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What To Ask The Representatives When Test Driving A New Car

Does the car salesman go with you on the test drive?

not always. if your young enough, they'll ride along, but if you wanna do it yourself I think that can usually be an option. I've ridden with a friend that bought a new car and the salesman didn't come with.

Suspended License and driving previleges?

You may want to speak with a police officer and not a DMV representative about that. Even though DMV isn't going to take your license away, it doesn't mean that when an officer on the street runs your license, that it will come back clear. If that DUI refusal shows up at all, unless you are in a non-compact state, you can be charged for driving on a suspended license and taken to jail. You didn't get the DUI conviction, but the Administrative License Suspension will get you because of the refusal.

And what I mean by non-compact state is, these are the states that do not care what your driving record is in other states. They only care about their own. They will not suspend your license in their state because you are suspended from another or have a bench warrant out for you for an unpaid fine. The non-compact states are Alaska, California, Michigan, Montana, Oregon, and Wisconsin.

The compact states will uphold any suspensions from other states. If you came to Georgia and I found out that you were suspended in new Jersey, you and I would be taking a road trip to the local jail for you to make bond.

If you drink, put your keys up for the night. If you decide to drive afterwards, I hope someone does stop you before you end up stopping someone else with the front of your car.

What should I do after a rejected road test (driving test) in MA?

I was supposed to take a road test (driving test) in MA, but it turned out that the inspection sticker was expired, so the test was rejected. After that, I have tried to schedule a new road test, but the automated booking system doesn't work for me. It redials to representatives, but the lines are always busy.

What should I have done after a rejected road test?

What are the parts in the texas driving test?

This is from the Texas DPS Driver's Handbook (page 9-10) at the site below:

Description of Driving Test

During the driving test you will not be asked to do anything illegal. You must follow all of the instructions given by the customer service representative (CSR). Do not carry on a conversation during the driving test.

If you are not eligible to drive in Texas a licensed driver should drive the car to the test area. If you are not issued a lerner license then the licensed driver should also drive you away from the driver license office.

Upon completion of the driving test the CSR will tell you of any errors you may have made and let you know how to correct those errors.

Your application for a license will not be approved if you:
1. Violate the law
2. Refuse to follow instructions
3. Drive dangerously or have a crash
4. Have more than 30 points deducted on the driving test

All drivers are graded on four basic skills, regardless of the type of driving test.
1. Control - Your ability to make your car do what you want it to do.
2. Observation - Your ability to see what other traffic is doing and other things which may create problems in traffic.
3. Positioning - Your ability to drive in your lane.
4. Signaling - Your ability to use turn signals is required. You may be graded on your performance on the following skills so it is good to practice before taking the driving test.
a. Parallel parking
b. Quick stop - You may be asked to stop your car as quickly as possible at about 20 mph without skidding your tires.
c. Backing - Your ability to back the car for a distance of about 15 feet at a slow rate of speed and as straight and smoothly as possible. Turn and look back at all times while backing.
d. Stop signs
e. Traffic signals
f. Use of clutch - On standard transmissions, hold the clutch all the way down when starting the motor, shifting fears, and when speed drops below 10 mph when stopping. Do not ride with your foot resting on the clutch.
g. Intersection observance - Use the proper lane; slow down and look both ways before entering the intersection.
h. Turns
i. Right-of-way
j. Following, passing, and proper lane observance
k. Posture - Keep hands on steering wheel; don't rest your elbow on the window

PA drivers test tips?

I'm 17 and my drivers test is in a few days. I live in PA so I was wondering if someone could give me some tips to pass the test such as what kind of things I will have to do and what kind of questions they might ask. And everything else? Also, I'd like to know if I can renew my permit without having to take the test again because it expires the day after my test, so if I fail I want to be able to renew it without retaking the permit test.

How long does it take to get a new driver's license from California DMV?

I renewed by internet paid the $35 and they said call them in 3 weeks if you do not receive your DL in CA. After 3weeks I called them and they said they sent it. I waited 6 weeks and still did not receive my license. I called again and this time they said why didn't you call 3 weeks ago. The DMV representative said you need to file for a duplicate. I made an appointment and went to the DMV did all they asked took and passed the knowledge test for both my car and motorcycle license. The representative said we'll send you your driver's license within 3 weeks. I asked “don't I get a temporary paper license?” The lady said they don't anymore. Now it has been 3 weeks and I still haven't gotten my license. What the hell is wrong with California right now?

Automatic fails for (Texas) DMV driving exam?

Can someone list the things that will automatically fail me??? I'm taking my adult drivers exam tomorrow (the driving portion) and I'm terrified!! I have been driving for about 5 years now so I'd like to say I'm kind of experienced. I'm 20 years old btw! Any other tips or anything to calm me down? If I pass tomorrow I get a car the same day so it's really important! Thanks!!

Can i use someone else's car for a drivers test without the owner of the car being present?

Shouldn't matter as long as there is a licensed driver available to drive them and your car to the testing site.