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What To Do With A Vertical Steam Iron

Best Steam Irons?


So I have been looking for a steam irons, the guy at the counter told me that TEFAL are the better ones as compared to rest.

So I have shortlisted:

1. TEFAL FV9650M0 Ultimate Anti Calc Steam Iron

2. TEFAL FV9603 Ultimate Power Steam Iron

3. TEFAL GV5245M0 Easy Pressing Steam Generator

4. Philips PerfectCare Azur Steam iron GC4919

The downside of Philips is that it does not have vertical steam? Does anyone uses this feature? Is it beneficial?

These are something that fir for my budget, Also if you guys can recommend me any other good brand / models, i would be happy for it.

I'm located in Dubai. My price range is around AED 450

How to clean a steam iron and vertical venetian blinds?

Hello: Can anyone tell me how to clean a steam iron? I've got a lot of hard burned stuff on it and I dont know what to clean it with. I tried comet cleanser but that doesnt work well. Also, how can I get my vertical venetian blinds clean? Do I have to clean them one at a time? Oh, I certainly hope not.


Can a steam iron set off a smoke alarm ?

Yes it can. I lived in an apartment where steam from the iron and shower used to set it off. Opening the window might help. I just got in the habit of putting a pot holder over it whenever i needed to with a big red ribbon hanging down reminding me to take it down afterward.

I put a little piece of velcro on the smoke detector, and another piece on the pot holder. It worked, I didn't have to run naked and wet from the shower every day or have the neighbors yell at me, etc. etc.

Do steam irons really work?

do those portable steam irons really work as good as they say they do? the ones that you just put the shirt on a hanger and move the iron over it and the wrinkles are gone?..seems to good to be true ...they sell them at the mall for like $40 just wanna make sure it works
i dont want to use a "real" iron...looking for a easier way then using the dryer all the time

and its not that im lazy its that im a 24yr old singel dad trying to raise a 5yr old girl and i suck as it is with house chores and other "woman duties"(cooking,cleaning,doing hair offence to any women) im not ready to master ironing and just want something quick and easy

What is the basic difference between a dry iron and a steam iron? Which one should I buy?

Dry Iron is an iron box with a thermostat with wattage of say up to 1500 beyond which it will be too hot to ignite the fabric itself.DRY IRON (IMAGE SOURCE - GOOGLE )Steam Iron is similar to dry iron, with better features like- to generate steam & makes ironing faster & wrinkles are removed faster.STEAM IRON (IMAGE SOURCE - GOOGLE)Considering the toughest fabric (which can bear maximum heat) is an old denim jeans, a steam iron with wattage up to 2750 watts is sufficient & possibly the best choice for all your domestic needs.Even chords are important sometimes so choose the longer option say 2.5 meter is good enough for household usage.Nowadays even steam irons come with added dual option of using it as dry iron.There are few fabrics that you can’t use a steam iron with, such as silk. This is because it will damage the silk fabric.Almost all fabrics can be ironed easier and faster with the use of a steam iron or steam iron press instead of a dry iron because the steam gets the wrinkles out faster.Spray water to ease out tough wrinkles – Some dampness helps in getting the wrinkles out. The best time to iron shirts are soon after you pull them out of a washing machineA steamer takes the wrinkles out of a cloth without making contact with the fabric.Advantages of Steam IronFor fabrics such as wool, they will get the wrinkles out faster and easier.Disadvantages of Steam Iron1. In rare cases you can see marks on fabric from the holes in a steam iron, so be careful with recommendations.2. Creases cannot be pressed into fabrics. Your dress shirt won’t look crisp if you use a steamer. You’ll need an normal dry iron for that look.3. There are certain fabrics a steam generator iron should never be used on. Read the care label of your clothes before using a steam iron press to de-wrinkle your clothes.All these may be rarest of circumstances and situations – its quite safe to say that a steam iron will produce better results in shorter time. The power of steam is evident and should be taken advantage of.Suggestion : Buy a Steam Iron which by design can also be used as dry iron

How do you remove creases from vertical blinds?

I had vertical blinds in the same shape as well..Trust me it's not worth the time and effort. Mine were on the sliding patio doors to the deck. I replaced them with double horizontals and it actually looks great and it's easier to access the deck just lifting up the door side. You can get them with one header and split door width and length. Just a suggestion if it's sliding patio doors you pertain to.


I need the name of this German steam iron from an infomercial?

I saw a infomercial about a German steam iron with a 2-3 foot hose attached to a separate water tank. If anyone remembers the name of that iron, please send me the name or link. thanks