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What Time To Arrive At V Festival

What's it like to go to the Cannes Film Festival?

To augment Dan Goodswen's response, there are many festivals within the Cannes Festival. There is the Official Competition, which distributes the palms, or citations for excellence.There is the Director's Fortnight, a slightly edgier competition featuring the work of younger filmmakers.There is the film market, in which somewhere between 700 and 1,000 films are shown to potential distributors who might be interested in picking the film up for their region. (I saw My Left Foot at the market, on a bill of Irish cinema.)And there is the celebrity gauntlet that includes paparazzi snapping photos of celebs climbing the iconic 39 steps of the Grand Palais (39 for the Alfred Hitchcock movie of that name), the biggest celebs commanding suites and cabanas at the nearby Antibes at the Hotel du Cap, a hostelry so luxurious that the Nazis commandeered it for their headquarters during World War II, and celeb wannabes walking topless on the beaches of Cannes.Robert Mitchum and starlet Simone Sylva on the beach at CannesI've been a dozen or so times, and my favorite place is the Majestic Bar, where  I've bumped into Jack Nicholson in his cups, been kissed by Mel Gibson who mistook me for someone else and been treated to a nightcap by Norman Mailer (then head of the Cannes jury). At the Majestic I witnessed what may be my favorite Cannes moment, a producer mistaken for someone else. There are many stories at the naked Festival, this is one of them: The Art Of The Film Deal At Cannes

How much do artists generally get paid for music festivals?

The answer to this really depends on several factors:How popular the act isHow much budget the organizers haveHow many slots are open on the lineupEvery year, the price for an artist or a band fluctuates depending on how successful they were the last year. You can imagine that a band that releases an album right before a festival lineup is arranged will probably earn more than if they didn't put out an album for a whole year. Another simple way to evaluate how much bands might be getting paid at a festival is by looking at the lineup post. The bigger the font the bigger the cash! Bands at the bottom of the lineup in the tiniest font sometimes might not even get paid much if they get paid at all because the organizers of the festivals are really doing these bands a favor. Not only are they getting a ton of exposure by being on a lineup with other high profile names, they're also going to get a huge audience at the festival. Let's take a look at this year's Coachella lineup. AC/DC, Jack White, and Drake are probably earning a few hundred thousand dollars for their performance. The next tier below - anywhere from $75K - 125K. It's been a long time since I've researched price estimates for bands so I might actually be off a bit. I can tell you, however, that music festivals are one of the top ways that bands and artists make revenue during the year. It's pretty easy cash for them and because a music festivals put them together with so many different artists and bands, gives them access to a wide varying of audiences, and provides them with a name brand festival, there isn't always a ton of negotiation that happens back and forth. Bookers for most of these acts will send out price estimates for the bands and artists that they represent to other festival organizers and bookers across the country with current pricing for the year. It's up to festival organizers to negotiate for the price that they want, but I imagine that since Coachella is such a huge festival they probably deduct anywhere from $10-20K off of that price they are given because the exposure that they'll get will be so much more worth it that it will impact them positively in the long run.Here's an example of a list of price estimates for artists and bands that I received back in 2013: How much does it cost to book an A- or B-list musical act?

When is the best time to visit Barcelona?

It depends on your criteria.Related to weather: Barcelona temperatures are never extreme and you shouldn't be very worried by that. As Jennifer Woodard M and Thibaut Loilier say, if you want to avoid the hotter days or the colder ones come during fall or spring. However, probabilities of rain are higher at those periods too...Related to tourism: From October to March the number of tourist decreases significantly, so you will avoid the biggest crowds.Related to celebrations and free open air events: Most of those events happen from may to september.In MY opinion the best months to come are may, june, july and september. In those months the weather is good enough to find plenty of traditional and funny open-air activies (Festes Majors, La Mercè, castellers, correfocs, ...) where you can feel the local vibe (if you want to experience it). Some people may say that in June, July the city is crowded with tourists but in my opinion some touristic sights are always crowded, if you want to avoid touristic crowds it doesn't depend on when you come but on what you visit. If you give yourself a time to escape from the Ciutat Vella or Gaudí itineraries you'll avoid tourists almost any time of the year. I don't include august cause most of Barcelonians leave the town, the best places to eat and drink close during this month and many pickpockets arrive at town for this month.But no worries, whenever you come you'll have a great time ;)If you want to know more, check my blog: Save the Guiris - Barcelona by a localEnjoy Barcelona!!

What's the best time and way to visit Leh, Ladakh, if I intend to travel with 5–6 people, probably by car, in terms of point of origin, and what are other important details we should know?

You can reach Leh via two ways:Manali Keylong  LehJammu Srinagar Leh I would suggest that you take Manali Leh route to reach there and the other one to come back. That way you don't miss the charm of Kashmir valley and the beauty of cold desert of Ladakh valley through Spiti.Car/Bike?There is no doubt that going by Bike is heavenly and car cannot match that. But do consider the fact that you won't get petrol pumps or any repair shop (probably there is one). It can be a challenge at times to carry the luggage on bikes and also what if something goes wrong on the way. But that is also a part of fun isn't it?Best Time To GoThe Manali Leh Highway is open from end of May till the Snowfall blocks the road. That can be either September or October depending on the weather. The best time to be there is around June or July when the weather is awesome and the beautiful blue color of Ladakh Sky is shining without any hint of clouds. Important Things To Know While Visiting Leh:From Manali to Leh in the journey of around 475 kms, there are hardly any towns. There's keylong and then couple of other villages. The journey makes it beautiful. You can spend at Keylong enjoying the beauty of the spiti valley.Plan a night at Bara-lacha pass. Its a beautiful place near Himachal and Jammu Kashmir border. You can spend some time there or even stay for the night. There will be tents available. They don't charge much.When you reach Leh, don't just come back in couple of days or so. Rather stay for at least a week, then only you can get the real joy of Ladakh. Don't go to any hotel immediately. Spend some time to research, and bargain as well. I have learnt this from many foreigners. You will save a lot of money.In the Leh, you don't have many things to see. You have got to go to other places to get the real experience of Ladakh valley. Zanskar, Pangong, Magnetic Hill are few nice places. Spend some time to interact with local people. The beautiful budhist culture that prevails in Ladakh is the real beauty of it. While coming back through Srinagar (I am assuming you followed my advice), spend some time in different towns like Kargil, Sonamarg and then Srinagar. That way you will see the heaven - the kashmir.Have a nice trip this summer. I will be there too. See you!!