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What To Do For A Summer Job

Should I get a summer job?

Thanks for the A2A. Provided you’ve no conflict with study - such as summer school courses to do - 9 times out of 10 seeking a summer job is a good idea.This is because not only does it offer some income, but the chance to build some friendships beyond school - for while school is great the more people you know in the wider world the better:) - and accordingly gives you the opportunity to build up an employment history.This is worthwhile for assisting in getting you future jobs (‘OK they’ve worked a summer job before so they know how to be professional in the workplace’), and can even help you when it comes to writing a college essay, joining extracurricular & co. So, if a choice between a summer job and perhaps just playing Sunday football in the park, the job would be best.This said, it mustn't go unsaid: summer holidays as a kid are marvelous. As you become an adult the quality of your holidays can grow - you've money from your job to fly to Paris or Rome - but your holidays are usually shorter, a week or two over a month or two. When you’re still a teenager Paris or Rome are perhaps not on offer, instead the swimming pool and Xbox as chief options - but the swimming and Xbox are good options:)So, in sum, certainly seeking a summer job can be worthwhile - but dependent upon what other things are keeping you busy - do be sure to see some time is kept free to just enjoy being a kid in the summertime. Just as you’ll get chance to have a lot of cool holidays as an adult, so too is making the most of your school holidays important.Good luck!Ed PhillipJournalist and AuthorRead more from Ed in 60 Steps to College Success: from First Year to Final Year, Essays, Exams and More! available from Amazon Kindle (download for free until May 9 2017)

How much would I earn for a summer job?

Most summer jobs for teens pay minimum wage or a bit more--say you would earn about $8 an hour. Multiply that times 40 hours a week (if it's a full-time job), and then multiply that by the number of weeks you'd be working--let's say eight weeks. Do the math and you'd earn about $2500 for the summer, not counting any taxes you might have to pay on your salary. Figure that as a maximum, where you worked the whole summer through, without any time for a vacation.

What is a great summer job?

Be a golf caddy. Usually rich people play golf because of it's high price and luxury. My father was a golf caddy and he got a weekly tip of $25.00 - $40.00 .

How long does a summer job last?

I wanted to try working this summer (although I think it's probably too late to try applying for anything, so I'm asking this as a reference for next summer), but I'm not exactly sure how long the typical summer job lasts. I'm in my school's marching band, and we begin our summer band session on July 28, so I'd only be able to work up until then.

My parent are forcing me to get a summer job?

My mom is obsessed with having me ready for college since at least 6th grade. So much so that she wanted me to do college prep classes the summer between 7th and 8th grade. Now I m a rising 10th grader and my parents (mostly my mom, and my dad has to follow along) want me to become a counselor in training at a local rec center. Which means i ll be training to counsel boys and girl my age. She knows that i m not ready and i have major social anxiety. But now she says now that I m 14 its "not a reasonable excuse anymore" i don t know what to do. I can t tell my dad because my mom pressures him into agreeing. I might have a friend who wants to do it too but she s going on vacation so she most likely can t do it.

Any advice? A couple of months ago I had a panic attack because my parents made me go on a 12 hour church retreat where i didn t know anyone.

What are the best summer jobs for college students?

Forget waiting tables, or teaching summer camps, etc....Employers want to see any of the following:Internship in related field to your degreeResearch experience in a lab or group in your UniversitySummer school - taking classes to get aheadIf you can combine and mix any of these you'll be far ahead of your peers when it comes to finding a job after graduation.I took classes in the summer after my first and 3rd years.I had an internship in the summer after my 3rd year.I never did research, but i wish i had, research would have allowed me to gain hands on skills in the lab or would benefit my data analysis skills.Taking summer classes allowed me to finish my GEs, by getting my GE's out of the way, my 3rd and 4th years had space to take technical electives that allowed me to minor and specialize: minored in material science engineering, specialized in biomolecular engineering.And by having the internship, i got experience working on projects with teams. The internship exposed me to certain things that I had not come across in my schooling. The exposure benefited me greatly in my 4th year classes.

Should I keep my summer job or focus on school?

You're eyes are closed.  You have many options here.First, know that your employers are going to look out for what's best for the company - that's their job.  It's not that they don't care about you, but the company has been around before you and it will be around after you and the  management team needs to think that way to survive.You need to think like that, too.  Except your obligation is to you.I worked while going to school and dropped out because of it.  $6.70 an hour was way more worth my time than school ever was - or so I thought.You'll have another 45 years (at a minimum) to make money and it's not as important as you think.  You have a unique opportunity in high school to spend time doing what you want to do.  Figure out what you enjoy doing and figure out how to make a career out of it.If you wait until you're an adult to start exploring these options, you might get stuck in a dead end job (like working at a kennel) for most of your life.  I have friends from high school that still work as cashiers and fast food restaurants 10 years later.  In high school, they got comfortable and decided that the immediate money was more important than their future - and now they make the least money of anyone I know.Quit.  Get a different job.  See if your school offers co-op.  Stop thinking about the health of someone else's business while your (mental) health is suffering.  And never suffer for more than your salary is worth.

Is being a caddy a good summer job? What is the pay like?

I am 15 years old and being a caddy at a local golf course is what I am looking into doing for a summer job. Do caddies make good money? This is all amature golf, just at a local country club. It is a private club and I think it gets its fair share of rich folk. My dad has golfed and belonged to the club for at least 25 years. I am not a golfer and do not know much about the game, but I am willing to learn. Please share your experience if you have ever been a summer caddy and please explain what the pay is like, is it good? bad? what is an average days pay and please give me any tips you can. I've heard that you can make $100 dollars a day, is this true?

Do car dealerships have part-time or summer jobs?

Every now and then you may catch one that's hiring young detailers to help on the prep and detail crew while their regulars take vacations, another place similar to a dealership you may want to look into would be a rental car service, some around mid to small sized airports really experience business influx during the summer and need cars cleaned quick for the next customer. I've known guys who do this a year or two and do work some odd hours, but when they turn 18 they start to let them drive the cars between airports or to pick up customers, with a coworker following to take both back to their home office. kind of fun to not know where you may be or what you may be driving the next week as theyre usually newer cars.