do great things or get the best jobs. Usually those who have great passions, interpersonal skills, and experience (internships, jobs, etc), connections, and so forth will succeed the most post-university. So don’t let this number game get you down. It is nothing to worry about. If you need to get the ACT score up to get into some nice schools or earn some hefty scholarships, enroll in a preparation course or at least buy a test prep book and treat it like your personal Bible for a few months. Otherwise, sit back and enjoy high school while you can- it won’t get easier from there.

If I improved my ACT score after the first time I took the test, does my first score matter?

Most of the top universities (especially the elite private US colleges) will Super Score.They will Only consider the highest sub-part of SAT and/or ACT no matter when you took the test.Less worrying and more enjoying high school and the college application process.All the best.

What constitutes a good or bad ACT score?

This question is really hard to answer, because it depends on several things:What schools are you applying to? (look up the median scores on their website. If they only have SAT scores, there are many online converters of SAT scores to ACT scores.)Where are you applying from? (US/Int?)WHO are you applying as? (Citizen? Under-represented minority? Legacy student? Child of someone super super famous or super super wealthy? Recruited athlete? Extremely unique passion? First generation college student? Sometimes even gender matters.)When are you applying? (Applying this year may mean a different "good" ACT score than applying five years from now.)etc.That being said, if you can score a 32 or above, that's usually very good. But AGAIINNNNN like I said above it really really depends. If you're an Asian-American male applying to Harvard this year with no legacy, no recruited athlete status, not first generation, etc.... a 32 might not cut it.

How long are ACT scores valid?

ACT scores are valid for 5 years, from the date that they are taken. If you are in a young gifted students program, such as Duke TIP, then your scores from the test you take in 7th grade are automatically deleted, unless you ask them not to be. So technically, you could use a score from a test taken in 8th grade, although I don’t know any reason why someone would when you could get a higher score when you are older (unless you get a near perfect score in 8th grade and cannot match or improve it later, which is highly unlikely).