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What To Do If In Parking Lot And 2 Cars Are Parked So Close To Yours That You Cannot Open The Door

I'm parked next to a car, I open my door, the wind blows my door and hits the other car. Am I liable?

Good question. If you used reasonable care in opening the door, that is all that is legally expected of you. If the wind snatches the door out of your hand, you may not be legally liable for the damage.On the other hand, your insurance company may not think that it’s worth a battle and may pay the claim.Turn the matter over to your insurance company and let them deal with it. It’s unlikely that the loss will affect your premium.

Why do people park right next to other cars in a parking lot when there are many other open spots available?

This happened to me today.  I always park away from other vehicles (no I'm not "that guy") because it is about preserving the quality of my vehicle.  Hey, I paid for it (in full) through my own hard work.  Quite frankly, I notice most people just seem to be asleep in life and really do not pay attention to accidents they could have easily avoided.  I also park far away because it is good to exercise whenever I can.  ;-)Lucky for any psychologist studying this Quora thread, I took a photo because it was just too funny.  Here are the details:1. My vehicle is in the middle; black.2. The parking lot looks recently re-surfaced and has fresh painted lines.3. The lot is laid out in 24 parking sections per row; there are four rows, so that totals 96 spots.4. There were 6 vehicles when I parked; all were closest to the building entrance.5. I parked in the middle of the last row, farthest from the building entrance.This is what I came back to see...

What do you do when someone parks so close to you, that you can't open your car door?

A. Open the passenger door and crawl through to the driver side.

B. Open the driver's door and squeeze through the crack that you can barely open.

C. Do A or B and leave a note for the blocking driver or wait for them to exit and confront them.

D. Do A or B and then repeatedly slam your driver's side door against their car.

This happened to me today and I did D so hard! I feel awesome about it. I had actually just parked and then a millisecond before I exited my car, some a$$hole pulls up so close to my side that I couldn't get out. My car is a 2001 POS and his was 2011 or 2012 camry or something so I feel GREAT!

What to do when someone parks too close to you?

I am feeling your pain honey. Although I'm slender and can wiggle around it, there have been times when I've been pregnant and my rear end entered the next zip code, making it impossible for me to open the door, much less get back in my vehicle. When this would happen, not only would I raise my blood pressure in a fit of unforgiveable rage, but I would get even. First I would write them a little note and stick it to their windshield, when that seemed to bring me little comfort, I would go a step further and make it a nasty note. One time, and this may have been going too far, I taped a little sign to that person's bumper that read "I'm a rude driver who has no respect for anyone". I saw that same car two days later (they work in the office upstairs from mine) and the sign was still there. Unfortunately there isn't a whole heck of alot we can do, other than hope we catch that person doing it and return the favor when they are getting out of their car...just to teach them a lesson if nothing else.

I hope you find a solution to your plight!

Why do handy cap people get all the good parking spots.?

It does seem strange that those that use wheel chairs or scooters would need a spot right up front. They really don't need to be close because of their handicap. However, they do need enough room to get their chair in and out though.

As for those that use canes or crutches is a couple more spots each way be that much different? Probably not but you never know. The pain in movement may need to be factored in as well as the eases of transporting anything besides themselves.

Now you also have ones that are legally handicapped but do walk around much of the time without much help. My dad is like that. Some days he can get around faily well without any help. Other times he might not leave the house. Some days he might take a scooter with him or can barely make it from the parking spot to the store and into one of their scooters.

Yes for the most part it might seem like that handicapped people may not actually need the spots right up front. However it is really important to those that really do need to have those spots. Wait until you or someone you know and love is in that position and see if your view changes.

Your argument though is a valid one for many other concerns too. Why do so many people desire equal treatment and at the same time demand special treatment? Discussions for other questions though.

If I parked normally in a space somebody else parked too close to, can I get ticketed?

I get this all the time when I drive my pickup, because it is big, and long, and unless I get it into a space exactly right, and the car next to it isn't crowding the line, someone will have a problem.I have yet to be ticketed. However, I have had my door keyed, been cursed at, had trash thrown onto my truck, and notes left under the wiper. One threatened to take me to court over “loss of revenue” because he had to spend time figuring out how to get into his car. Never got a summons, so I figure a lawyer told him to STFU.In only one of these cases was my truck parked improperly, and when the driver of the car next to it announced in no uncertain terms what an ass I was for parking so close, I immediately apologised and told him stay put, I'll move the truck Right Now. You would think that a normal person would accept that, not this guy. He follows me out, screams epithets related to parentage, threatens to smash my mirror in… so I said “How about we call a cop, since moving my truck isn't good enough to soothe your ego?” At that point he shut up.Tl;Dr version, you won't get a ticket if someone else parks wrong, but people regard invading the space around their car as an attack on their person, sometimes. So if another spot is available, use that one.

Can I have neighbors car towed for taking two parking spaces in townhome parking lot?

My family just moved into a town home neighborhood. We are renting the home. There is an HOA, but our landlord pays the yearly dues. Last Saturday we were celebrating my daughter's 2nd birthday, when our neighbor came and knocked on our door and yelled at my husband for our guests taking "her two parking spots". There are no assigned parking spots in our town home community, and I have received verification of this from our landlord. However, everyday when she parks, she parks in the middle of two spaces since she believes they are both "hers." I had dish network come out yesterday and he parked in one of her spots....he was outside getting something out of his truck when she got home, and she made him move his van out of that spot, even though the other spot was open, just so that she could park in the middle. What can I do?? I have heard from other neighbors that she is a very difficult person and I really don't want to put up with her B.S. the whole time we are living here. So, what to do? Do I contact the HOA? Can I have her car towed for double parking? Please help! Thanks in advance!

Why would you get in trouble for opening your car door and hitting the car next to you?

How would you feel if someone did that to your car, particularly if it leaves a mark?

About a year ago, I went to a store on a very windy day. There was a normal amount of space between me and the next car, but when I opened the door, the wind took my door out of my hands and slammed it into the car beside me. It was an accident you say? So who pays for the damage? In the end, I paid. I thought it would be no fault, because it was an 'act of God', but insurance said it was my fault because it was my car door that did the damage.

I understand what you are saying about people not having enough space in some of these tight spaces, but then, when you open your door, the courteous thing to do would be to put your hand on the edge of the door so if anything touches the other person's car, it's your knuckles, not you car door, which could scrape the other car.

I don't think you can lose your license over it, unless this is just one of many incidents.