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What To Do About A Hernia

I THINK i have Butt HERNIA?

There is no such thing of butt hernia, I'm afraid, but there's such thing as rectal prolapse, but I doubt that you're having rectal prolapse since you actually defecated (a.k.a poop) about 6x/day. Your complaints sounded more like haemorrhoid especially when blood is visible and it's red in colour. The causes are haemorrhoid are as follow:
Lack of erect posture
Familial tendency
Higher socioeconomic status
Chronic diarrhea *see this*
Colon malignancy
Hepatic disease
Elevated anal resting pressure
Spinal cord injury
Loss of rectal muscle tone
Rectal surgery
Anal intercourse

Obviously it's not the tissue papers. Go see a doc for it to be treated. The way you described the bump... it seems like you're having haemorrhoid in its early stage. So, most probably, you'll be treated with medications such as painkillers, stool-softener (for patients with constipation), and astringent (for itch after that), etc. instead of surgical procedure. You should be okay in no time :) All the best.

Cat has Hernia what should i do?

My 10 month old cat just recently got spayed , shes pretty fat too.. anyways , lately shes been coughing and shes been lethargic and isn't eating, last night she had a big fever and was shaking. So this morning i took her to a different vet where she got spayed and she had a check up , the vet said she has a hernia and a big lump on her stomach which she pressed on and my cat yelped. The vet game me antibiotics to cool down the fever and coughing. the vet said for me to keep a eye on her for the next few hours. So i dunno what to do , should i take her in to have surgery, can it kill her? she's just sleeping at the moment so should i worry or ? :\

How do they check for hernia in girls??

They will ask you if you have your period and a lot of other questions but they won't look at your vagina or any other area. To test for a hernia they will press against your stomach and look for swelling.

Can a hernia grow in size?

A simple answer would be yes, but it might be misleading. The concept of growth implies that an organ goes through the process of adding cells to its structure thus becoming larger, or bigger. Growth in a hernia is just the protrusion of more abdominal content through the “break”in the wall structure which itself has acquired a larger dimension due to the increased pressure created by the contents. Sounds complicated, but it is not. With time, intra abdominal contents create the conditions that thru pressure cause changes in the weak spots in the abdominal wall. The weak spot becomes a hole and it, with the added pressure, enlarges and allows for more abdominal contents to protrude with the resulting hernia.

Do hernia's cause weight gain?

you are not gaining wait because of the hernia. myself have had 2 hernia operations, now i feel much better. Is it that you are actually gaining wait or you just look like you are. the hernia which causes a bulge in you stomach can make it look like you have gained weight. i just had one repaired last month and i look like i've lost 10 pounds

Can a hernia come back after surgery?

Although people often cannot affect the risk of developing a primary hernia, they may impact the development of a recurrent hernia. Usually recurrent hernias are ones that form after a surgeon has already attempted to repair the primary hernia. This can happen as early as days or weeks after the first surgery. There are few important steps a to be taken to minimize the chances of having a recurrent hernia.“The reason patients have hernias that come back is because of muscle tension on the stitches ”For more advanced research on new approaches and surgical techniques join us at Physicians Congress 2018: https://physicians.conferenceser...Email:

What doctor treats hernias?

There are many different types of hernia, like muscle hernia, abdominal hernia, femoral hernia, incisional hernia and so on. among them, the abdominal hernia is the most common and should be treated by the general surgeon, precisely, gastrointestinal surgeon.

Please help! Can this be an inguinal hernia?

I think i have an inguinal hernia since December 2008. when i was cleaning myself i found a lump on my pubic area near my hip bone i got really scared and went to tell my mom and she could feel it too.
After a month it didn't go away so i went to my doctor and guess what? she couldn't feel anything neither could i! so she told me it may have been just a cyst. Then when i got back home and went to take a bath there it was the lump again! I told my father and he didn't believe me he say i was getting hypochondriac again and should stop thinking about that, of course he's not going to touch me down there so there's no way i can prove him that i have the lump.
One of those days it started to hurt really bad and when my mom went to doctor (i couldn't go that day) she explained how i felt and my doctor said that i might have an hernia and to go there ASAP. I went and guess what happened again? she couldn't feel anything there was no hernia, but at least she made me do an ultrasound scan and an x-ray and again nothing showed up so she told me if it really was an hernia it was not that bad because it rarely showed up. Thing is: its always there every time i cough or take a bath or even stretch my back and hips or just when I sing or talk a bit louder than normal but NEVER when i go to the doctors >.< its really frustrating. Even today i was doing some stretching exercises and it started to hurt alot. i don't know what to do anymore my dad doesn't believe so he wont get me to the doctors but my mom and godmother could feel it too so im not imagine things! and its been almost 2 years and it didn't go away! also the leg on the same side hurts alot when i try to seat Indian style and its losing its flexibility can this have something to do with the hernia? help please i don't know what to do anymore can it be another thing?

(sorry for the mispelling im portuguese)

What is the purpose of the hernia check for guys?

Cant the doctors just teach you what to do?

I mean, i freakin hate the physicals. Why do we need that stupid hernia check, i think i would know if something was wrong with me.

And plus even if they did find a hernia, whatd they do?

Say: Oh, you have a hernia...

Stupid and you have to do the same for the military too.

Do we need it?